The Gilets jaunes maintain the pressure

This was a concerted effort to deny, even the remotest possibility. that the United Kingdom would be better off outside the European Union.

The whole "Brexit" debate has been based, by both sides on an "unknown" possible future, despite which the "Remainers" insist that it would be better to remain in the shit which you know rather than try to do something better.

Boulton insisted on declaring a situation which would apparently be inevitable, that of a Trade problem with the European Union, should the UK "Brexit", as if Industrial Europe would allow such a thing to happen. Trade would simply carry on and Europe knows it full well, which is why they are filled with fear.

Trade was going on long before the EU existed and it would carry on without so much as a stutter without it and the European Union understands, that it is a totally useless institution, which has served nobody but the Bankers. For the European Union to continue, Brexit must be stopped at all cost because the EU understands full well that there would be a rush for the door by all other Member States should the United Kingdom survive without it

The United States of Europe, is, as is the United States of America, a Corporation which is quite clearly controlled by the same Banking Cartel which controls the United States

Still moaning on and on about the sad and sorry state of the world and all that drivel

How the high quality nonsense looked on the day of the event. Still no explanation as to how the blue costume came to be aboard the space-craft.

On the day of this 'mishap' I suggested that the main problem for the Russians was how to get the cosmonauts to the place where the capsule was supposed to have landed with them on board before the Media turned up. As it turned out they did not even have time to get their space suits on, which was evident on the day of the event but which was omitted from this re-run of events.

No question Donald Trump was man of the year.

The dimmist and worst believe themselves to be the brightest and best, others call them "Remainers".

Those renowned Democrats in the UK are diligently working to assist the Globalists in their attempt to overturn the "Will of the People" shame on the "Remainers" whom have come to "Love Their Servitude".

Jews making sure it can never happen again.

This kitty appears to understands the meaning of the survival of the fittest.

The injuries mount as the Police increase the pressure on the Gilets Jaunes.

Back in the day, the British survivors of the Great War trenches, were forced to confront their Government in London, which was already saving the maximum of cash to fund the Second World War, which would shortly be declared against Hitler. The Geordie Lads would be tricked into that one as well and on returning from that illegal operation, they soon found that the land for which they had given their blood, was being over-run with Blacks and Asians, by the so-called Labour Party, as part of the Kalergi Plan to destroy the British People in their own homeland. Hitler had stood against this plan and the British workers were tricked into fighting him instead of adopting his ideas for themselves.

British "Expert" carries on the black propaganda against Assad and Russia, while appearing to believe that the British and the French have every right to be in Syria

Craig Cobb taunts a Jew interviewer. Quite amusing.

In the previous clip I mentioned Benjamin Freedman, however he was absent from the clip in two ways It was in fact William Luther Pierce giving the commentary on the clip which I intended to upload and I cannot figure out how to delete the first one. Pierces commentary is about ten minutes in on the second clip and it is worth re-watching the first half a second time to get to it.

A taste of reality about what we the "Free West" inflicted onto Germany. The Jew Benjamin Freedman supplies the commentary.

Racial appropriation.

Another Swamp Creature Leaves The Scene

A ramble about the iniquities of the mainstream media

The quickly forgotten tale of Israel's close ties to 911

Google colludes with a crooked Political system, to try and ensure that the right candidate gets all the support.

Interview with one of Tony Blairs team who is now working to undo the choice of the British People whom voted to leave the European Union

The Ultimate Video On 911

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Whenever a perceived threat to the total control of humanity, by the infamous 'hidden hand', makes an appearance, the first step is to undermine the efforts of that threat, by whatever means comes to hand. Hitler, when all else failed, was said to be a 'covert' member of the gang, working for the gang.

Donald Trump, who is using some of the verboten tactics of Hitler, is already being connected to certain figures, whose religion can most certainly be mentioned without fear, apart from in connection to membership, of that gang, a gang which could well be a threat to all of us, that must remain verboten.

We the People, are now in a position, where to so much as mention a disparity in certain numbers, which add up to the wrong answer, is soon to be forbidden, should that disparity apply to one and only one, section of humanity. They, on the other hand, can make any claim, however false against whomsoever they may choose, without fear of sanction. This is called freedom of speech, a freedom which will soon no longer apply to those like me or you, whom question certain things which do not add up, but a freedom which will be retained by those with a capacity to lie through their teeth about all and everything.

While efforts are continually being made, to connect those like Trump, with certain members of a gang-land group called the "Mafia" or "Cosa Nostra" the people whom have had virtual monopoly control of these groups, once upon a time, while hiding behind Italian sounding names and these days behind American sounding names, which have and are still being used to separate them from any connection to the "government", while in other places names which were once changed to give the impression of being "Russian", were chosen to hide the identity of those whom organised a coup d'etat in that country and whom are now lurking behind names which sound slightly Middle-Eastern, to give an impression of the same thing, when in fact both of these acts were what can only be described as being Non-Governmental-Organisation private wars, which the tax-payers of the world were forced to finance, using the newly installed private Income-Tax, which is a polite way of robbing the public for the benefit of the International Deep State.

South Africa is a classic example of the Deep State, which in its grossly hypocritical mode of getting what it wants, endeavored to destroy yet another fully functioning, 'White' State, while pretending to be doing so for the benefit of an enormous immigrant population of Blacks, from all over Africa, Blacks whom against all odds were the richest Blacks on the African Continent, thanks to the generosity and industriousness of the White Government, now find that having killed the goose that laid the golden egg, that they have been reduced to a life of rape, robbery and cannibalism, in less than a generation.

