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An interesting documentary about the potential dangers of the vaccine.

There are some things here and there I question or partially disagree with, but for the most part, I think it's a documentary worth watching.

This is a repost from another channel which uploaded this documentary as well. https://www.bitchute.com/video/IJIoilKlUk1o/ All credits: spacebusters - "Once were the Living" Removed by Youtube 6UxP04mnfo.mp4 It is not my documentary, I am simply reposting it for publicity and to raise awareness of the issues present.

The following are my thoughts on the Greek god Dionysus, what he really represents in contrast to how he is depicted by quote on quote mainstream historians, and how certain aspects of the teachings of Dionysus are crucial to any genuine spiritualist looking to advance.

The following is a rare documentary that goes into a variety of topics, including the vril and thule societies, potential third reich remnants in Antarctica, ancient civilizations and possible extraterrestrial (aryan gods) involvement in humanity, as well as potential areas in the Earth that could be "hollow."

I don't necessarily agree with everything that is said in this documentary. There was also a fair bit of misinfo in terms of associating the "nazis" as now working with the illuminati, as well as this general new agey slant. However, despite these details, and a few other things I edited out, I think there's enough kernels of truth in here to warrant a look through, as long as you do so with a discerning eye.

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After 20+ years, he's finally coming clean...

Thought this was a funny clip to post. It isn't mine, it's from another individual known as Mike "Vril" Sledge, you can find his website over at the americannationalradionetwork.podbean.com

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Here's a short video I made that goes into some of the flaws surrounding the James Randi $1 million prize challenge, which skeptics often cite as being proof that spiritual/occult phenomenon do not exist. You'll also find details about scientific studies that have yielded tangible, concrete evidence that proves that these types of abilities are, in fact, a reality.

It also touches on the fact that hard atheism as well as Christianity are - in a certain way of thinking - two sides of the same kosher coin. Both work to deny the existence of genuine spirituality as a means of empowering people, as well as being a major factor behind the rise of the kabbalistic rabbis and zionism in general.

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An insightful take into how the system is going to use these pro-Trump rioters to their advantage and further push their agenda. Further proof into how the entire Trump administration was a psyop.

The following is an edited clip of a show done by Mike "Vril" Sledge, White People With Coffee. You can find his content over at the americannationalradionetwork.podbean.com

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This video might trigger some people, but it needs to be said. Find out exactly what's going on in this short little video, how it will effect the future, and what to expect in the years to come.

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What if I told you the true secret of the tower of babel, its real meaning, is being kept secret from you? Find out exactly how this important allegory was distorted and adopted by the NWO in order to keep you trapped in the false matrix of understanding.

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A simple explanation of exactly how they are inflating the COVID-19 numbers, and why it's all a bunch of nonsense.

The original article was from Global Research, while this actual video I downloaded from Worldtruthvids.org. Thought it was worth uploading here on my channel as well.

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A discussion into how genuine environmentalism is a key factor of genuine third position, pro-white, anti-NWO movements. You'll also find out why creating a "false" green movement was so important to the powers at be, as well as how associating it with communism and liberalism in an effort to dissuade people from embracing genuine, National Socialism, is a crucial tactic for ZOG.

The following clip is from Mike Vril Sledge on his website, the American National Radio Network. Wanted to upload just a clip, but Bitchute was giving me problems, so I uploaded the entire thing. Best listened to in the background while you're doing something else.

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You're going to find out exactly why both the left hand path and the right hand path are just two false dichotomies in spiritual/occult development, as well as how both are generally subverted and taken over by the NWO.

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This old Russian documentary from 2006 goes into interesting details about Admiral Byrds Antarctic military invasion, and how it was beaten back by the remnants of the third reich that established an outpost there. The documentary also touches on areas such as the hollow earth as well as vril.

I wanted to post this video up on Bitchute as well as a background in case it ever disappears from the internet.

Wise words from one of the few genuine pro-white Americans in the time of WW2, and a voice of sanity amidst the zionist and Rothschild orchestrated chaos.

If people had listened, maybe things would be better. Maybe we'd be in a much better future than where we are at now.

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You want to know what happens when you take the "shot?" Find out for yourself...

Various clips are taken from YouTube as well from the American National Radio Network. Image from Ben Garrison.

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This 15 minute video will prove to you - without a doubt - that Hitler escaped and survived WW2. Intelligence agencies from the FBI to the CIA to the Mossad knew he was still around, and were desperately hunting to find him - to no avail. The soviet skull evidence has been proven to be fake as well.

