If there is one document you should read this year, it’s this one.

“Changes to human medicine regulations to support the roll-out of COVID vaccines”
This was published on the 28th August 2020.

What was conspiracy theory only few months ago, is now here, in an official government publication, and it’s time to take precise action and stop this proposal.

The UK government is seeking to make changes to the Human Medicine Regulations.
These changes will support the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine programme in the UK.

Jordan Peterson - Freedom of speech

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The Mirror Project is a new platform for all those who believe that our freedom of speech and civil liberties are under attack.

After recent changes in broadcast laws in Europe and the US , and the way governments have hijacked the current crisis, it has become more important than ever to have a platform with no censorship, a place where anyone of a different point of view than that in the mainstream media, can post their opinion, articles, studies, or video without censorship.

In each category in the map, we will have a section for experts in the field, this part will only populated by verified experts.
This way we have a place where we can find factual information and scientific studies, as well as speculative from the general public, only then we will have all the information in one place for all to see, and take action.

As well as the public and experts sections, there is the whistleblower section, this will be anonymous.

It's almost like a puzzle, we all know here and there what they are preparing, but when we can combine all our knowledge that is currently fragmented, into one place for all of to see, experts in the field, people that been researching certain topic they can contribute with their data, and with forums and chatrooms for like-minded people to connect and organise.

The traditional platforms like google and YouTube, Facebook, no longer serve our purpose, as it has become impossible to post anything that differs with the official narrative or even discuss.

Since we launched we have been constantly under attack and shut down on social media, because we are simply asking questions that might get people's attention and thats dangerous.
It amazes me, how they have managed to shut us all down and stop us from talking, but haven't managed to stop Child pornography on the internet.

No one is going to do it for us, and this could be our last chance to do something meaningful.

Just imagine how difficult it would be to launch this project in 5 years time, do you think it would even be possible?