figured I would try doing the other mission this time. I should not have.

so let me test this out and see if this one goes up.

attach recoil compensator

you have that luxury.

bent over a barrel.

an atrocity on a level never before percieved since the latest battlefield 5 trailer.

it's a special day for sadness and death. the open beta for bf5 ends today.

one of the things I like about this game: my goofy mismatched costumes I get to wear which make me look super cool.

coal is harmful for the environment.

some of you are ok don't go to solaris tomorrow.

I was getting some lag.

and I forgot to include this shorter clip in the last video.

I fumble stupidly thru this extremely dated game which was my first gameplay video.


hearts hardened by constantly dying.

20 million communists will die.

gi I sell you all kind of thing

as I grind for more worthless unlocks in a 200% damage no vehicle server.

replaying the game to show that I played it.

did I really spend 45 minutes just configuring mechs?

I had just attempted to play s-mod but it kept crashing so I played this until I got past the intro just to be sure it worked.


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