A lot of loose talk about a vaccine being on the way, for the UK, even as the trace and test rubbish has found a group of working people with a trace of a "corona" something or other which has been used to force them into quarantine for a couple of weeks, when there is no evidence that it is anything more than a trace of "corona" left over from the common cold. This is setting the scene for endless lock-downs which will be the last nail in the coffin of the European economy. Be prepared for the invasion of those whose lives matter.

Make no mistake about it, they have already stolen Libya's fossil water reserves in the North of Africa and the farmlands in the South, while their new war machine, China is already preparing the way for the Belt and Road project in Africa, while the Middle East is waiting to be rebuilt as the new centre a world without Whites. It all makes a lot of sense does it not?

Ordinary Women Against Rape came up against the #metoo mob in France a group which see a "casting couch" shag as an opportunity which can be used at a later date to "blackmail" the offender, while showing no sympathy whatsoever for genuine rape victims, that is seen as "racist" because a huge number of rapes are carried out by Blacks and other immigrants, from whom the #metoo vultures can gain no brass. For #metoo all eagerly sought "casting couch" events are seen as a future investment, should the "event' itself fail to deliver a starring role.

School is not what it used to be

The next step must be the tracking down of the identities of these English Slave Traders and the starting of the chat about reparations for the "real" sufferers of slavery and it was not the Blacks.

Correction Shortly after the start I said 500 Irish when I should have said 500 thousands.



I made a point of deliberately mentioning the idea that there could well be a doubt about the shape of the Earth. I did this knowing exactly what the response would be and sure enough it was exactly like the response from the "sheeple" to whom I suggested that the Covid-19 was.was a hoax. Now make of that what you will.

By who or whom was it decided that I, as a White Man, am responsible for the advancement of every other Race on earth apart from my own? Why do White children have to stand aside as others are given the best jobs, simply because they are not White? What sort of International Justice, hanged hundreds of Germans at Nuremberg for manufactured crimes and then made the German people pay blood money to those who actually suffered the least as a result of the war they themselves declared? Have we all gone mad?

"I participated with Herzl in the first Zionist Congress which was held in Basle in 1897. Herzl was the most prominent figure at that first Jewish World Congress. He worked to achieve an object which had been fixed beforehand. Just as Isaiah foresaw, decades before the event occurred, the victorious power of Cyrus before anyone else, so did Herzl foresee twenty years, before we experienced them, the revolutions brought about by the Great War, and he prepared us for that which was going to happen. He foresaw the splitting up of Turkey, and he foresaw that England would obtain control over Palestine. 'We may expect important developments in the world.' These were the words spoken by Herzl twenty years before the Great War. He added that the events would offer the Jewish people fresh opportunities." (The Judisk Tidskrift, No. 6, Aug.-Sept., 1929, written by Dr. Ehrenpreis, Chief Rabbi of Sweden).

CANNOT, E. 19th century French reformer. In La Renovation, journal of the socialist school of CHARLES FOURIER: "Jews! To the heights of your Sinai...I humbly lift myself. I stand erect and cry out to you, in behalf of all my humble equals, of all those whom your spoliation has brought to grief, who died in misery through you and whose trembling shades accuse you: Jews! for Cain and Iscariot, leave us, leave us! Ah, cross the Red Sea again, and go down there to the desert, to the promised land which is waiting for you, the only country fit for you; o you wicked, rude and dishonest people, go there.

"Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child." (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

"The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany..." (Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)

"They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race." (Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)

"World War II was a war to renew Jewish domination of Germany and Central Europe and for the maintenance of the power and glory of the British/Jewish Empire. The conspirators in America, England and France are responsible for the greatest tragedy the world has ever known and their names will be dishonoured and execrated in history. It never would have started had not Roosevelt and the half Jew Bullitt guaranteed to Britain and France all of America's resources, which meant, first, repeal of our neutrality act and supplying them with munitions and bombers without stint; second, in time the extension of unlimited credit; third the use of our fleet in the Pacific to protect British, French and Dutch interests; if these did not suffice for victory, then our young men as air pilots and our fleet to be sent to Europe; and lastly, if World Jewry and the British/Jewish Empire could not win without them, millions of our lads to die in Europe's babbles. The premeditated killing of human beings by another, save in self defence, is murder, a crime against Christianity, morality, humanity, and civilisation, and this applies with greatest guilt to the wholesale slaughter by one nation of the people of another who have not attacked or harmed them.


