Take a knee, Lucifer, like it or not!
Matthew 4:1-11 KJV & Luke 4:1-13

The Great Re:Set or Tribulation? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 2019 prediction that the climate changed world will end in twelve years.

Reverse Speech Study, Hillary Clinton, July 2020
Trevor Noah, The Daily Social Distancing Show

Hillary Clinton - Voter Suppression, Roger Stone & Trump | (Trevor Noah)
July 13 2020

Wayfair Reverse Speech Study
Corporate Communications Manager John Costello 06/2020 Twitter Response apparently to a “Twitter” request for an explanation to the discovery of exorbitantly priced items. The item descriptions include the names of missing children and number codes to actual online child trafficking sources.
Video; Wayfair Trafficking exposed (All Information) Jearrod Fountain reading @ 4:57 - 5:22 (tested very similar in reverse speech.)
WayFair CEO Youtube video; The Boston Globe; Aug 14, 2019
Niraj Shah and making Wayfair profitable, Bold Types

Wayfair Reverse Speech Study video opening music; Passive, Prefect Circle, Constantine, Keano Reeves

Epic Rap Battle: Gun Owner Vs Liberal (Mirrored)
My favorite YouTube rap video by MBest11X, Veteran owned Black Rifle Coffee
January, 2017

The Coming Civil War in America revealed through Reverse Speech
David John Oates plays reversals that indicate a future war in America on Clyde Lewis' Ground Zero
26th June 2020
Full YouTube Video:

More Bill Gates in reverse;
Reverse Speech Study, Bill Gates interview; The Financial Times, April 8, 2020,

The Lasting Effects of Floyd Riots June 4, 2020
Mirrored; John Birch Society June 4. 2020

The Agenda Behind Riots May 30. 2020
Arthur Thompson of the John Birch Society takes a close look at the real agenda behind these latest large scale riots.

Mirrored from; JBS video; The Agenda Behind Riots

Link to the 1960's movie mentioned in this video;
Watch Anarchy U.S.A.

The false light bearer ‘Flammas eius’ or ‘Flaming Lucifer’ is worshiped by many secret cults, such as the Vatican.

My first attempt at reverse speech video making is still quite alarming.
Originally published on YouScrew in 2016. Oprah Winfrey Oct 21, 2016 Interview with TD Jakes.
Reverse Speech Study; Is Oprah really just saying “I’m with her”?
Of course “Oprah” didn’t want to be exposed as an elitist liar, so it was banned.

The Gates of Hell
Speech Study, Bill Gates interview; The Financial Times, April 8, 2020
Warning,; extreme satanic audio.

Reverse Speech Study Jenifer Rubin MSNBC Sunday Aug 25. 2019
Warning; Extreme satanic “spirit cooking” audio

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Language belongs to God:
Genesis 11:1 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
Genesis 11:7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

The Gates of Hell Reverse Speech Study, Bill Gates interview; The Financial Times, April 8, 2020
WARNING; Extreme satanic audio.
All Audio/Video is from; (the entire interview is linked therein)
Bill Gates interview; The Financial Times, April 8, 2020 about the Covid-19 vaccine.
Transcript of each section;
“Global GDP is going to take, ah, you know probably the biggest hit ever.
Ya-nuh, Maybe the depression was worse, or 1873 I don’t know but in my lifetime there this will be the greatest economic hit. But, you don't have a choice. People act like they have a choice.”

“There-are, there will be the ability, particularly in rich countries to open up, if things are done well over the next few months, but for the world at large, normalcy only returns when we've largely vaccinated the entire global population, and-and so nee-although there’s a lot of work on testing, lot of work on drugs that we’re involved with. You know, trying to achieve that ambitious goal which is never been done for the vaccine.”

“People don't feel like going to the stadium ah, when they might get infected. You know, it-It’s not the government who's saying O.K. just ignore this disease, and you know people are deeply affected by seeing these deaths by knowing they could be part of the transmission chain, and the old people ah, their parents, their grandparents could be affected by this, and so you don't ya-nuh, you don’t get to say, ahh, ignore ah, what's going on here.”

