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Psychological operations work well on people when they see an unusual light or shape in the sky and they automatically think its a UFO/Alien. You know why you automatically jump to that conclusion?, because you have an innate yearning for God, something spiritual, but that yearning is being diverted by the Psychological Operations into a belief or yearning for UFO's and Aliens to be REAL. Its why UFO and Aliens are closely associated with the New Age. UFOs and Aliens are used by the establishment to direct you away from Salvation through Jesus.
Also for those saying Angels appeared in Sodom, meaning that spiritual beings can take physical forms, well, I wasn't talking about Angels, I was talking about Demons. In the Bible Angels Appear Human / Demons Inhabit Humans
While angels appear in human form to demonstrate their empathy and love for us, demons ENTER human bodies to take on the form of those they are attacking:

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