how the matriarchy functions and its origins in female psychobiology

a refutation of parliamentarian democracy, "the old shell game"

the racial hybrid

a microcosm of the macrocosm

a discussion of the contrast between white and non-white breeding strategies

a discussion of the ZOG strategy of scapegoating

a discussion of how systemic anti-whiteness operates

the power of the jew is the power of illusion

How the jewish master race's power is based on illusion

a discussion of how jews are the borg and operate as a hive mind entity

the wicked witch who is master of illusion

How action in the physical determine consequences in the metaphysical realm and vice versa and how Whites alone are capable of forming the diamond body

a discussion of how posterity is the vanguard of the future and how to reach and influence them

a discussion of various techniques for propaganda

it comes in positive and negative, organic and artificial forms

a discussion of how jews use chaos magic and practical idealism as a means of attempting the impossible

the strategy of the jew: "your money or your life"

a discussion of the mixed up race mixed progeny of Richard Coudenhove von Kalergi' "practical idealism" and the ZOG

how the bourgeois conforms in the name of self interest and how to shift his conciousness

the cultural prescription of the jew world order

reptilian brain conciousness and the jew

a prescription of White cultural hegemony

part of the WHITE PRACTICAL IDEALISM strategy

What the ZOG wants you to be as opposed to who you are

a discussion of the arrogance of the bourgeoisie


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philosophical and metapolitical discourses