What happened after he settled down in South America? Well, evidence shows he started laying the groundwork for an underground national socialist movement that would "lay dormant" for as long as necessary until the time was right. Is that time now?

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Must listen! Exposing how the forces at be want a balkanized United States, and how this is a requirement in order to fulfill their agenda going into 2030. Don't be a pawn for ZOG.

I tried to upload a small clip, but since Bitchute's being a pain, I've uploaded the entire show since it was that informative.

This show is from the American National Radio Network, ran by Mike "Vril" Sledge, one of the few pro-white broadcasters out there I respect.

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Why does Darth Vader have hebrew letters on his armor that says he's a "GOLEM?" Why does George Lucas reference the Vril society? Why did the real Jedi of ancient Egypt fight against Moses and the Jews?

The following information is both extremely rare, and extremely controversial. Find out exactly why the original Star Wars movies contains the blueprint for destroying the Jew World Order, and how Adolf Hitler used the knowledge I'll present in this documentary to almost defeat international zionism. You'll be hard pressed to find this info anywhere else on the internet.

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According to Section 107 of the Copyright Act: the fair use of a copyrighted work […] for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

WARNING: This material might be a little dense and hard to follow for some. The following clip goes into detail the deeper, esoteric and occult meanings behind Norse Paganism and Asatru, as well as the pre-Christian interpretations of core concepts, as well as how this relates to the more ancient, aryan civilization and spiritual system that all indo-european civilizations seem to be descended from.

This isn't me, but part of an old show done by a former Renegade Broadcasting host I find informative sometimes, David from Texas. He's stopped doing shows for several years now, and as far as I'm aware, has effectively retired.

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There's a false dichotomy out there. That either you're a communistic, left-leaning, hippie-type, or a hardcore, capitalist, who doesn't care in the slightest about the environment. The reality, however, is that both of these extremes are not just wrong, but pushed by our NWO/JWO system as a means of keeping us divided.

Genuine pro-white, indo-european movements - whether you want to call it eco-fascism or not - embrace a healthy respect for nature and the environment, without going overboard in either of the two extremes promoted in this talmudic system.

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These clips were taken from renegadebroadcasting.com, No White Guilt's Bitchute channel https://www.bitchute.com/channel/yM8kdXOlBL0p/, as well as americannationalradionetwork.com

This isn't my video, but one that I downloaded months ago on Bitchute, and if I find the original channel, I'll upload a link soon.

Although I wouldn't necessarily call this video particularly "oy-vey wise" or "aware" of the deeper metaphysical realities of the world - in fact, it's a bit more on the "normie" side - it was a decent enough video debunking common civil war claims that I found insightful.

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Was Adolf Hitler a practicing Catholic, as many people say he was? Or is there some truth behind the claims he was a pagan? What about the rumors of him being an occultist? The answer might shock you...

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The following clip goes into detail about Abraham Sprintstein's much covered up jewish ancestry, as well as possible, deeper connections with various European jewish dynasties.

You can find the full, original video on Bitchute here https://www.bitchute.com/video/uWPiELAWo4Ni/. The full version goes into more details about the Lincoln assassination, how he was something of a Rothschild puppet but went rogue, with there being an elaborate plot to kidnap, drug, and humiliate the president, but his wife ended up assassinating him, with Booth being left as the patsy to take the fall. I can't confirm these details myself, but I recommend you check out the full video in the attached link.

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For all Nick Fuentes fans, can you explain how he is pro-white when he justifies and promotes the genocide of whites who aren't christians? Besides having a Sephardic jewish last name, how is this closet homosexual crypto-jew supposed to help the pro-white movement if he thinks "pagans" should be "dealt" with?

While most people are familiar with the nonsense E Michael Jones spews, Nick Fuentes doesn't seem to get the same criticism, whether that's because he's a zoomer or something else. Hopefully this video will highlight some of the nonsense he says, and how hardcore christians are ultimately a threat to whites. They chose their jew religion over their own blood and soil.

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Christianity, created and funded by wealthy jews in ancient Egypt and the Middle East, used brainwashed Christians in a campaign of terror against the ancient world in what was essentially a proto-bolshevik movement. This true, gruesome history is covered up, lest you find out the truth about this jew-created movement.

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Here's a few clips of European pro-white, nationalist, or national socialist movements that are rising all across Europe. All of these videos were taken from documentaries made within the last couple of years, which show that - despite how easy it is to get blackpilled - people are waking up more than ever.

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