The ruling class of this Bolshevik Communist, African National Congress Government, still hiding in the shadows, belongs to the very same White Race, which they have driven from power in South Africa, a fact which they are desperate to deny and conceal, while they now target the remaining Whites of South Africa, which will further reduce the ability of the Farmlands of South Africa to recover from the murderous assault of Black Racist rapists and killers, all of whom are being paid to carry out their dirty work, which will finally cripple South Africa, forcing these Black racists to take to the highway towards Europe, which is exactly what they are required to do.

On arrival, by ferry-boat, into Europe, these people whom have quite deliberately chosen to destroy their own country, will then be holding out their hands to beg the maximum from their new host in Europe, while those whom have already arrived are even now creating chaos in those European lands which are taking them in.

They are of course not welcome in the land which funded the destruction of South Africa, the people whom live there, whom have already stolen that land for themselves, are of a more hypocritical nature than is the average White Man, who is easy meat.

The same team of 'experts' which stole the Gold and Diamond mines in South Africa, which they were attempting to do, even as the Balfour Declaration was being composed, a possibility which was aided by Winston Churchill, who had spent timein South Africa fighting the Boers and who did then expose the Anzacs to a brutal hail of gunfire at Gallipoli, in order to hold up the Ottoman Empire's Army in its attempt to hold out against the coalition, which was determined to steal Palestine from them and that would be even as the coup d'etat, under the same control was ready to kick off in Russia, to steal that vast land from its rightful inhabitants.

Critique of alleged Black suffering of Blacks.

I was interested to find that one of the "Lucky Blacks" whose family was liberated from Africa, on a ship provided by altruistic Jews, which took them to the West Indies, where they were given work cutting sugar cane, in return for which, they were housed, fed and clothed.

Jimmy Cliff, a well-known singer of Ska music, an early relative of Reggae, a man with who I once had a brief conversation on the telephone, talking about the treatment of Blacks in Europe, believes that when the work of cutting sugar cane, for which the Blacks were paid in kind, even as Irish cane cutters, were working alongside them as i'Indentured Servants,' whom were obliged to pay for 'their' keep, came to an end and the cane cutters were freed, and therefore were obliged to take care of themselves, as were most other people at that time, Jimmy believes that special arrangements should have been made for the Black people, whom were now on the labour market, along with everybody else.

Blacks never mention the fate of the long forgotten Irish slaves, they are totally obsessed with themselves and waste not a moment of their time worrying about silly little things like the Irish side of Bob Marley, whose musical talent came from the Irish side of his family, as many Black women chose to have children with Irish slaves, which gave them a boost in their evolutionary progress.

When the freed Black slaves were brought to England in the 1950's, the Windrush Generation, they were once more taken care of, this time by the Welfare system, which had been invented especially to allow the mass immigration of people, just like them, into the United Kingdom, to serve another purpose. 

 These angry Africans, felt they were entitled to even more compensation, despite never having any desire to go back to Africa, where they could observe what life was like for the 'unlucky' Blacks, those whom missed the slave boat and thank their lucky stars for the relative riches, with which they have been blessed.

 Yet while all other ex-slaves have managed to become normal people, through their own abilities apart that is, according to Jimmy, the Jews, whom will never allow their hard luck tale to be muted, so why should the Blacks shut up about their slavery, completely missing the point, which I have already made that it was those very Jews, whom saved them from a miserable life in Africa.

There was no sign of liberated Irish slaves amongst the Windrush Generation, members of which have been complaining about signs, which once warned that No Blacks, No Dogs and No Irish, were allowed in certain premises in Britain, they never pay any attention to the word Irish, choosing instead to concentrate on the word Black, and so it continues to this day, when even tiny Ireland is being swamped with Black people, whom believe that the long-suffering Irish owe them a living.

Many people try to split hairs about what it means to be a slave, which concentrates mainly on Blacks, whom were rounded up and sold in various countries across the world. These slaves were bought and sold, however the vast majority of the peasants across Europe, were expelled from their land and packed into squalid situations in dirty old towns, which had sprung up around factories, during the Industrial Revolution. They too were a form of 'Indentured Slaves' obliged to pay rent to the Mill owner and to buy their food in the Company Store.

As I have written in a previous post, life for these folk was no better than was life for any group, which was, forced to work, for little in the way of pay, simply to live. For White Europeans this meant that even young children were working in coal mines and as chimney sweeps, in order to help feed families.

All of this misery has long been forgotten, only the Blacks continue to bleat. They would have us believe that nobody else has ever suffered as much as Blacks suffered, we are even expected to believe that they were lynched, simply for being Black, when all of the evidence shows that they were lynched for rape and murder, just as they top all lists for the same crimes in modern America and in other countries where Blacks have installed a community. The full extent of Black crime is never exposed. As with tales of the crimes of 'others', it is considered racist to even mention them.

We are now in a new 'Globalist' modern, diverse world, which is all based on yet another lie, that of 'Free Trade' and a 'new' inclusive political attitude, claiming to be sharing, more equitably, the wealth of the world, amongst all Peoples, which quite clearly, was not what the 'greedy' had in mind.

Why for example, has a Monopoly Commission, which is supposed to ensure that there is a form of competition amongst producers, to make sure of the best deal possible for their customers, allowed virtually everything, including the rain falling from heaven, to fall in


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