The Criminals who ran this "PLANdemic" CON have control over the WHO. The are murdering people and must be charged with Crimes Against Humanity.
Crime of the Century

The criminal globalists have intentionally driven these "Woke" agendas.

The CvD gene-editing bioweapon injections is intended to make all those connected to this N.W.O. Crime Against Humanity fortunes. Those who do nothing to expose this crime and those who help in the implementation of this crime are all GUILTY - the only way out is real repentance i.e. not fake repentance.

I don't know enough about this topic. I know that the WHO can't be wrong about every single thing otherwise, they wouldn't be able to continue to compromise people's health with toxic concocted injections made by their sponsors.
Magnesium helps Vitamin D get absorbed into the body, Glyphosate restricts vitamin D absorption - so! get more sun, some cod liver oil (vitamin D rich) and take Epson Salt baths (magnesium) - Vitamin D stimulates mitochondrial health of the cell, which intern ensures healthy ATP for the cell (energy). The disease occurs through over-toxification or weak cell health. A healthy alkalinized diet also helps. They are putting metal particles in our atmosphere (GeoEngineering) - this parasites love, so we all are going to have to do more intermittent fasting and metal and parasite detoxing, while also trying to find healthy water. Jabs cause unhealthy cell life i.e. making the body prone to disease.
Nearly all people they claim (PCR test fraud) died OF CvD, had a Vitamin D deficiency.

Rob Schneider's funny because he's telling the Truth

There was NO VIRUS, but that's another story.
More than enough information is available on how Remdesivir would kill people, and financially compromised Hospitals used it in their authorized/established incentivized death protocols.

Warp Speed Donald Trump signed the 6 Trillion Dollar Cares Act to cover that bill as he double the money that would have been given to the WHO and gave it to Gavi etc. Trump also listened to mass murderer and alleged pedophile Bill Gates and did not investigate harms caused by vaccines as Robert F. Kennedy wanted him to. Instead, Trump allowed possible investigation to be shut down.

As they lose their grip, they will try all their dead and dying psychological mind games, and need to censor more and more which only excludes them from being included in the Great Awakening - we are awakening to THEM.

Dr. Arthur Frost - 082 359 2224 (South Africa)
for more info on the Mass Murdering Jab all Criminals and their killer products, go here - https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/vngkjfr7i64nvtxvl9b3i/h?dl=0&rlkey=1893ti5oo3hb5irbi083styke

The evil mass murdering psychopaths have worked out how to attack mankind.

Mass Murdering Bill Gates and his friends are to blame.

The Deep State set up the Rockefeller Lockstep fake PLANdemic and combined it with a killer toxic gain-of-function "Spike-glycol-protein" (NO VIRUS).
Unfortunately, they never had "good intentions" - they serve the "Elite Cabal" and the depopulation, disease and transhumanism agenda.
Expanded Biodefense Role for the National Institutes of Health
Biodefense Research Two Decades Later: Worth the Investment?
DARPA aims to develop an integrated end-to-end platform that uses nucleic acid sequences to halt the spread of viral infections in sixty days or less
Removing the Viral Threat: Two Months to Stop Pandemic X from Taking Hold
The story of mRNA: How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the Covid vaccine race
Technical Direction Letter for Medical CRBN Defense Consortium (MCDC), Request for Prototype Proposals (RPP) 20-11, Objective PRE-20-11 for "COVID-19 Pandemic — Large Scale Vaccine Manufacturing Demonstration" (Pfizer, Inc.)
Intelligence is never artificial.
The role of the US DoD (and their co-investors) in "covid countermeasures" enterprise.
New document reveals scope and structure of Operation Warp Speed and underscores vast military involvement

They come up with BS projects and then send tons of money borrowed at interest from the BIS etc. - basically Debt equals SLAVERY

Standing up to be Counted: Andrew Bridgen MP speaks out about the Modazilam and Morphine murders

Just like Darpa’s patented hydrogel is being injected into CvD bioweapon recipients, so it looks like besides Transhumanism they are also invested in robots. Looks like they trying to make people more like machines and machines more like robots.

Most people didn't know they were putting a synthetic SEQUENCE of HIV in the experimental mass-murdering bioweapons.
Australian jabs caused “false/positive” results for HIV, they got caught out

This is what CULT brainwashing in the public health sector looks like - The Rockefeller Trust the CON Science and destroy people's lives Cult running smoothly

They use the GeoEngineering excuse for their HAARP Weather modifying Weaponry. Deagle talks about Morgellons being caused by silicon-based nanomachine life forms - this I do not have enough information to verify.

There is an agenda to control the food and to replace food with un-nutritious, immune compromising synthetic crap by Satanic Cult worshiping pedophiles - Is that still a "Conspiracy Theory"?

Alleged pedophile and mass murdering scum, Bill Gates wants everyone to get the killer Big Pharma bioweapon and sign into the Banking Cabal's Digital ID enslavement system.

I believe the US Government is totally captured by Big Pharma and Mass Murdering Bill Gates and his other Satanic pedophile friends. Sounds harsh? - as harsh as the list of people that went to Epstein's Island and are now sitting behind bars? How many children did Clinton rape?

JFK's speech must have been difficult for him to make, now we can see why they killed him. They only wanted their puppets to funnel money from the people to their greedy blood stained hands.

This is the type of BS misinformation all those brainwashed into "Vaccine" LIES punted to the masses. This CULT belief system is brainwashed into doctors at Univercity. It's disgusting, but the Rockefeller pill-pushing Industry has control of the minds of wannabee "healers".

Zelensky is a puppet President, much like many Presidents who take orders from those who control them via money or vice.

How clever is the BS "Virus" mind-fuck, they have people in a state of Germ Phobic paranoia. Such a brilliant LIE.

Mainstream media are a propaganda machine for the Cabal and all their deception and lies. I don't know if China and Russia are also a part of this big Con Game, just like both the Democrats and Republicans serve the hidden hand, so too is it possible that we are now more focused on the "East vs West" game - just as long as the people aren't focused on the BIS/WEF/WHO/UN/CFR/CIA/FDA/EPA/IMF etc. then they will keep using people for their enslavement purposes.


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