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I found the affidavit of the secret witness from Venezuela that Sidney Powell has mentioned several times in interviews. This witness said everything that Sidney told us about concerning Smartmatic being used for fixing elections for Chavez and Maduro.
All of the exhibits from the King vs Whitmer lawsuit in Michigan brought by Sidney Powell are available at this website:

This article and General McInerney in a recent interview confirmed that Army Special Forces retrieved the computer servers in Frankfurt Germany where the election vote totals in 5 states were manipulated to give Joe Biden the lead in those states. It's also confirmed that there was resistance and gunfire involved when this happened.

Over 2000 fake votes were found in Dane County, Wisconsin in their recount so far, and video proof of electronic election fraud that happened on TV networks for 5 states. Don't tell me there is no proof of election fraud!

This is a mirror of the Trump- Silent Running video created by Justin Bellucci. This video is excellent, and YouTube removed it from his channel recently for violating their Community Guidelines. This comes from his Vimeo channel.
Link to the source video:

This documentary from OAN was shown last weekend, and many of you probably missed it. This is an excellent expose of Dominion voting systems that you must watch!
Link to the source video:

Today, the third circuit court of appeals in Pennsylvania dismissed the election fraud case by the Trump legal team, but Jenna Ellis said it will now go before the US Supreme Court. This actually fast tracks the case to the Supreme Court, which is a positive thing. Also, the Arizona state legislature will be having a hearing about election fraud on Monday. Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis will be there to present their evidence of election fraud in that state.

Happy Thanksgiving American Patriots! Yesterday was a great day for America, as the election fraud hearing in Gettysburg took place before Senators from the Pennsylvania state Senate, and Sidney Powell released the Kraken at the end of the day in Georgia and Michigan with her election fraud lawsuits.

Link to the Sidney Powell website:

This is the full phone call comments from President Trump at the Gettysburg Election Fraud Hearing today.

Link to the full hearing:

Today at 12:30 Rudy Giuliani and Trump legal team were part of a hearing held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania by Republican Senators of the Pennsylvania state legislature. The Senators heard from multiple witnesses that observed election fraud in the November 3rd Presidential election. President Trump also spoke from the Oval Office over the cellphone of Attorney Jenna Ellis. These are highlights of this hearing.

Link to the full hearing:

Happy Thanksgiving! Sidney Powell is going to Release the Kraken on the state government of Georgia today to expose their part in the massive election fraud that we all witnessed during the 2020 election.

Link to Robert David Steele's website:

Late last night in a series of tweets from Attorney Lin Wood, he dropped a bombshell on Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger concerning that water main break that happened on election day in Atlanta that delayed the counting of absentee ballots. Lin Wood is subpoenaing video tapes and all kinds of evidence of what really happened during that water break at the Atlanta Hawks arena. Get ready for the show!

I found more information about Sidney Powell and the Trump legal team. It all makes sense now, and I see what the strategy is. Sidney released a statement explaining her situation, and that she will be filing an epic complaint in court this week. It will be Epic and Biblical!

At first when I saw the tweet from Jenna Ellis about Sidney Powell not being a part of the Trump legal team, I was stunned and a bit angry. Later when I saw the tweet from General Mike Flynn, I realized that this was most likely a strategic move to more effectively attack the election fraud in a different way.

On November 20th, federal circuit Court assignments under the Supreme Court Justices gives favor to President Trump in the upcoming election fraud cases that will happen in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Link to the entire video by Joe Matteo:

On a Newsmax interview last night, Sidney Powell spoke about the lawsuits that are coming to prove the massive election fraud that stole millions of votes from President Trump. She said an upcoming case in Georgia that Jordan Sekulow spoke about will be Biblical! Don't mess with Sidney Powell!

Link to the full interview:

Recently, Tucker Carlson has gone to the Dark Side! He wanted all of the evidence from Sidney Powell of massive election fraud. Sidney Powell offered him a witness that could show him the statistics and numbers, but that wasn't good enough for Tucker. I will show you incontrovertible evidence of election fraud that Tucker could find if he wasn't so lazy!

Link to the Constantino vs Detroit website:

This is the full Trump legal team press conference on 11-19-20.

There was an awesome press conference today by the Trump legal team that started at noon today. It lasted for an hour and a half, and Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis spoke about the evidence and witnesses that will be presented in 3 court cases to expose the massive election fraud that happened in the 2020 Presidential election.

Late last night, William Hartmann and Monica Palmer rescinded their coerced votes to certify election results in Wayne count, Michigan because of irregularities. They also signed affidavits that their families were threatened. This is great news, and I congratulate them for doing the right thing against the known Democrat election fraud in Michigan!

Businessman Joe Oltmann signed an affidavit today, and he revealed earlier that Dominion Voting Systems is moving from their Denver office to an undisclosed location. It's pretty clear that Dominion knows that they have been caught committing voter fraud in this Presidential election, and they are scrubbing Eric Coomer and other employees off the internet.
Link to the Conservative Daily podcast:

My friend Frank Campana did a Facebook live video of a great Stop the Steal Trump supporter rally along a well traveled road in Melbourne, FL.

It was revealed by entrepreneur Joe Oltmann that Eric Coomer, Director of Product Strategy for Dominion, is a Trump hater and considers himself to be part of Antifa.
Link to the Joe Oltmann interview by Michelle Malkin:

After a great Stop the Steal March in Washington DC, BLM and Antifa thugs attacked the Trump supporters, and the Washington DC police did not protect them. This just shows that BLM and Antifa are domestic terrorists!

This is a highlight reel of the massive Million MAGA Stop the Steal March that happened today in Washington DC. This was a great patriotic march of more than a hundred thousand Americans who love President Trump, and understand that the Democrats and left wing media are trying to steal the election win from President Trump and more than 71 million American voters! Stop the Steal!

This rousing speech and prayer from Alex Jones was part of the livestream coverage from Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube. I wish I was there today amongst all of the Trump supporters today in Washington D.C., but this gives you a sample of what happened today at the March. Stop the Steal!

Link to the stream from RSBN:


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