Priceless words from the Great Ascended Master Saint Germain. This is from the book 'Unveiled Mysteries' by Godfre Ray King



This is an important message for humanity given by a Great Cosmic Being 70 000 years ago. It is as important now as it was then.

The indescribable Love, Patience and Faith of Sanat Kumara, and His great gift to our planet Earth needs to be known by all who have had the privilege of the Earth's hospitality over eons of time!

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More about Beloved Sanat Kumara:

The most important information we can ever receive is the knowledge given to us by the Ascended Masters, of our own individualized "I AM" Presence - the Source of our lives!

This knowledge is not new, it is just presented in a new way.

And through this ancient knowledge we may learn again the 'Laws of Life,' the breaking of these Laws is the cause of all the discord in our individual lives, and the world at large. Through this knowledge, understanding and application, we have available to us, the limitless Power of Light to set our world in order, individually, and at large.

The Cosmic Edict has gone forth 'PEACE ON EARTH...NOW!" Our Beloved Great Father / Mother God Alpha & Omega came to Earth and issued the Cosmic Decree! And SO IT SHALL BE!

Beloved God Sirius speaks on The Universal Laws that govern our lives!

The Violet Flame is a great gift from Saint Germain and the Heavenly Realm. It is a 'Spiritual Eraser' and can transmute and consume ALL energy that we have ever mis-qualified right back to the beginning of time, erasing all karma still to be redeemed and setting all life FREE.

It needs to be called in daily from our "I AM" Presence to start.... 'setting our house in order' and cleansing and purifying our earthly bodies.

Never tire of using this gift of Forgiveness, Mercy and ultimate Freedom.

This is a wonderful Dictation given by Beloved Archangel Michael on 'Cultivating Feelings of Appreciation'. GRATITUDE is the 'Open Door' to BLESSINGS from the Elemental and Angelic Kingdom.

Dictation from BRIDGE TO FREEDOM - Journal Book 4

Important instruction from Beloved Saint Germain on DIVINE SERVICE.

This is an exquisite Dictation from Beloved Sanat Kumara on simple and powerful methods for all of us to continually use in our daily lives to assist with emitting Light!

This Light is so greatly needed by our Beloved planet Earth, as we move speedily ahead in the Great Cosmic 'In-Breath.

This information from the Great Spirits of the Earth, Beloved Pelleur (Father Earth) and Virgo (Mother Earth), is invaluable for our understanding and very necessary co-creation and cooperation with the Elemental Kingdom to restore our planet to her original pristine beauty and perfection!

This has to be done now, as we enter the permanent Golden Age of our Beloved Saint Germain. And we, who are vested with the gift of 'Creation' through the Three-Fold Flame in our Hearts, have a wonderful opportunity and responsibility, to assist with this now!

This instruction from Beloved Mother Mary is important for Saint Germain students, if we are to become useful 'Conductors' of Light, for the Ascended Masters.

This activity will become more important as we move into the time of great world changes!

A wonderful and heartwarming story by Beloved El Morya about one of His experiences with His dear and beloved friend Lord Kuthumi, when They were still in the unascended realm - as we are here!

All our experiences are carefully planned so we may learn from them, and not rebel, and thereby miss the lesson we need!

A wonderful and inspiring explanation of The Story of Creation, from the Beloved Ascended Master Lord Lanto.

The Violet Fire is truly our path to Freedom! We all have karma to be redeemed and set Free, and through our calls (decrees) to our "I AM" Presence we can set Free all life we have ever hurt or harmed, and move up the evolutionary ladder to our Ascension! We all have to do this one day!

The Violet Fire will dissolve and transmute ALL that limits us and causes distress in our world, and the world at large as we call it into Action!

The calls need to be made, as if they did not, we would not be here! We would be Ascended! None can free another completely, we can help, but ultimately we ALL, in the end need to make the decrees for the Violet Fire to purify our individual worlds!

This brilliant instruction from Saint Germain on our I AM Presence and the use of Life (Light) if understood and applied will go a long way to bringing Peace, Happiness and Goodwill for people individually, nationally and to the world at large!

The Beloved Maha Chohan, now the Cosmic Holy Spirit Aeolus, explains 'THE RIGHT USE OF LIFE'. This priceless information is so important for humanity as we move forward into the Golden Age.

Important information from Saint Germain.

These words from The Beloved Ascended Master El Morya, touch the core of our being, and stir us into action! Are we ready to join 'THE SPIRITUAL CARAVAN"?

Light-workers are being called from every corner of the Earth, and in every avenue of Service! Many are awake, and many are still to awaken.

Wonderful and important instruction on Healing ourselves, others, cities and all Life on this Planet.

We are now to bring Heaven to Earth, through the action of the TRINITY - Humankind, Angels and Elementals. Saint Germain has repeatedly expressed the importance of this as we enter The Golden Age. We are to learn again to work consciously and cooperatively with the Angels and the Elementals.

A meditation expanding the Light Substance of LOVE & GRATITUDE in our own bodies, on our Earth, our Sun and the Universe

This wonderful and important information from Beloved Lord Kuthumi will make many 'Home Spirits' very happy when they begin the journey of conscious co-creation and cooperation with their human friends occupying the homes! It will bring blessings to many homes and people too!

We send deep Love and Gratitude to Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi for this priceless information.

A truly wonderful understanding and heart-opening description of our Guardian Angel, and how we may develop a close and constant bond with this exquisite, selfless Being of Light, which will benefit not only ourselves, but our Guardian Angel too!

All information is from the Bridge to Freedom material from the Ascended Masters.

No words can ever match the Love and Gratitude that the world owes Saint Germain. May the whole world one day know, what He means to our Earth.

This is done in His Honour, for His special day May 1st!

With all our LOVE - Beloved Saint Germain

A Heartfelt and Powerful Petition to the Great Karmic Board by The Beloved Archangel Gabriel. The Love of the Angelic Kingdom for humankind is beyond words to describe.

From the Bridge to Freedom material given to Geraldine Innocente and the Philadelphia Group


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The information on this channel is from the pure Teachings of the Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters are Beings who have walked the Earth as we are doing now, and through the knowledge of Their own God-Presence "I AM", and application of the immutable Universal Laws of Life, have achieved that rate of purity and perfection which allows them to dwell in the Ascended Realm, in which there is no imperfection. The Heavenly realms are all pure blazing shadow-less Light.

The Ascension is our next step on the evolutionary path, and ALL must some day reach that state.