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Hello Awesome people and here I have part 2 of my new trilogy (Still don't have a name for it yet)

And this song is called Komorebi what is a Japanese word for the light that filters through the leaves of trees.
and I wanted to have a calmer and more downtempo kind of vibe with this song again.

check here the first one of the trilogy

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and the video is from Beeple who create really awesome VJ loops:

Hello Awesome people it took me a couple of months but i'm back with a new update video today I talk about new music,Robotto Tenshi, the poetry project and A really awesome project I'm a part of

Spotify :https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Jbne6elmGTK4Q5SGlvGBu

The people that helped me with the Poetry project
Superdaze- https://twitter.com/superdazemusic
Dave Bisson-https://twitter.com/IamDarthBisson

And thanks to Robert paredes and Marianne

Ego Go alpha video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_i8lrJKFsA

it took me a while but i'm back with new music and today I want to share this song with all you awesome people.
This is the first part of a new trilogy I work on.

Eleutheromania is a greek word for a desire of freedom and that is what I want to tell with this song

enjoy the song

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the loop video is from Beeple:

Hello Awesome people Today we celebrate world poetry day.
and we do that with amazing poems and music

the last couple of months i've been working on this project
but I couldn't do this alone so I got some help from amazing people

-Robert paredes:
You can find him on drooble.com


check his really awesome podcast:

-Dave Bisson:

And thanks to Marianne who wrote this poem for this project

And I made the music for this project

enjoy the poems/poetry and again thanks to all amazing people that helped me with this project

Hello AWESOME Hipsters.

Today I have a whole album for you I already released the ep on spotify and other platforms
but now it is time to share it with all of you
so enjoy this EP

00;00: Here I Stand
01:10: Spirits (Album version)
04:42: Dimensions
08:35: Robotto Tenshi
10:28: Our Last Goodbye
12:38: Welcome Home
13:49: Spirits (Demo Version)

buy the ep here:
Or Here:

If you want to hear more of my music check out this link

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Hello awesome Hipsters here is one of the songs for the upcoming ep called Robotto Tenshi
this song is called Spirits and it is more of a experimental downtempo song
hope you all like this song

check the trailer for the album here:

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And are you a musician and want to your music on all big platforms just like
me the use Distrokid a great service and really easy to use
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Hello AWESOME Hipsters one more week then I will release my new ep called Robotto Tenshi what is japanese for Robot angel
It is a experimental downtempo album with 6 new songs

so make sure you check and follow my spotify so you wan't miss this ep:

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And are you a musician and want to your music on all big platforms just like
me the use Distrokid a great service and really easy to use
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Hello Awesome people.
It is time for a new udate video

today I talk about:
-the album I released last month called moonquake
-About the help musician UK charity
-2 new shows that will come to bitchute this year (and maybe Youtube)
-About the new ep that is coming in February
-And the Poetry project

enjoy the video

you can listen to my music here on spotify:

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Hello Awesome Hipsters today I have my first new song for this year
And we are going back to the MonsterVerse with this song

After Monster- https://www.bitchute.com/video/zZgWA59o1Szg/
and Monster: return of the beast- https://www.bitchute.com/video/RrxCBkGvQAnF/

I do have this new song called Kaiju what is more based on the godzilla movies and monster

enjoy this new song

Check also all my music on spotify

The gifs used in the video
are from
Giphy and Gfycat

Hello Awesome people here is the last song I upload in 2018 this is more of a lo fi song and it was a super awesome to work on this song and I hope you like the song as well.

This song is from my last album MoonQuake and you can listen to the full album on spotify

You can also buy the album and support Help Musicians UK because from every album I sell I donate 1 dollar/pound/euro to this charity
you can buy the album amazon:

hello AWESOME people today I tell you about the new album I released last week.

Also about some of the songs that didn't make it on the album.

And the story of how I came with the idea for moonquake and the story of the songs

enjoy the video

and you can buy the album here and support Help musicians UK because I donate 1 dollar/euro/pound from every sale of the album

listen to the album here on spotify

And if you want to know more about help Musicians UK here is their website:

here is one of the new songs from my new album called MoonQuake.

You can buy the album here:

and I will donate 1 dollar/euro/pound for every sold album to a charity named help musicians UK

or listen the album here on spotify:


Hello AWESOME Hipsters.

And here is the last single that I will release for this year and it is a very experimental song enjoy

I'm going to release also the album MoonQuake and that will out on December 7th

Hello Awesome people for the last time this year i'm gonna make a video about the upcoming album projects that i'm going to work on next the awesome website called Drooble and some more stuff enjoy the video

this is a new song for the upcoming album what is also called MoonQuake the album is gonna be a cinematic and downtempo experience and I really can't wait to show the full album but you have to wait one more month because the album is coming on December 7th

for more music check my spotify
and Deezer

Hello AWESOME people today I have a second song from the upcoming album Moonquake.

enjoy the song

MoonQuake is coming December 7th

I made this song formy new album but it doesn't fit with the album so I just release it as a single.

In this song I tried to show anxiety in sound it is a more experimental song.

so the first part of the song is calm the middle part is the anxiety/fear and the last part is calm again because in the end it always be allright

Hello AWesome people and today I share the first song from the album called MoonQuake it is a follow up album to space oddity only with this album I really want to go for a more personal kind of songs and A lotmore cinematic and ambient but I think this song shows perfect of what you can expect


video used in video is this:

MoonQuake is coming on 7 December

Here is the last jam of the odyssey the jam series
we gonna end spectacular with this final jam
enjoy the jam

and download this jam for free on my soundcloud

Here is the trailer for a new ep I made with Feral Fenix and Darth Bisson.

and follow them on soundcloud
Feral Fenix: https://soundcloud.com/feralfenix
Darth Bisson:https://soundcloud.com/iamdarthbisson

Here you can listen to the new album


and make sure you follow on deezer or spotify (or both XD)
for more awesome music

(Video Contains Flashing images!!!)

Hello AWESOME hipsters today I have a very special jam for you and probably the most experimental of all of them. Today you gonna hear electro swing mixed with a bit of drum &bass/ dubstepstyle.
And I know it shouldn't work but I'm really happy with the result of the song I hope you think the same
Enjoy the song

Download the song for free frommy soundcloud:

and the videos are from this site:

This is a new song I made it is more of an intro song
and a youtuber named Tharen is using this song for his intro

want to check tharen channel here is a link

Awesome Hipsters

Here is Part 2 of the Odyssey the jam.
This is more a country rock song and the title Route 66 is fits with this song

you can download the song on my soundcloud for FREE:

and the videos I used are from these sites:


This is a song I made with the akai mpk mini and it is a really calm song
and when I heard the song the first thought I had was Autumn
enjoy the song

(if you want to skip the story about the jam go to 5:26 that is where the jam starts)
Hello AWESOME hipsters
Today I start with a new show called Odyssey the jam for this show I made 4 jams and every week you get a new jam.
Today I have a jam called welcome World.
It is a ambient/world music jam

you can also download the song for FREE on my soundcloud

so enjoy the jam

videos I used are from these sites:



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enjoy the channel