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The Lamb

Staples TekDry is one of the BIGGEST SCAMS in the repair business. What does this box do, and how do the electronics put into it leave? Let's find out!

Tekdry being a scam is well known knowledge in the repair industry, but few end users are aware of this scam. Staples doesn't even open your device. They toss it in a box that does NOTHING! They allow you to walk away thinking your device is fine when in reality it is continuing to corrode. It will fail shortly after they already have your money. DO NOT give Staples money to repair your electronics, because THIS IS HOW THEY REPAIR THEM.

Don't take my word for it: read how TekDry works on their own site. At no time do they open the device for a proper ultrasonic cleaning/solder job/repair. They don't even use a q-tip and alcohol. They don't even OPEN your device.

Do not let yourself or your friends fall victim to this scam. You're better off just opening the device with a screwdriver yourself and cleaning it out: at least in this case, someone did something.

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PLEASE SHARE. Thank you to the Vets, DFLA and the thousands upon thousands of you that turned up to show Teresa May we have had enough of the establishment erording our rights. Introducing hate speech laws are a ploy to close down and arrest anyone with an opinion that they do not agree with (That is fascism!)

The complete media black out on the event just underlined how corrupt and detached the establishment and media are from the real people in this country.

Thank you to all the speakers and also to my team who did an amazing job pulling this great day together. #DayforFreedom

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Testing out my; Laser 1W 445nm (Blue).


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