The Jews are the forgotten or perhaps simply the never mentioned, bunch of trouble-making immigrants, into every country on earth. The peoples of Eastern Europe fled their homelands as a result of Jew immigration under the guise of Communism, while the entirety of the Middle East, with the help of Occupied Britain, France and yes indeed the infested United States of America, the home of the brave etc,
all of which helped in the initial seizure of Palestine for God's Chosen ones, in an area which has become a war-zone, preparing it for an even Greater- but never mentioned- Israel,


Just as we never hear a word about the Black Hand, in the slave trade, which made it all possible, we have heard few words of truth about the Modern Slavers like the cynical, sadistic Mandelas's and their team of brutal "Neck-lacers" and henchmen, whom destroyed the blossoming future for the various Black tribesmen, whom were all immigrants into South Africa, where the White government were in the process of building sovereign states for the various tribes of these people, alongside the sovereign state of the Whites, allowing "all" of the various tribes to retain their identity. While the cynical, sadistic Winnie and Nellie were terrorising those Blacks, whom wanted nothing to do with their Bolshevism, preferring instead, the deal which was on offer from the Boers, and the current reality in South Africa exposes the disaster into which South Africa has been pitched, having once been a place of safety for the Blacks whom were the "best cared for" Blacks in Africa. All this, even as the scabrous Mandela family still squabble about how their ill-gotten loot, should be divided,loot gained from selling the future of the Blacks into the hands of those whom once starved them to death in those "new fangled" concentration camps, during a previous attempt to seize what Winnie and Nellie kindly made available for them.

We have become so accustomed to being told that we, as a Race, are responsible for all the ills of the world, that we have come to believe it. We were not responsible for slavery, that was carried out by Black people in Africa who sold their own people and by Jews and Muslims who bought those Blacks from the Backs and shipped them off into Brazil and a small number into America where they were sold, mainly to Jews. Those same Jews are now attempting to point the finger of blame at White Christians, for the Slave Trade and at this very moment they are funding the mass immigration of more Blacks into White Christian countries. For decades these Blacks have been carrying out a savage campaign of rape and murder against White people with virtually no response from their White victims, while those Blacks shriek out about what White people are supposed to have been doing to them. During the past ten years Blacks have killed seventy-eight-thousands of their own people without any sign of concern from the Black Lives Matter racists, only the odd one or two killed by Whites seem to matter.

The total lack,of reporting of the criminality of certain members of the Democratic Party in the united States, by the British Broadcasters is shameful. While they never miss an opportunity to impugn Trump, as they did when they accused him of putting the President of Ukraine, under pressure, to go after Hunter Biden, they now ignore the mountain of evidence which has surfaced implicating, amongst others Hillary Clinton. These are the people, who are even now pointing the finger of accusation at Russia, again, for interfering in the coming US Presidential election.

This creepy little bucket of scum Galloway, was in South Africa helping the Jews do to the Boer Farmers exactly what the Jews did to the People of Palestine. The filth inside him came pouring out when confronted with the truth. Jacob Zuma isin fact a Jew and Mandela was a 33 degree Mason


In the clip I did not make it very clear thatJoe Biden was talking about the number of deaths from Covid-19 in the States, when he said 128 million and quickly corrected himself by saying 128 . thousand but sneaky Alex Jones cut him off.

Those whom have enough interest in changing the status quo, will understand exactly what I am trying to express and the importance of getting it across to a bunch of people, whom can at this moment, concentrate on little other then the idea that they will be "allowed" to fly to the Algarve, for a summer holiday, after the loosening of the "rules" of the great hoodwink of the "lockdown" against which they showed little or no opposition.

