Spawn has been making some headlines the last month. Mainly because it is now the longest running indie created comic ever. I know what you're thinking..."They still make a Spawn comic?" Today we are going over how bad this recent issue is, and how we can learn from such poor storytelling so that we can be better ones. At least, better than McFarlane.

This is a REALLY brief word on the discipline of perspective. I've always felt my drawing looked a little flat, however once I started using two-point perspective (minimum) I instantly started seeing results.

Do all the faces you draw look the same? Today I'm going to show you what I have started to do in order to give my characters features that are distinctive from one another.

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This is a new turning point in my life. Nothing will be the same. My art. My career. My life.
No longer am I holding back!!

One day I came home so angry from work, that I couldn't help but put my nose to the grindstone and work harder on my art. I though to myself,

"Could I use this feeling to get work done more often?

Today I am recreating a small 4x6 sketch into an 11x17 illustration. I'll walk you through my thought process and show you how I was able to keep the proportions, as well as fixing things along the way.

This stupid movie man....where do I even begin?

A serious video, but hopefully an inspiring one! I've had a long battle with acute depression, and now having fought my way through it, I wanted to share the experience in the hopes of giving you hope and some tools to fight through it as well. Let me know if you have had experienced similar and what you are doing about it!

I'm really curious what everyone else thinks. Am I on the nose? Way off base? I think we can all agree that entertainment these days is being subverted, but today I wanted to discuss when it is and when it isn't. Hope you enjoy!


Today I wanted to have a conversation about where the "art" world is right now. Have we lost our standards for artistic quality? How did it get to be this way? I bring up some points and observations that may help shed some light on why our art entertainment is the way it is in the 21st Century.

Welcome to the first video from the Hitchen Post! My name is Bryan Hitchen, and today I wanted to challenge myself by redoing an old drawing I did a while back. From start to finish you will see my process for creating comic book style art, and hopefully we will all learn from the experience!


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