HMS Queen Elizabeth is accompanied by 2 Royal Navy Frigates, 2 destroyers, an Acute Class Submarine, an American Navy Destroyer, a Dutch Frigate, 10 US Marine Corps F-35's and 8 UK RAF F-35's. And 2 supply ships. Brits are calling it a diplomatic mission. 28 weeks > 40 countries. Heading towards Japan via the Spratly Islands and the South China Sea. Territorial water disputes are in contention in that sector. The carrier group will exercise its right to freedom of navigation which will irritate China.

Scavino pumping it up in prep for the Trump rallies in June / July. 3 rallies announced so far. Timing is everything.

Nigel Farage starts his 6 week tour of USA, he tells you he has visited President Trump in Florida. I suspect he will meet his friend Donald Trump on stage in his rallies in June / July. In this video Farage talks to Illinois conservatives. Farage is a fighter, very good speaker and a Brit Patriot who supports American Patriots 100 %.

John Kerry getting grilled by Rep. Perry who mentions the 18 US code for treason. This is an intense 5 minutes, read between the lines as Kerry was the Sec of State under Obama. Listen carefully to Kerry's voice as he tries to answer Perry's assertive questions.

We respectfully visit Arlington National Cemetery via google Earth to see if there are ariel images which tell us something about the link between JFK and Q. And hey presto what did we find?

This is chess not checkers. Who said that? Opening and mid-game is over, we move into the end game. As the Dems are crumbling, as the Arizona audit hits home and as Dan Scavino announces 3 President Trump rallies so far this summer; 2 to be held in June and 1 in July (so far). Quick visit to the Desk of DJT to see what he says about Arizona audit and then 2 Scavino's promo videos from his twitter account. Timing is everything.

In this video we explore historical timelines looking back at President Kennedy's vision of the future, consider President Trump's vision of the future and look at the relationship between Trump and JFK jnr. We look at Q's original 1082 drop and the backchannel Q1082 drop (yes there are 2 drops numbered 1082, not one). Why does Q say that 1082 is the "start"? HRC = Hillary Clinton. Why was the year 2000 significant for HRC? JFK seems to be central to the Q Equation - why? I have more questions than answers.

This is a multi-level video. It follows after the Queen's Speech and Govt policy in regard to academic freedom of speech and the woke / cancel culture in UK universities. For some it may be humorous as Money Penny leads the way. For others it will be part of their awakening program, i.e. to awaken from wokeness. For others it might not make sense. For Qanon researchers it will perhaps be a not so subtle reminder of the general direction in symbolic form.

If you check Q's drops 1100-1110 plus Q's backchannel of the same numbered posts but different dates, then synch those with the Law of War points what might you find? Obama seems to pop up quite a lot throughout in Q's posts. Why is that? In this video we utilise the movie Heat as a background, why might that be?

The series continues, looking at the China virus and correlations with Q' drops and the Law of War (DoD Manual).

The State Opening of Parliament marks the formal start of the parliamentary year and the Queen's Speech sets out the govt. agenda for the coming session, outlining proposed policies and legislation. It is the only regular occasion when the three constituent parts of Parliament - the Sovereign, the House of Lords and the House of Commons - meet. (if you wish to miss the pomp and ceremony and go directly to the Queen's Speech @ 4 minutes - the sound is better there also)


A film making friend sent me this video and said "You need to get your guitar out, brush up on your video editing skills seen in this video, but forget the singing part, you got a voice like a foghorn'. He was right on all 3 points. This video is hard hitting seeing the degradation which has occured over the past 16 months or so. The silent majority witness all this and are made fearful by the enforced and msm aided terror. Manufactured horror, normalised. We patiently wait for what is to come, there is a storm brewing...........

This is a DIY speed read of a Daily Mail article here in the UK earlier this month. If you are a slower reader you may have to scroll. This is a bombshell document which links with the Law of War 11 + Q's 1100>>XMAS in DC video : Have we been biologically attacked?