The average "thing" of whatever gender, in the street, can be bamboozled into the acceptance of whatever crap with which he/she/it, is presented, which once upon a time came from a newspaper Headline or the BBC, while these days by a tweet or snap-chat or some such garbage

Back in the 1930s in the Disunited/Monarchdom or whatever, while Oswald Mosley was attempting to open the eyes of those "Genders" he came under an unbelievable bombardment from the establishment, which was already preparing for a war against Germany and the British were not going to be persuaded that the coming attack against Germany was a war crime. This climaxed with the Battle of Cable Street, where the Jews, who had already declared the war on Germany, took to the streets,in force, much in the style of their current thugs, Antifa/BLM, to shut down any voice of opposition to their aim of spreading their Communism all across Europe.

Following on from the vast, kosher abattoir, which had been created in Russia, which sadistically slaughtered sixty-five-million Christians, at least, - some say that the thirty million, Stalin claimed to have been killed by the Germans, were actually victims of the Cheka - was in the main totally unreported to the outside world, though well known to European Politicians. Following on from this demonic act, the aim was to massacre the Germans in exactly the same manner, and after that aim had been achieved the rest of Europe would fall like a house of cards.

Hitler and the German people put a stop to that, however "Our Leaders" simply handed all of Eastern Europe into the hands of the Communist butchers, after the wars end, at the Conference of Yalta and simply ignored the massive slaughters which followed.

The British people should understand that many members of Clement Atlee's Labour Party, which took power in Britain, after the end of the War, were "put in place" to kick off the deliberate destruction of Britain, through the means of the mass immigration of Blacks and Muslims, all of whom were welcomed with the promise of free accommodation, health care and all the other necessities of life, much as they had been welcomed into the United States, hidden behind the term "slavery". Members of Atlee's government, including the father of the war monger Hilary Benn, were regular visitors to the "Heart of Darkness" in Communist Russia, even as the conquest of China was being discussed.

Right now "We White People" are the chosen target and as was the case leading up to World War Two, our leaders know that the current turmoil with the stupid Blacks heading the charge, is designed to create a huge Civil War all across the Christian World. The media is quite deliberately pushing the idea that Whites are the Racists, even as Whites have been under constant attack by Blacks and Muslims for years while the police make corny excuses for their lack of action, "in case they are called racist".All of these pseudo Blacks organisations are fully funded hy White Bankers and huge commercial companies.

When I was younger, I could never understand why the Russian people allowed themselves to be butchered by the million, without setting up a militia of some sort to fight back. There were, after all more"people" than there were Bolsheviks. The same thing applies now to the rest of Europe and The United States, where enough thugs have already been allowed to cross borders into White Christian lands, than it will take to destroy our civilisation, which is the aim.

As happened in China, a mere seventy years ago and in other Asian countries, as a direct result of the Vietnam war we are already on our way to Year Zero. As the wiping out of our history our religion and our freedoms are already underway. Every image of Jesus Christ and every statue of his mother are already under desecration, without a word from the Jews leaders in Christian countries, the likes of Boris Johnson or Angela Merkel or indeed any other politician, who is in now moving towards the extreme wing, of Socialism, in a direction towards the realisations of the Fabian Society's dream of a Communist World, under the control of whoever is holding the purse-strings. Under Keir Starmer, the Labour Party has already sacked a capable woman, for making a perfectly justifiable comment about the enemy, who can of course knee-cap little children without fear of any censure at all and kneel on the neck of Palestinians, even as the world is going crazy because a White Cop did the same thing to a Black thug.

So here I am no longer younger and .still wondering why people simply stand idly by and deny what is taking place in front of their eyes. Even worse than that, many thousands of them have been so dumbed down, that they have come to believe that to have their country over-run, by those whom hate them will be good for them, in the end.

In the middle of the George Floyd over reaction, it has been stated in the United Kingdom that to restrain a prisoner, using a knee to the neck, is a much used technique in Israel. There are images available of it being used against Palestinians. I have seen reports, which I thought were official stating that US Cops are going to Israel to learn the art of crowd control amongst other things. However to suggest such a possibility has created howls of "Anti-Semitism" in the UK and the sacking of a Labour Party High Official under the orders of British Jews and the acceptance with alacrity of this order by the new leader of the Labour Party Keir Starmer.



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