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Y**Tube keep deleting important information. Why?
Note to the owners, let me know if you are unhappy for me to post this here and I will remove it.

Y**Tube have delete this important information for 'violating community guidelines'. Their community, obviously, not mine.
Note to the owners: if you object to me putting this here, let me know and I will remove it.

Deleted from YT for 'violating community guidelines', ie presenting a perfectly valid idea that deserves a fair hearing. Such book burning is why i don't use YT. Apologies if there are any copyright issues, I am happy to take it down again if the owner asks me to.

John Harris retracted this opinion shortly before his death. Enough people have made the same observations as expressed here to make me think it still contains an important argument worth hearing. It has been removed from YouTube without explanation, hence I'm putting it here to preserve it. If any bona-fide direct family members of John object to my doing so, please contact me and we'll work out a solution.

I don't own the rights to this video: I'm posting it to raise awareness of one of the most important political issues of the day; medicine, and why it is so broken. It's because of a phony monopoly, and it's hurting YOUR prospects of staying healthy. Big brilliant technical medicine doesn't create cures; it creates repeat business. It's a classic land-grab: health belongs to all of us, it has been stolen from us and is being sold back very expensively. Health is political, and if you want to survive healthcare, you need to understand that.

Note: My channel isn't monetised. If anybody has issues about ownership and my posting this, please just let me know. Otherwise since this got taken down from Goo-Tube it's important that it can still be seen.

PatchMD topical vitamin patches look amazing, but there is something very wrong with this picture. Watch for a few minutes as the plot thickens...

It's been noted that the scales aren't accurate, and at one point I misread them. True, but that doesn't really change things. Importantly, the manufacturer doesn't try to deny there is a huge discrepancy: they simply try to justify the mismatch with some very bizarre and confusing language.

I still have the sealed packets seen in the video. If anybody has the facilities to test them please let me know and I'll get them over to you.

Why do we get trails one day and not the next? Is it really that they are spraying chemicals at us some days and not others? Or is it down to normal aircraft exhaust and changing atmospherics? This short video shows why I think it must be a bit of both. Persistent condensation trails do exist in my opinion, but that in no way rules out the presence of chemtrails.

AKA two-headed lizard because its stumpy tail can sometimes be mistaken for a head, which may help to confuse predators. This cute chap is a bit slow moving, but he is good news because it hopefully means there aren't many snakes just here.

...and who can dare challenge it, unless they already have a stake in it? Isn't that a problem?

On the one hand, Theoretical Physics has brought many gifts. On the other, there is no way to restrain it when it deviates far from actual reality, as it often does. In terms of its logical frameworks and philosophical approach to revealing the secrets of the universe, it has a lot in common with theology. And with Quantum Physics, nobody can tell where reality ends and outright fantasy begins. There is no way to tell, because there is no experiential reference point other than a few useful tools nobody completely understands.

Put simply, we can't see the Quantum World, so we can't ever be sure our models are correct. And because they are all based on abstractions from thought experiments, they are not correct. They are incomplete approximations. And from chaos theory, we know what that can lead to; massive deviation.

I apologise if anybody thinks I am in any way denigrating the value of either religion or science. I am not. What I am saying is that Science (with a capital S) has no right to claim access to some sort of absolute truth unless it remains consistent to its own principles. And even then it must be guarded in its claims to truth. But if science is allowed to just make up whole imaginary worlds as it goes along, based on abstractions of situations never seen, and claim that practical benefits are the only proof needed, then the lines between religion and science are getting very blurred.

Is it that religion is more scientific than we think? Or is it that science is more religious than we like to admit?

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Best thing about being in Australia is seeing something new every day. Poppet and I were out walking today and we saw these cute little chaps hiding under some big rocks. Made me jump when it barked at me! Didn't know what they were, I had to look them up. I suppose I should have been a bit more careful, this place is full of brown snakes at this time of year.

