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"Miyamoto Musashi: A Life in Arms is an impressive work of scholarship, offering insanely detailed recounts of Musashi’s battles and movements, some so richly rendered that you’d swear De Lange was present at the time, taking notes." — San Francisco Book Review

“If anyone is qualified to fill in the missing details of Musashi’s life, it is De lange, who has surely done more research on the subject than any other non-Japanese…He has painted a remarkably vibrant portrait of Musashi, one that reveals all the contradictions of a remarkable life full of triumphs and disappointments, thrilling victories as well as bitter losses…This book is unquestionably a must-read for any student of budō. — Kendō World

"Miyamoto Musashi: A Life in Arms is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in the biography of this most interesting man who has inspired generations of swordsmen and manga fans alike." — Iaido Journal

"This is perhaps one of the most vital and important texts on the life of Miyamoto Musashi. De Lange has searched the original military records of the campaigns Musashi was involved with and other supporting documents to provide the first accurate assessment of Musashi's life in the English language.” — Irish Fighter Magazine

"If you are looking for a good read and a fantastic resource into the period in which Musashi lived then this is a great addition to your Koryu Library” — Kaigan Dojo

Further info about Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵, 12 March 1584 – 13 June 1645), also known as Shinmen Takezō, Miyamoto Bennosuke or, by his Buddhist name, Niten Dōraku

Miyamoto Musashi was a Japanese swordsman, philosopher, strategist, writer and rōnin. Musashi, as he was often simply known, became renowned through stories of his unique double-bladed swordsmanship and undefeated record in his 61 duels (next is 33 by Itō Ittōsai).

Musashi is considered a Kensei, a sword-saint of Japan. He was the founder of the Niten Ichi-ryū, or Nito Ichi-ryū, style of swordsmanship, and in his final years authored The Book of Five Rings (五輪の書, Go Rin No Sho) and Dokkōdō (The Path of Aloneness). Both documents were given to Terao Magonojō, the most important of Musashi's students, seven days before Musashi's death.

The Book of Five Rings deals primarily with the character of his Niten Ichi-ryū school in a concrete sense, i.e., his own practical martial art and its generic significance; The Path of Aloneness, on the other hand, deals with the ideas that lie behind it, as well as his life's philosophy in a few short aphoristic sentences. The Miyamoto Musashi Budokan training centre, located in Ōhara-chō (Mimasaka), Okayama prefecture, Japan was erected to honor his name and legend.

Some things are making me so sick inside
Aw, go with your heart, go with your heart
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Quit tugging me
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Let's be something we're not
Let's be something everybody else is
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Me, me, I have everything
Yeah I have everything
What more could I ask for?
Nothing at all

Why did it have to be this way at the end?
Why did it have to be this way at the end?**

The Art of War - SUN TZU [HD Documentary]

Sun Tzu (/suːn ˈdzuː, suːn ˈsuː/ soon DZOO, soon SOO; Chinese: 孫子; pinyin: Sūnzǐ)

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, writer and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China. Sun Tzu is traditionally credited as the author of The Art of War, an influential work of military strategy that has affected both Western and East Asian philosophy and military thinking. His works focus much more on alternatives to battle, such as stratagem, delay, the use of spies and alternatives to war itself, the making and keeping of alliances, the uses of deceit and a willingness to submit, at least temporarily, to more powerful foes. Sun Tzu is revered in Chinese and East Asian culture as a legendary historical and military figure. His birth name was Sun Wu (Chinese: 孫武) and he was known outside of his family by his courtesy name Changqing (Chinese: 長卿). The name Sun Tzu by which he is best known in the Western World is an honorific which means "Master Sun".

Sun Tzu's historicity is uncertain. The Han dynasty historian Sima Qian and other traditional Chinese historians placed him as a minister to King Helü of Wu and dated his lifetime to 544–496 BC. Modern scholars accepting his historicity place the extant text of The Art of War in the later Warring States period based on its style of composition and its descriptions of warfare. Traditional accounts state that the general's descendant Sun Bin wrote a treatise on military tactics, also titled The Art of War. Since Sun Wu and Sun Bin were referred to as Sun Tzu in classical Chinese texts, some historians believed them identical, prior to the rediscovery of Sun Bin's treatise in 1972.

Sun Tzu's work has been praised and employed in East Asian warfare since its composition. During the twentieth century, The Art of War grew in popularity and saw practical use in Western society as well. It continues to influence many competitive endeavors in the world, including culture, politics, business and sports, as well as modern warfare.

The Death Of He Man...
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