People were fooled into accepting these jabs that were not vaccines, with the full knowledge of their governments. This was treason and genocide and the full results are yet to be unfolded. Our leaders are common criminals.

I forgot to mention that we have been disarmed by our own governments, which have quite deliberately, simply given them all to Ukraine, which is quite clearly passing these weapons into the hands of those illegal immigrants whom are swarming into all White Christian Homelands. Do you believe that your leaders are incapable of such High Treason? Well think again.

At one point I heard myself say 65 million when I should have said thousand but I did correct myself farther on.

The type of radical changes, which we are beings forced to accept, are normally accompanied by a war. The proposed "Third World War" which was announced, by a gathering of "Zionists", which was simply another alias, to disguise the plans of the rich Jews, it was invented to take our eye off the ball as they set about putting their murderous agenda, - which was clearly stated in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" - into place, all across the White Christian World.

Two of the proposed World Wars have already taken place, both of which, were manufactured without any reasonable excuse, out of thin air, all with the assistance of our "democratically elected rulers" along with various other skirmishes, into which our young men were forced to participate and which saw to the needless slaughter of many millions of White men, for no better reason than to further the aims of the fanatical psychopaths, whom are currently carving our children to shreds, even as the now dominant "mothers" encourage this savagery against these fatherless kids, as the world stands idly by watching men dressed as women being elected as Miss World and Black people being chosen as Miss Ireland.

All of this while the President of the United States is himself a well-known paedophile, and who is the front man in the destruction of his own homeland, the now dis-United States. While here in France the President is "himself" married to a man, who is his/her self father/mother of three children. While over the Irish sea the Prime Minister of Catholic Ireland, spends his evenings on his knees, with his butt in the air. I dearly wish I was making it all up.

The "Wake-Up Calls" are still being ignored as if it is not us whom need to take a look at reality.

Todays upload is a disaster, I even heard myself arguing with the cats in the middle of it. Don't talk to me about life!

There is a wholesale slaughter of Christians taking place in Ukraine, which just as during the Holodomor, it is being carried out by a Russian military machine. In the United States the same all-out brutality is gathering pace against White Christians. While in Europe an un-elected band of thugs, pretending to be "caring" politicians; most of whom were selected by a gruesome character called Schwab, a breed of "sniffer"who had detected a core of self-seeking savagery within these characters, while many more are busily denying, far more capable, White Christians any form of equality in all aspects of life, whether in sport, access to work, where competence is now of secondary concern, some distance behind, colour, race or indeed "transhood" or simply those old fashioned types, once referred to as queers, many of whom have now found themselves sniggering, in positions of the leadership of several countries, and their only worry is that a slight breeze might expose the dick in the dress. Oh Well, Time For Bed!!!

We are up against the wall, are we going down without a whimper or are we going to go down fighting. It's make up your mind time right now!

Whatever we choose to believe about Putin and Russia, the fact remains that the Russian people suffered a monstrous cull at the hands of the evil doers whom refer to themselves as Zionists, back at the start of the 20th Century and unless Putin is as evil as were those Zionists, he would hardly wish to inflict a second dose of the same thing onto the Russian people. Bearing that in mind, are we meant to believe that our "elected" leaders, remain unaware that we supplied all the necessary weapons to carry out that slaughter in Russia and that even after that we armed these monsters to carry out exactly the same thing in Germany and then China, and to this day they have ignored all these crimes from the past and that unknowingly, they are now doing exactly the same thing against the people of Ukraine?

You may have noticed that all or most of the skilled jobs have been exported to the lands of cheap labour, while all the numb-skull jobs in the USA and Europe are being reserved for cheap labour immigrants, which leaves very little for White Christian people.
This has been achieved by the "voice of authority" which has been installed in every White Christian country, which explains to our "brain dead" politicians, exactly how to achieve a bankrupt country, while at the same making themselves rich.
They are, even as I write, being educated in exactly how to murder as many of us as can be achieved, before we notice that we have a dick, a very long way up our collective bums.
There has never been a truly fair election in any of our countries, and throughout my life, nothing has ever changed for our benefit. In fact all pretence of fairness has now been ditched altogether and we are now, fully controlled, by a hidden hand, which controls the myth of money, which has held us all in chains for hundreds of years.
The remedy to this problem is so simple, that it beggars belief, that none of our "elected" have had the wherewithal, to stand up and bring it to the attention of all of those whom pretend that are unaware of this murderous device.
General Elections are the tool provided to sort this criminality out once and for all and it should be the first and last question for anyone proposing themselves for election and they should be forced to sign a contract, forcing them to bring this subject to the attention of all members of our governments, while they are in session and force a vote on the subject all across the Christian World.

Be sure, we have been and still are, being lied to about all and everything

French journalist, "Chantal Dupille refused the tenure at the Editorial office of FR3 Alsace to devote herself to her family life (birth of the third child)". She explained, "This was an important motive. But in reality, I never dared to say, so as not to harm my colleagues, that I had understood on the ground that political journalists on a daily basis do not inform, but disinform, and even are liars, authentic liars! Today, I am officially announcing it": Journalists with professional ethics like Michel Collon are extremely rare, information has become an instrument of the System, and even at the service of a propaganda Ministry for the NATO wars!

"In reality, I finally let go of it, in a letter to my ex-husband dated March 19, 2022: "Why am I so poor? A journalist is paid handsomely to lie incessantly. However, I worked as a permanent freelance journalist at FR3 Alsace (before its split with Radio-France), then after about to be tenured. But I refused (thus giving up my career), not wanting to lie. Indeed, it was at that moment that there was the Chernobyl disaster (1986): "The CLOUD" for Fabius and the government, "did not cross the border", as he said! For Germany, on the other hand, it was a danger for the earth, the milk, the children. However, a RESEARCHER FROM STRASBOURG came to me: "It's wrong! Lie! The earth is polluted, I measured it "! So I visited the one who, after presenting (like me) the regional television news, became between 1981 and 1988 the Editor-in-Chief of FR3 Strasbourg for which I worked. But he replied to me: "We know that the French government lied to us, but JOURNALISTS MUST ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO LIE". So I refused the tenure at FR3 Alsace which had just been offered to me, abandoning my career especially since I was a mother for the third time. I have remained a regular freelancer, in particular for about ten years for the Alsatian daily newspaper les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace ("Youth page", ensuring, among other things, the promotion of many of them in the section "Passions of young people", created by me as well as the page intended for children, "DNA Récré", in addition to the "Practical Pages", under the direction of Cécile Daval) and for Bernard Deck's monthly Catholic-social magazine, "Objectif Alsace"1.

Yes indeed, those were the days, when Trump had them all running for cover, including all those conspirators whom had been planning the coup in Ukraine for years and Trump was about to put a stop to it all. Even though he was- of course - himself, in league with all of those whom had been trying to dump him. American politicians are quite clearly, unfit to run a pig farm. The real reason I have posted this - short - is because I have been unable to upload, even this few minutes has taken the best part of two days to publish.


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