1st Tribulation Reverse transcript;
“Ask demon-a that got shed you that be bulls**t. Breath. Masks be all around me. Dead one more die-ers, and the rest eat s**t. They’ll serve some shark but that they be then mine Hurry back bitch. Said it that you mock money.”
2nd Tribulation Reverse transcript;
“ . . was necessary be out the test block. Heed the snake male- the snake with that. Walk me wall-un, then he asks the same stuff, that Barack did, when he didn’t know enough, besides see me scalped. They had failed me now owe me. Why we set disease, it said go on get this. We asked my master- never mind it- he pounced did it he on it.
3rd Tribulation Reverse transcript;
“We-s carve it up not if for revenge, it’s the vote. So, s**t be bad. Yeesh that, it made me ash burn it. There’s more now. Its far not we’ll all be taxed, not grow at all, no s**t. Whoa-boy! What’s next man, it surly top, what grow grass need. Been heinous, had fields grow, we milk. It’s-not what we want, he’s alone. We’re all on board with it. Stop! Some, we stand on the big lie, will not drop. Nip it. Ah, the wolf f***s you, knocks their milk, yes sir. He that let me be blue bred-hard.”

How the illuminati morphed into the democrat party.
Excerpts from John Birch Freedom Project
The full video link is below, and is very informative about how current Fake News and Censorship got to this point;

'Esther' means "Something Hidden" The Esther Code links several hidden acrostics and equidistant letter sequences of which are only found in the Book of Esther, including a laughable meme on ol' 666 himself!

Hidden Code Message from 'Something hidden' revealed in a message from the meaning of ancient names in chronological order.

The hidden Genesis 38 Code. A Sexually Explicit 1700 B.C.event prophesies the family lineage of Yeshua.

Cardholder Services Wav4 Originally posted on YouTube 2015
Robo-Dialing Scammer tries to use the ol’ “Economic Stimulus” on Boomhauer, from King of the Hill.
If ‘Big Tech’ hasn’t censored them, original soundboards may still be up at Realm of Darkness website. Check out more cardholder services spoof videos on this channel.

Cardholder Services WAV 5 Published on Youtube 2015. “Cardholder services” criminals are tracked through the Matrix.
The ‘OMG’ exclamation happened in real time for that particular robo-call, since I'd been messing with them all week, with sound boards!
The > main phone scamming boss < has been involved in three FTC 'slap on the wrist' law suits, including credit card laundering. On occasion I'll have to remind him and the FTC of that. They all know I'll DOX the crap out of them if I get one call.

If ‘Big Tech’ hasn’t censored them, original soundboards may still be up at Realm of Darkness website.
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Hi, you’re on the air with Howard Stern. Published on YouTube 2014. Rachel from “Cardholder Services” criminals robo-dial the Howard Stern Show. The flow of the conversation goes off the rails several times creating gaps, missing responses, but mostly just throwing soundboards quips at them. If ‘Big Tech’ hasn’t censored them, original soundboards may still be up at Realm of Darkness website.
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Cardholder Services Wav 6, Published on youtube 2016.
“Alexandra“, with a Florida telemarketing license #TM 79971 says her company "Credit Assistance Program" is headquartered at Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
Be sure and check out more Florida’s ‘cardholder services‘ tele-scum robo-dialers on this channel..
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How to make a Speech Reversal in a few minutes. Note; Be sure to download Audacity from a safe website. There are a few shady click baits(s) offering the download. The newer version of Audacity is shown in the video. The older version is also useful but generally needs everything plugged in first.
Text to Speech program is used in this video, Alien Cropcircle Reverse Code:
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Seven Plus One Secret Reverse Speech Revelations of Kamala Harris
Most election debate reverse material ends up as broken reverse sentences. When memorized talking points are formed in a vacuum, complete reverse sentence structure is fragmented, with sporadic affirmations.
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Revision for original Alien Cropcircle Reverse Message @ approx.4:20 Bitchute link below.
For the reverse speech purist, this revision might be a more accurate progression of sentences.
The original cropcircle video on Bitchute;
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Video explores how the Cross has been mocked, distorted, and abused by the ‘new world order’, and applied to many other cults and symbols. Quote; Meyer Amschel Rothschild "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."
Sorry to those who don't like text to voice. At least there's more than one octave droning on, and on. Give it a chance.
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The CERN Identity; Instrument of Rome;

Top 10 weirdest things Nancy Pelosi says in Reverse Speech!
Warning; Video content contains sensitive liberal subject matter, and has triggered objection from 'Big Tech'.
Feb, 5 2019, Pelosi's response to the State of the Union Address 'SOTUA'
If anyone is interested, a couple of really strange things happened here, as they often do with reversals.
Obviously I’d know there was other Trump ladies in the family, but did not know specifics.
I honestly did not know there even was a Vanessa Trump until the “Vanessa Trump snubbed me” reference! I had to look it up ! !
I had also not thought much on the subject of Pelosi's possible involvement with marshal law and France leading the middle east peace negotiations. In other places, not included in the video, she seems to adopt a 30's gangster accent, with some other stuff that could not be posted. The DOJ should really take a close look at her, just sayin.

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Reverse speech study;
Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager Robbie Mook
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