The Border Back-stop Bullshit is being presented as the "change" in Theresa May's deal, which will be more than enough to fool the British, or so it seems.

I started to upload this clip at 10 o'clock this morning and here it is now 17-45 in the evening and it has just finished, That is the measure of the band width restriction with which I am forced to work.


Every day life in Gaza.


This short clip should be presented in every Christian Class-Room, every morning, in much the same way as German children are still being forced to put up with the brainwashing of Jews in German class-Rooms, claiming it to be so that they are never allowed to forget the allegations made against the Germans by the Jews.


Our children are being contaminated with crap in the classroom to suit the greed of those whom will rob them blind in their adult years, with swingeing Carbon Taxes. Any overall reduction in CO2, whether by reducing the amount generated by people or by animals, will be a total disaster for all life on Earth. These demonstrators, refuse to take any personal action, to reduce their personal carbon production, believing instead that we should all be immediately forced to accept their ideas. That being the case I suggest that the police make a start by tracking down every vehicle used by these demonstrators and "clamp" all of them, with a carbon tax "fine", excessively expensive, of course, attached to each of them, which these caring "Crusties' will be only too happy to pay, I presume.


No Gender confusion allowed in William Brown's Nasty Party.
'' Well, we'd better start bein' nasties straight away,'' said William in a business-like manner. "I'll be the chief one. What's he called in Germany? "Her Hitler," said Henry. " Her ? " echoed William in disgust. " Is it a woman?'' "No, it's a man all right," said Henry, "but 'her' means a man in German. It's the same as him.'" It can't be the same as him," objected William. " Her can't ever be the same as him in any language. Well, I'm jolly well not going to call myself her anything. Nasty's bad enough. People that talk foreign languages never seem to have any sense. I don't mind being called Hitler all right, but I'm jolly well not going to be called Her Hitler. Tell you what ! I'll be called Him Hitler. That sounds all right. Now I'm Him Hitler an' we four are the nasties. And now let's talk about what we're goin' to do."

The lady on the clip is Cristel Kora. Sadly I only filmed her for a few minutes, however I do have her CD and when I have a spare moment I will post the rest, that is the other track.


The insane attacks against Donald Trump have become an obsession with the Democratic clowns whom are making a mockery of their Controlling "leadership?" of the USA Congress

The under reporting of the exploits of the Gilets Jaunes in France while Hong Kong gets blanket coverage.

Those were indeed the days my friend when British Men were men with balls, not timid little "confused by their mums'" into totally uncertain of their own sexual make-up idiots.

Cordelia Lynch, a "reporter" for Sky News, did this morning deliver an exclusive interview with Rudy Giuliani, Donald Triump's solicitor, in an aggressive "cross examination" fashion which suggested that her aim was to dig out an admission of something or other which would confirm the "allegations" which are being levelled at himself and his boss Trump, which would lend support to the desperate attempts by the Democratic Party, in the United States, to conceal their own collusion with Russia and the Ukraine while under the "leadership" of Barack Obama, all of which have been ignored by what has become known as the Fake Media.

While the British media lament the brash behaviour of Boris Johnson in Parliament, the British people love him and his cheeky boy image. His act last night was a breath of fresh air, I loved i!

This Supreme Court decision spells the end of Direct Democracy in the United Kingdom after the very first attempt at it by the British People. One can only wonder what they will make of it when they are asked to carry out the same thing in a "Peoples Vote."
There have been a number of Referendum carried out all across Europe, none of which delivered the "preferred" result and yet all results were altered to suit the various governments, with or without a second referendum. To claim it to have been a good thing that all eleven Judges supported the "Commons" against the "People" is treason and it gives us all a good idea about whom controls the Supreme Court.

An apparent cretin addresses the Labour Party Conference, which was not even delayed just in case the "prorogation" was reversed by the High Court. Cynicism or hypocrisy, I wonder?

As usual the chosen guilty party in the recent Middle East "attacks" on Saudi Arabia is the most hated "Enemy of Israel" Iran, which needs to be eliminated at once.

A discussion which attempts to perpetuate the myth of World War Two through the Medium of the least said the better.


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