How to pay for things?

Tim Black repeats the same old establishment propaganda on immigrants.

Does the US has trade deficit with Canada? YES!

Are smart people contributing to society? Or are they contributing to the power of the .01%?

Has Sane Progessive gone insane on Tulsi Gabbard?

Here is a breakdown of the new talking points from democratic outlets promoting slave labor.

Here are some of the talking points from the "new left" on their promotion of slave labor.

Trump / Sweden press conference, and steel tariffs.

Is George Soros involved in MMT?

This is my take on Jane Sanders interview with Stephanie Kelton

Facebook vs YouTube and other social media outlets
with CameraFi Live

This is why Bernie Sanders will never endorse Modern Monetary Theory.

Similarities between Ayn Rand and MMT

Similarities between Ayn Rand and MMT

Understanding MMT and inflation.

Understanding inflation under MMT - Modern Monetary Theory

Why is Bitcoin a scam?

This is my take on Bitcoin

Trump tax cuts, MMT fallacy, society as an interdependent system.

MMT Cult vs. Bernie Sanders

Here is how MMT downplays tax breaks for the rich.

Here is how MMT downplays Trump's tax cuts.

Here is a breakdown of fallacies on:
White privilege.
Cultural appropriation.
Reverse racism

Once again TYT uses fake outrage in order to gain sympathy from the audience, but downplays the wrongdoings of the DNC and say there is nothing "illegal".


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