The planned annihilation of White people which is being carried out quite openly and yet there has been not a word about it from our elected leaders, whom are too busy chasing down the anti-Jews

The undemocratic system for selecting the top boys in the European Parliament


True to form Blair stabs the British people in the back

All of the trials and tribulations of Donald Trump could soon be over.

We are in grave danger of losing everything in the name of Socialist/Communitarianism, which is promising an unatainable equality amongst everybody apart from our leaders, whom will of course be self selected and consider themselves to be a form of Divinity with a lineage going all the way back to Babylon, having already constructed a fear ridden Kingdom based on bloodshed, torture and death.

Events of the past century from a sceptic.

The Jews are coming out in force to stifle any criticism of their actions. As with most things, had the Jews not made such a fuss over nothing, nobody would be aware of these alleged anti-Jew utterances on rhe part of Labour Party members. However it demonstrates quite clearly the Jews fear of exposure for their crimes in the land, which the British so kindly donated to them and the responsibility of the man who owns that land, Baron Rothschild, to make sure that all the inhabitants of his "private"property Palestine, receive the fair play and the justice to which they are entitled. Should he fail to so do he should be arrested and charged with ongoing crimes against humanity which he has allowed to continue for the past seven decades as he watches the indigenous Muslims and Christians being purged from his private property . Is Rothschild above International Law? Is he not an "Evil Dictator" who needs sorting out?

There is a huge ongoing deception in the European Union, where a coven of Jews have been installed without a word to the Member States. They have their own parliament which has allowed no scrutiny whatsoever from the media, as to their activities This is treason because it suggests a covert control of the EuropeanUnion by International Jews

Family Guy saw it coming.

The verifiable truth of the Jew control of the Slave Trade, along with the control of alcohol tobacco and most other evils.

Sky News generously gives Tony Blair a plarform from which to spread his Globalist rubbish.

Just a few of the things which we are mad to mention.

It becomes ever more evident as the days go by, that there are no National Governments, does anybody on earth genuinely believe that Nancy Pelosi is fit to run the government of the most powerful country on earth? Does anybody notice the stench of propaganda ordered from the "top", in this New York Times tale? Don't worry everything is under control.

How on earth can we expect "fair" news coverage from a wholly owned, by the "enemies of freedom"media, which uses its monopoly power to dismiss the other side of the story?

Sky News and other media moguls attempting to justify their continued existence

The origins of past events which are still causing suffering for a whole population of innocent people and nobody cares.

More Mindless Nonsense.

This is an example of the foul mouthed bunch which called for violence against the MAGA hat Covington Catholics, whom were waiting for a bus. Nobody from the controlled media made mention of this naked hatred expressed towards all White people.

In this controlled world, we are all allowed to defend our point of view, that is apart from the much maligned, gagged German people.

The Gilets jaunes maintain the pressure

This was a concerted effort to deny, even the remotest possibility. that the United Kingdom would be better off outside the European Union.

The whole "Brexit" debate has been based, by both sides on an "unknown" possible future, despite which the "Remainers" insist that it would be better to remain in the shit which you know rather than try to do something better.

Boulton insisted on declaring a situation which would apparently be inevitable, that of a Trade problem with the European Union, should the UK "Brexit", as if Industrial Europe would allow such a thing to happen. Trade would simply carry on and Europe knows it full well, which is why they are filled with fear.

Trade was going on long before the EU existed and it would carry on without so much as a stutter without it and the European Union understands, that it is a totally useless institution, which has served nobody but the Bankers. For the European Union to continue, Brexit must be stopped at all cost because the EU understands full well that there would be a rush for the door by all other Member States should the United Kingdom survive without it

The United States of Europe, is, as is the United States of America, a Corporation which is quite clearly controlled by the same Banking Cartel which controls the United States

Still moaning on and on about the sad and sorry state of the world and all that drivel

How the high quality nonsense looked on the day of the event. Still no explanation as to how the blue costume came to be aboard the space-craft.

On the day of this 'mishap' I suggested that the main problem for the Russians was how to get the cosmonauts to the place where the capsule was supposed to have landed with them on board before the Media turned up. As it turned out they did not even have time to get their space suits on, which was evident on the day of the event but which was omitted from this re-run of events.


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