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The evil grows more every day as the devil knows his time is short! The devil, the beast and false prophet, and all who took his mark will be thrown into the eternal lake of fire!
Source: Cross Roads (BITCHUTE)

Shedding of the spike proteins after these dummies get another jab is not a conspiracy but actual fact. We are in that time right now with this new jab that just recently rolled out. You have to do your best to stay away from these walking plague factories as much as possible. Alot of these vile abominations are in your church and social gatherings you have to separate yourself from them or suffer the consequences.

These covid vaccines are the mark of the beast and they are also used to depopulate by the elite! How many actors, athletes, public servants do you have to see do the twirl and curl before you realize the truth?
Source: Sixth Sense (bitchute)

Very powerful personal account of being taken to hell and what this man saw there! Please watch till the end before you discount what happened to this man.
Source: VALIANT TRUTH (bitchute)
Please like and subscribe to my brother's channel he has good content. Have a blessed weekend and stay vigilant in prayer.

It's 3 years past the plandemic and we still have blind sheeple wearing face diapers!
I got one where I work who never, I mean never! Took off his mask for even 1 day in the past 3 yrs!

I don't believe these are the trumpets of Revelation but they are really fascinating and strange! I believe we are in the seals being opened as mentioned in Revelation and there are more seals to be opened and I believe it will speed up very quickly now.
Source: The Why Files (Utube)

This man had a vision of hell and the way he describes it is terrifying! May everyone who watches this realize the truth and finality of hell! Repent of your sins and except Jesus before it is to late!

My brother started his own channel
VALIANT TRUTH! here on bitchute this was mirrored from his channel. He has some good content and I thought I would share this video. Please like and subscribe to his channel I placed a EMF shield on my wifi router at home and power meter. I also use shungite on my phone and wear it on a necklace and I sleep better and feel more calm I believe that this EMF bombardment is what's causing all this out of control violence and road rage that has dramatically increased since 5G rollout.
Link to VALIANT TRUTH!: https://www.bitchute.com/video/FBUVAyLIndIj/

The United States government has a database of who is vaccinated and who is not. If they ever decide to roundup the unvaccinated it would be an easy process. Even if you have not been to a medical doctor by default your address would show up as an unvaccinated address they have many ways of doing this through power bills and DMV as well as employment and banking and obviously your phone.

How many believers in Jesus serve Him on their own terms? I think the percentage would be high. All believers need to be doing daily self evaluation to see if they are staying on that narrow path with Jesus or if they have strayed from it because they want to serve Jesus on their own terms. The timeline we are at in the beginning of the tribulation is crucial for all believers to stay on that narrow path and read the Bible and apply it daily to your life and rely on Jesus to give you the strength to endure.

I'm working on a new message will upload it this weekend it's powerful and hard hitting but in the meantime I thought I would share a video from a solid bitchute channel: Don'tSpeakNews
Things are ramping up in the tribulation so get yourself spiritually ready and make sure your on the narrow path that leads to everlasting life! I highly recommend subscribing to Don'tSpeakNews on (Bitchute)

I found this disturbingly true and shows how people are deceived into serving the god of this world satan who runs the matrix. God has set it up this way to send a strong delusion upon all who reject Him and do not have a love of the truth
(2 Thessalonians 2:8-12)
Source: TheMaestro 1962

The ones who took the mark by getting covid vaccine are now genetically modified organisms! It is final and permanent and there is no repentance or detox from it! Revelation 14:9-12 is perfectly clear on this. Satan's goal from the beginning was to destroy God's creation by subversion and desecration making God's temple desolate. And all these believers are being lied to by false shepherds who have took the mark and are attending church alongside marked people who are the tares talked about in Mathew. You can disagree and get mad but the truth is the truth and the sooner you except it the better off you will be. Don't hang around marked people they shed the spike protein from the abomination shot which will make you sick.
Source: Jim Crenshaw
Original source: unknown


This epidemic of teens and young adults dying in their sleep was extremely rare before the clot shots/mark of the beast rolled out. Autoimmune disorders and cancers have skyrocketed as well!

Re-upload of an older video of mine made in 2021. This video is still very relevant and powerful. May Jesus be your one and only true Master and Shepherd and strive to resist the world and remain on that narrow path. If you have not asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior please do so now in a prayer of repentance so that you might be saved and begin the journey on the narrow road.

We need to evaluate which path we are truly on in our lives and remove the false idols from our life. God knows the truth and you can't fool Him or serve two Master's. This message is really powerful and relevant to our current tribulation timeline.

I'm currently working on another powerful message and hopefully will upload it this weekend. Have a blessed weekend!

1 Corinthians 3:16-18 states clearly that we are God's temple and God will destroy all those who destroy His temple God will destroy and to not "deceive" yourselves through man's wisdom and are own understanding.

I'm always suspicious of supposed truther videos so I did the investigation myself and I found the meat glowing under a black UV light! So far I've tested 4 different meats the 100% grass fed organic with no seasoning solution passed and the two different brands with seasoning solution lit up with what looks like MRNA/Luciferase! Can I 100% confirm that it is MRNA/Luciferase?
No, I'm not a doctor or trained scientist looking at the substance through a microscope but if it glows it's a safe bet you shouldn't be eating it!

May God wake you up to the reality of the times we are living in right now! The saints will go through the tribulation which is the seals and the trumpet judgements! Do not be deceived by these corrupt churches which preach false doctrines about believers being raptured before the tribulation! We are in the tribulation right now! And the mark of the beast is already here ! It's the covid gene therapy vaccines! Behold the terror of the Lord and His judgements on the earth! Please wake up and call on Jesus to save you and follow His commandments, do not take the vaccine which will damn you to hell for all eternity!

The European Union is already doing this and fining companies that do not enforce their rules on what you cannot say. The U.S. is going to follow in lockstep especially with our Presidential election coming up soon. They want to erase all truth , especially end time truth buy a KJV Bible before they are banned and only bibles that have removed scripture which denounces LGBTQ will be allowed! Trust me it's coming we are in the tribulation and the beast system is growing stronger nothing you can do will stop it, prayer won't stop it because this is God's will and it was foretold in the book of Revelation.

15 minute cities where you are just like cattle and they will have total control with us as "slaves" while the elite of the world will live on beautiful tropical islands like Maui and will have no restrictions while we cannot leave the 15 minute prison city without their special permission. AI supercomputers will control everything within the prison cities with goon thug police patrolling everywhere.

They keep on mocking God and the Bible but they will soon experience pain, torment, and the boils of Revelation! Do not be deceived God is not mocked! The more DNA altering injections they take the more they will pervert their DNA and experience the repercussions of their eternal mistake!!!
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It makes sense they are saying LOCKDOWNS from Biden administration in September. With Phizer, Moderna, and Novavax all rolling out new MRNA vaccines to supposedly protect you which we all know is a load of crap to line their pockets! Do you see the correlation? New Vax rollouts in September which will shed this manufacted sickness onto all they come into contact with. The vaccines are producing the illness and this covid hoax won't stop until everyone says "no" to getting anymore vaccines!


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They have banned my vaccine videos on Utube unless I carefully use codewords and acronyms!
Rumble will no longer allow me to upload videos and are shadowbanning the videos I already had up previously! That should tell you everything about these mark of the beast MRNA Covid-19 vaccines! Repent of your sin believe and have a real relationship with Jesus and DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST INJECTIONS!!!! THE BIBLE SAYS SATAN WILL DECEIVE PEOPLE THROUGH THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST! WHICH IS: (MAINSTREAM MEDIA TELEVISION!!!) I still upload bible videos to my utube channel (Straight Cut Ministries) if you are interested.