Your facts about leaking shower are probably very limited and there are some solutions to your problems that will require a certain amount degree of plumbing expertise.

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The DIY crusade has really obtained popularity in the USA during the final few years. Many people love on researching the possible DIY projects that they get into and get their hands dirty during their attempt of accomplishing tasks that they did not have dared in doing this in the past. However, when it is about plumbing, there are lots of that would be really disastrous when this is not properly done. Anytime that you are in doubt it is always best to phone in the actual plumbers to be on the safe side. There is no doubt with regards to these tasks, although—these plumbing jobs are definitely best to leave to the professionals to finish it.

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The charge of energy bills continued to go up at a fast pace, situating important financial strain on lots of households and businesses. Fortunately, there are so many ways to decrease the energy bills.

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When you would want to prevent the blocked drains inside your home, we are here to offer you the six tips which can help you in doing so. The place where you can start is being aware why your drains are becoming blocked. The moment you are aware of this you can start figuring out the ways of maintaining them clear.

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Repairs of plumbing are usually stressful and would sometimes end up being costly. The last thing that you would want will be getting more stressed through wasting your time with very poor services. It is never an alternative as to when the plumbing disasters and issues will take place. Despite of where you are residing in Sydney, there are plumbing services that are at all times prepared to send their local plumbers to deal with your general plumbing troubles within the shortest period of time possible and with cheapest rates they can offer.

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Looking for the Luxe look without the price tag? Made of copper, this outdoor shower is one of our most requested outdoor designs. Easy to clean, water access from the cold outdoor tap required & affordable.

Outdoor showers are becoming more popular in Sydney, with more homeowners adding an extra shower in the backyard near the pool or on the side entrance to wash off after the beach and get all the sand off! Not only do outdoor showers look amazing but they are also a great practical addition into the home.

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Whenever we address plumbing, it is immediately interpreted as a physical and hard work involving manual labor and know-how. The lack of time, money and even worse death, as well as more damage to property, will lead to the inability to build and improve.

You have to start from the ranks, as in any other profession, before you become the best in the trade. You will work in the business as a trainee. Consult on this intensively when you start as an accomplished plumber. Keep alert to see how the veteran experts work. You will be able to pick up on the coordinated manner in which they do things. Finally, incorporate and use your learning system and create your own as well.

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Flowers are out, spring has sprung, as we move into warmer weather it is such a great time of year to be living in Sydney!

Before we move into the warmer weather, our plumbing specialist Kelvin has prepared a simple checklist to assist you with ongoing upkeep of the plumbing, it will take an hour to carry out the tasks.

This will save you money, headaches in the future, as it is better to stop a plumbing problem sooner rather than later.

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1. What size of water heater to use?
2. Should you choose the whole-house humidifier for the HVAC?
3. How to unfreeze pipes?
4. What kind of insulation to choose?
5. Should I upgrade the plumbing system?
6. Why is the toilet running?
7. How to stop the wood bathroom from buzzing?
8. How to shut down the sprinkler system when the winter season is approaching?

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Does your water pressure in your home cause you pressure troubles? Hot and cold water taps, shower heads or the toilet causing low or high pressure, a few seasons that will help with proper flow of water in Sydney.

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When your drains are blocked, hot water is not longer available or your hower is flooding and you’re dealing with all kinds of plumbing issues around the home, usually on weekends or late at night then you know its time to call our local plumbing company – Quintessential!

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This week, we repaired a dishwasher for a real estate client in Sydney CBD. The tenant required her dishwasher to ensure all her dishes were clean. Firstly our team pulled out her dishwasher and investigated the issue.

After one night of not using any hot water, our client called the Quintessential Sydney team to repair her faulty hot water system!

Don’t you hate slow draining water and overflowing sinks!! Our licensed and experienced plumbers repaired a faulty drain in Redfern and completely cleared the blockage so it would not occur again.

Refresh your bathroom with a new vanity and toilet, simple, cost effective and adds value to your home!

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Why does it appear like the times that you really needed a plumber are during late night, early morning, or during weekends, where payment will cost you twice as much as the normal charge? Chances are the sink plumber does not want to receive any house call during odd hours while any more than that, you wanted to call them for some odd reasons, and so here are the wishes of some plumbers:

Reference: https://uberant.com/article/813330-5-things-that-the-plumber-wishes-you-already-knew/
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Are you running out of toilet paper in your home ? During the COVID-19 crisis in Sydney we have seen an increase in toilet paper sales and increase in blockages.

With panic buyers and the supermarkets running low on toilet paper our clients have recently been interested in bidet solutions. Bidets are priced competitively with cost effective solutions to high end smart technology.

Reference: https://quintessentialplumbing.com.au/say-goodbye-to-toilet-paper-and-say-hello-to-bidet/

We often take hot water for granted, until something goes wrong and stop working of course. When your hot water or gas heater suddenly stops it causes an inconvenience that can affect your family, daily routine and potentially your business operations.

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Our client in Wolli Creek experienced a burst water pipe, it was a big surprise to them and called us to get it repaired. They noticed water accessing from the back area of this pool and found out that it was a burst water pipe.

Reference: https://quintessentialplumbing.com.au/burst-water-pipe-in-wolli-creek-sydney/

Tree roots are a common issue Sydney homeowners face when it comes to drainage issues. Over time minor fractures develop in the pipes, the tree roots growing in the surrounding soil enter the drain.

Reference: https://quintessentialplumbing.com.au/tree-roots-invading-your-plumbing/

It is always a good idea to service your hot water system before winter and ensure you have a maintenance check performed. It will give you peace that the hot water heater will last through the winter months.



The most common insurance claims in Australian homes come from under your sink, also known as a flexi hose or flexible braided house. They are located underneath bathroom or kitchen sinks or basins in every home throughout Australia.


The toilet paper crisis has led to Sydney’s drains being flooded with a high volume of wet wipes, paper towels and tissues. The limited supply of toilet paper has urged people to panic buy and begin flushing items down the drain that don’t belong there.


Something that Sydney homeowners usually forget but our hot water systems are used daily and this means they would see significant amounts of wear and tear.



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