Snapshot: this video uses the Vanilla Sky movie to help some people connect the dots. The Light vs Dark video on this channel gives a more expansive view. But there are solid keys in this video which connect with Q's queries and questions. Brit Patriots will the Queen's speech on May 11th 2021 include the line 'build back better'? If yes, what does that mean for the House of Windsor? USA Patriots why was Davos WEF 2020 so significant?

Health & Freedom Conference - the last day's blistering speech from Mr. Wood. He tells us about the utter unreal ugliness, points to the depths of depravity, mentions Q numerous times, then soars like a firebird talking of God, justice and country. Lin mixes it up beautifully in this speech, dancing in the dark while pointing towards the light. Lin Wood and President Donald Trump go by the 'good' books, the truth is slowly emerging and Mr. Wood is a perfect spokesman for that imo.

I personally find Lin Wood to be an excellent communicator. In this candid interview with the Standard, if you listen carefully Mr. Wood gives us all much more than just articulated speech and a wonderful presence. I found this video rather inspirational, hopeful, rational and filled with clarity. Is Lin Wood pointing us towards the future? Of what is to come?

>Copyright infringements. This video is for educational purposes.

Financial reports are revealing if you know how to read them and make sense of them, I confess I do not. However, many of you will be able to understand such financial disclosure reports. Imagine this type of pattern replicated across the board with politicians. This report gives you a 'big picture' or snap shot of how the corporates and politicians work together. The free PDF report seen in the video is here for you guys:

Again, we get lucky finding Q's backchannel posts with 2 versions of 19. The first from 31st Oct 2017, the second from Oct 22nd 2020. Both posts are loaded with intel. It's heating up. Is the second Q post which is subtitled "Key domestic contacts for phase one target projects" a hit list? Will they take down these key players first? This video directly links to the Q's Declassified 18: Biden/China intelligence Report video. Whereas Q's 18 (version 2) focusses on international ties, this focuses on domestic ties and the associated players.

This is simply a screen recording of the true President's new social media platform. The link for the social media platform is here for you guys:

Lin Wood accuses a whole host of people in this video. Bill Gates, the illuminati, House of Windsor. Child trafficking. (sorry about the lack of clarity in this vid but the message is loud & clear)

This is a quick flyover of the 2 x 18 Q drops. There is a 2017 version of 18 and there is a 2020 version of 18. The overview will focus on the 2020 version. The full PDF 64 page intelligence report is here for you guys: (free download or view online)

I admit I do not understand the duality of the 69 posts. There are 2. Both are mind provoking in their own right, but then it gets very complex. Symbolic representation? What is Q trying to tell us? JFK jnr? JFK? 2 posts of 69 and the moon landing in 1969? I have grappled with these posts and fail to perceive the connective links. In this video I lay out what I do not understand, with the hope that there are some people will understand. Sorry I could not shed any light on the curious 69 posts. Can you?

Here are the twitter links (some are dead links) and the bottom half of Q's 69 post.

[Past 5 Hours]
Do you see how it works?
When do you expend ammunition?

Dan Scavino tweeted this less than 24 hrs. Great speech by President Trump from a past rally, loaded with significant meanings. I could not resist tagging on the 15th round of Rocky 2 an old classic. In which case symbolically Carl Weathers would be Joe Biden and the Deep State all rolled into one. And Rocky would be......well you know how it goes.

Q drop 1100 has a backchannel, there are two 1100 posts not just one. I discovered this by fluke, tell you how to search yourself to confirm or deny. Military intelligence is multi-layered. What does the 2nd 1100 say? How does this match with the Law of War chapter 11? What is Q trying to tell us?

Posted in Nov 2019, with hindsight there is much wisdom in this Q Drop. As Q points us towards self realisation of 'how they play the game' and gives us the remedy. Unification not division. I sometimes use text to speech, as I am apprehensive my American cousins won't understand my accent, which is like a bad version of Anthony Hopkins's voice. As fortune would have it, Q's 1st line i.e. 'What happens when 90 % of the media is controlled/owned by 6 corporations?' > > I done some days ago, which will give you a better overview of media control/narratives.


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