The proofs are there (documents, videos, etc...). This is a live exercise. It is written in a WHO document... There is supposed to be a second "live exercise"... and, as Mike Pompeo said, during a press conference, they are doing this in order "to get this right".

A "live exercise" is usually used in military matters. It is a simulation, a practice to get things "right".

This is happening in all UN countries. This is a UN mandate and the UN is part of the Bilderberg Group. That group controls the MSM and politicians.

A World at Risk :

The information is on the web... Documents explaining that what is happening right now has been orchestrated. Harry Vox exposed, in 2014, the gruesome scenario that has now been unfolding.

Harry Vox :

Rockefeller Foundation document:

"A World at Risk" WHO document:

This woman really exposes this situation for what it is. She talks about the plandemic, the live exercise, the UN, the vaccine, the Bilderberg Group, the MSM...

We have to have our voice heard. People have to stand together in order to change this situation.

"They" are afraid of us uniting. Lets not wait til "the second wave" or "second live exercise" is here.

All over the World, we have seen injustices, abuse of power, lies, and games regarding this Covid-19 situation.

From mandatory vaccines (which is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code)... to lockdowns...
From giving fines for being outside... to lying about the numbers...
From taking babies away from their parents... to putting people in a psychiatric ward because they openly spoke about the abuse of power...
Lets add the tracking app to that list...

Thanks to people who bring the Truth forward and fight for it.


"Le Stu-Dio" YT channel

This is happening in Canada... People from all over the world need to hold their governments accountable for what is taking place.

The ideology behind this plandemic is, without a doubt, horrible and inconceivable for most of us. In this video, we talk about, with more details, about the "people" who are behind all this. The ramifications are mind-blowing : the media, the governments, the UN, FEMA, Bill Gates, and more. What they have in mind for the Human Race is frightening. From the COVID tests, to the vaccine itself... From the invisible ink imprinted in our skin to the DARPA hydrogel containing nanotechnology... It's well orchestrated, that's for sure. And then we get to the WHO document that says that this is only a "live exercise"...

What is coming is insane and the Human Race needs to realize what is really happening behind the scenes. Lies, deceptions, etc... Our survival is at stake !!! We must wake up. We can't let this happen. What kind of world are we leaving our kids ?

The lies, the games are in our face ! The vaccine was ready when they declared the "plandemic". What is in the vaccine will blow your mind. It will make you question the narrative and the motives behind this craziness. A lady from FEMA explains what the Covid test is all about, what the vaccine is all about. This is all part of a UN mandate.

And... a WHO document says that this is only a "live exercise", not a pandemic. And that a second "live exercise" is supposed to take place before September 2020.

Brace yourselves !

5G operates within the frequency range (60 Ghz) that absorbs oxygen molecules... Meaning that the oxygen in every living being will be "deleted", destroyed, eliminated ! At first, it might cause flu-like symptoms... Then, since oxygen will be less present in the blood, clots will appear. Next, will be organ shut down... and then, death.

Between the first exposure and death, paralysis might take place, burning skin sensations (as the blood with "boil")(I personally experienced this), etc... Brain waves changing, heart problems, etc...

CIA document which states some of the biomedical consequences of 60 Ghz technology:

When we really do our research, we see that we are not told the truth about the pandemic... There are groups above our govs who pull the strings... What they have in store for Humanity is not good. We need to know what the truth is and connect the multiple dots. Humanity is at a point where it really needs to wake up. It is urgent. It's survival and freedom are at risk. Bill Gates is not here to help Humanity... The ramifications to Eugenics, population control are mind-blowing... Humanity, we can do this !!! Lets stand tall.

Humanity is at a point where it really needs to wake up. Its survival is at stake. There are so many layers that need to be looked at while examining this "plan.demic". It is only by getting informed that we will be able to change this situation. And it is urgent !


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