Healthcare has come to mean large and highly structured institutions, with ideas and agendas of their own. Before you get sick and need them, it is vital to understand the basic nature of institutions and administrative systems. It can save your life. (Opinion)

Would you believe that your health is not the highest priority of a hospital? In fact, making money isn't either, even in the private sector. The highest priority of institutions is maintaining their own existence. And the priority of the people within them is to keep their own jobs. Anything that challenges that (our individual needs and quirks as patients, for instance) can meet a surprising level of resistance. The needs of the system will often conflict with the needs of the patient. And when that happens, any strong institution will tend to prevail. It takes constant effort to keep the system working for us.

Britain's National Health Service has achieved Holy Cow status in the UK. And it seems the bigger it gets, and the more problems it acquires, the harder it becomes to criticise it. Kind, caring, dedicated, well-meaning, highly qualified staff abound, but they do have to function within the established norms of a system that will easily crush them if they don't fit in. It is a brave doctor or nurse who does things differently just because the patient needs it.

In this video I have tried to explain how large institutions in 'The Administration Age', by their very nature, are an actual threat to the health of the unwary patient, and what we can do about it. It is too easy to become just another commodity to be processed by a machine that values its smooth functioning above the function it is there to perform. We must always remember that as patients of a hospital, we are the reason for the hospital's existence: we are the reason for all those jobs. If we simply 'hand ourselves over' to healthcare, there is not the necessary pressure to balance the motivations of the institutions.

We must insist that the system keeps working for us, and doesn't use us as fodder for its own survival - especially in so-called 'free' healthcare.

The meaning of the title 'Letters from India' is explained in the first few minutes.

Sorry about the quality of the sound and video. My poor old camera is showing its age. I will continue to post while I save up for better equipment.

Disclaimer: the above is absolutely health advice. Institutions, administrators, and those who blindly follow rules and norms, can seriously damage your health. I cannot accept any responsibility for your failure to act on this information.

Why routine screening of healthy people can make them sick and cause epidemics of non-existent disease. Think carefully before going for any medical test and know what it is you are getting into.

Disclaimer: opinion and discussion only, and not medical advice. For specific medical advice you should consult the relevant practitioners as well as search all appropriate sources available

How heroic modern medicine became so dominant in the 20th century, and the corporate forces and vested interests that put it there. The Flexner Report was a cornerstone of these developments and made this level of control possible. Flexner was touted as a triumph of reason. But many good medical schools closed as a result of its recommendations. Those schools that survived were those that would teach medicine only within the pharmaceutical model. The Rockerfeller Foundation poured huge pots of money into the medical schools, and then levered their own people onto the boards and the faculties. The aim and the result was to turn medicine into the marketing and delivery arm of the pharmaceutical industry. And it remains that way today.

This clip was found at http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread616107/pg2 from where the link has now been deleted.
It seems to come from "Hoxsey, the quack who cured cancer"
For more about the aggressive dirty tricks of the oil industry and its offshoot, pharmaceuticals, see James Corbett's excellent "How big oil conquered the world" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySnk-f2ThpE

For over a decade I've sat on the fence about the existence of chemtrails. But in the last two years I have read enough, discussed enough, observed and documented more than enough to be absolutely 100% convinced: we are quite literally under attack with chemical weapons, right here in our home towns, and most likely by the very people supposed to protect us.

The reasons are not absolutely clear, but there are some very good theories as to why this is going on. I believe this serves several purposes, and all are sinister. Geonengineering/climate control are just the tip of the iceberg, and may be little more than a cover story. I'm not going to try to make a watertight case for this, explain everything I have found out or go into the reasons I think this is happening. Suffice to say it IS happening and has been for some time. It is getting worse all the time.

If you don't know about this, FIND OUT!
If you do know about this, tell others.

The daily toxic assault we face comes in many forms, not just chemtrails. Although the effects are slow-moving, they will nonetheless prove lethal unless we change direction.


With spring just around the corner, we are all low in vitamin D right now unless we have been doing something about it. And the time to do something about your vitamin D levels is between now and the autumn. It takes time to build up a level in your body. It is important to finish the summer with enough vitamin D to keep you going through as much of the darker months as possible. More information and references to follow...


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