Politicians talking crap to hide the truth.

The cover-up and lies about the Second World War and D-Day, drone relentlessly on and on. This war against the Germans was of such cruelty and horror that no amount of lies will keep the truth from coming out. It is the measure of the sickness of our "leaders" that they even wheel out the Royals to add some sort of gravitas to their lies, while their victims, the German people are to this day being forced to pay the cost of what was inflicted on them. The poor sods whom were mowed down while up to their neck in cold water were no more than yet another blood sacrifice of White Christians.

Wake Up Britain, you are dutifully responding to the desires of the same merchants of "Fake News", whom deceived you into two World Wars and had you killing millions of innocent people all over the Earth, including those Irish people whom you cynically murdered by stealing their food, claiming that the Irish died in a "famine".

You British have a long history of mass murder, so this year why not think of your victims, instead of celebrating your murders of others. Let us say a prayer for the German people, whom on two occasions were forced to accept the blame for wars declared by others. What was inflicted on Ireland and Germany alone, is bad enough before we even mention the many other crimes of the Jew-British Empire. Why not dedicate this years D-Day "celebrations" to the Germans and those twenty million poor German souls, whom were raped, tortured and murdered by the invading "Allies".

A tale of the blood soaked savagry of the so-called "Free World" and its sham of Democracy.

Just another common all garden rant.

There is a current political crisis, which has caused chaos all across the Western World. Donald Trump was elected as this crisis was kicking off. He promised to build a wall along the Mexican border, which would save the USA from being swamped by millions of immigrants from south of the border, whom had been funded to force an entry into America, the aim being to reduce the United States to Third World status.

The entire American establishment banded together to prevent Trump from building his wall, demonstrating quite clearly that there is a joint operation taking place, to destroy America.

Europe has suffered the same fate. Hungary, a member of the European Union has steadfastly refused to accept their proposed dose of these immigrants, a refusal which resulted in a warning that should they continue to refuse they risked being forced to do so. This threat was made even as the European Union is seeking the funds to set up their "Private"military force, which will be in the hands of the Bankers whom funded and control the European Union. That is to where Europe is heading. The United States will soon be"Balkanised" to ensure that it will never again be a force in the World. It has been decreed.

Blair starts the fight to stop Brexit

The worrying but hidden reality about life for Christians in Modern Day Christian Europe.

The World is just now waking up to the real anti- attacks which it turns out, as usual, are not against those poor Jews but against Christians.

Cross Talk part one of a discussion about the lingering differences over World War Two

Discussion about the part Russia played in World War Twi

The hysterical reaction of Israelis to the idea that they should be obliged to accept what they propose for the rest of us all across the Christian World.

A Rabbi lays it out loud and clear, the Germans were the victims of Jew hatred and 'we' are now on the chopping block.

The inter-connections between these various bands of thugs, which included Mafia Don Lucky Luciano, a leading member of the American Mafia, most of whom were Jews,  who assisted in the débarquement of the Allied Forces, in Sicily and Italy, during World War Two, using his knowledge of the local Italian mob, which duly carried out attacks against Mussolini, who had driven them into exile, during his attacks against their extortion rackets etc. and the Cabal, which had lined up to put a stop to Hitler's attempts to do the same thing in Germany,  with mostly Jews in control,  a Cabal which included the greatest mass murderer in History, Joe Stalin and his Politburo, most of whom were Jews, and let us not forget that all of the War leadership Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Eisenhower, were all Jews, and all of them were fighting the "good fight", for "our" freedom.  The Expression "Don't make me laugh" springs to mind.

How the Western Coalition of Evil save their victims by bombing them into Democratic ruin and then charges them for it.

The Jews claimed that their controlled media, was responsible for the destruction of the reputation of Adolf Hitler and it would appear that they have managed to do te same thing to Donald Trump, who it would appear can be accused of anything, there are no limitations to the lies and rubbish which have been laid against him.

Please be patient I was just a,little bit slow switching on the microphone I'm not too good at this business.

There has been a lot of guff put around about the Fake News coming from stupid idiots like me, while the total garbage and outright lies broadcasted by the mainstream is given a clean bill of health. On the day of 911 in New York, the mainstream presented a tale of the event, which included the "early" collapse of WTC 7, from which, despite a ton of evidence, which clearly shows that their tale was a load of crap, they have never gone back on a word of it. This demonstrates, quite clearly that the Mainstream is wholly controlled and not a word of what they tell us can be taken as being true.
As was the 911 tale, events in Libya were presented by those whom presented the BBC and Sky News as factually correct. Alex Crawford was joined by another greasy reporter Lisa Holland, both of whom presented a case against Gadaffi which bordered on being total propaganda. Holland was particularly venomous about Gadaffi and ignored the support he received from millions of Libyans whom adored him, relying instead on reports from the Western funded and controlled terrorists in Benghazi.
These are the people whom having watched the Holy Joe Bill Gates, telling us that he intends to reduce the population of the world through the means of vaccines, report the fear of mothers for the well-being of their children as a result of Gates admission, as being ludicrous, that they can place total trust the people whom have already created a world full of "junkies" whom are hooked on the Opioids, from the Poppy fields which American troops guarded so assiduously in Afghanistan. That was and is the Modern Day Opium War.

A deliberate lack of reporting about the racial attacks against White people in France?

The construction of a museum for a missing concentration camp in Poland.

The continuing dispute about Brexit and Treason in the disUnited Kingdom

The weather wars are unfolding

Every excuse in the book has been trotted, by those whom claim to be working according to the orders of the British Voter, in an all-out attempt to undermine the "democratic" decision, made by a majority of the British people to leave the European Union. Even as the masses outside Parliament are crying out for a "No Deal" Brexit, inside the "House" the traitors are scurrying around trying to come up with any alternative deal which is more acceptable to the madmen in the City of London and their power hungry creature in Brussels. The monumental lie of "British Democracy" has finally been laid to rest. The British People may at last come to understand how the wealth which they have generated, down through the centuries, has been stolen from them, to finance non-stop warfare, the profits from which have been spirited away into the deep vaults of the "private" bankers, with the complicity of those whom control the "finest political system" ever devised by the rich for the rich. The Kalergi plan, which was long ago adopted by the Fabian Society, is already in place, in the United Kingdom,where it is working well for the "Socialist" traitors, whom have already allowed the taking of immigrant control of London and other major cities, banishing those Britishers, whom actually built Britain, to the barren wilderness, where they will be denied any say in the running of their country, by the use of the power of the massed ranks of immigrants in major cities, by whom they will be denied any form of the "affirmative action" which they have so graciously bestowed on all those immigrant faces, which are to be seen daily, speaking on News programs, on British television and of course in all those dutifully mixed race adverts, as if White families in the UK are already a minority and that White Britain has already gone. The immigrant mayor of London has already demanded the right to detach the now "foreign controlled" London from the UK, so that it can remain in the EU, as a City State. Wake up England, do you really believe that the likes of Corbyn and May do not understand, full well, what is going on?

It appears to be perfectlyOK for Jews to terrorise Arab school-children I wonder what the worlds press would have to say if Jew children were exposed to such treatment at the hands of Muslims.


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