A look at the past 24 hours of all the channels that have uploaded recently, that I am subscribed to.
I am subscribe to many more channels but my criteria for these channels are below. Thanks.

1) Crypto-based
2) Liberty-based
3) Tech-based
4) Entertainment and Music-related
5) Religious-related.

And the channels, normally have to be under 10K Subs and have at least a few videos uploaded on their channel recently.

A return of sorts to show what I have been doing on Bitchute the last two months or so, instead of uploading content.
If you like this sort of content, let me know. #supportsmallercreators

I am treated like a criminal using crypto. The Military Industrial Complex is still operating around the world.
And Trump is not on alt-tech. Why? Press Trump to do more. He is not "somewhat" Libertarian.

Updating in Crypto | Liberty | Tech is like, "Yay, I want to do it, but do I have to provide my data for it?"

A Libertarian perspective of attempting to reach out to Conservatives from a Crypto | Liberty | Tech like point of view.

Can Crypto | Liberty | Tech be more absurd than it is now? Also, audio issues fixed.

So many subjects. So much for time. Crypto | Liberty | Tech

An upgrade, an experiment, and an unfinished explanation. Crypto | Liberty | Tech

Crypto | Liberty | Tech

Crypto News | Liberty Thoughts | Tech Reviews

Crypto News | Liberty Thoughts | Tech Reviews

Crypto News | Liberty Thoughts | Tech Reviews

This is what I do sometimes. I go through the Support Tickets on Minds. I review them and offer my thoughts or resolutions.
Why doesn't Bitchute have something like this? If you have some issue about Bitchute or Minds, tag me! :)

Help & Support: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/100000000000000681/feed

One thing about Crypto's recent losses is that Blockchain technology is becoming more robust and stable.
But, since you only hear the FUD,, here is WYMO (What You Missed Out.) :)

Link: https://www.aier.org/article/cryptos-loss-is-blockchains-gain/

After curiously signing up for HighImpactFlix's Newsletter and getting the download to his e-book,
I decided to read and record. Because, why not and there is some good wisdom here. Thanks!

Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/highimpactflix/
Website: https://www.highimpactflix.com/

When it comes to praising President Trump, this is as close as I will get to it.
Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Link: https://www.targetliberty.com/2019/10/president-trump-is-choir-boy-compared.html

A link given to a developer on Minds leads to the discovery of the video requirements of what
the native Minds Video codec takes.

Link: https://gitlab.com/minds/engine/blob/master/settings.example.php#L511

Are you volunteering, tithing, or giving to charity less? If you are, you might be a broke person.
I think I am. Let's be broke together.

Link: https://www.aier.org/article/americans-arent-volunteering-or-giving-to-charity-because-theyre-broke/

So, thanks to another user on Bitchute who inadvertently gave me the idea to do this video, I research
Bitchute;s Gitub, lo and behold, the code has been updated! To include...a way to obtain ERC-20 tokens!

Bitchute Github: https://github.com/BitChute
Ray Vahey's Twitter: https://twitter.com/rayvahey

It's time for Ethereum to become Proof of Stake if it wants to survive long term.
I cover that as well as some brief market analysis. Thanks.

Link: https://decrypt.co/10093/vitalik-buterin-proof-of-stake-will-make-ethereum-safer

I have not visited My Favorites in a while and I bet you have not either.
I prune the list and we are also, limited to only 25 entries. I wonder why?

No links as all the channels can be viewed at your leisure. Thanks.

I try something new by watching a video while recording a video. I give my responses and
add some points that Stossel does not bring up in this short clip. I'm at least glad ONE
Democratic candidate sat down with Stossel for an interview.

The link to the article: https://reason.com/video/john-stossel-interviews-tulsi-gabbard/
No link to Youtube.

I read the Community Update for Minds, dated Oct. 7th, 2019. I give my analysis, suggestions, and critiques.
Let me know which updates you are excited for and what updates you would like Mind's to focus on next! Thanks!
The links to follow:
Minds' Community Update: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1028028447510626304
Mind's Gitlab Sprints: https://gitlab.com/groups/minds/-/boards/904772?label_name[

I review Vibravid, a decentralised video platform from another Bitchute channel, LiteLiger.
After watching the Picture-in-Picture video, I look into Tron's price and Vibravid's socials.

VibraVid: https://vibravid.io/
LiteLiger's Video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3CyxwbLOIh4/
VibraVid's Non-existant Telegram Channel: https://t.me/beatzcoin1000501
Tron's Price (subject to market fluctuations): https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/tron?utm_content=tron&utm_medium=search_coin&utm_source=coingecko


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