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Truth rides. Masks are bullshit.

Truth while you ride.

Vibes with my tribe. Masks are bullshit.

Truth talks in the Uber rides.

Truth talks with the next generation.

Talking shop with human beings.

Can you handle the truth?

Detox shred, supplements, Alkaline new cover!

You don't just get a ride you get a second chance.

Truth rides with my tribe.

Scam! Detox! Who should be the next president?

You don't get cancer you do cancer by being acidic so get alkaline! Learn how from these Cancer Healers.

Taxi Truth Talks with the tribe.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Suberman. True talks.

Why does tiktok never let me put up truthful video's? I see a bunch of other people get their anti shot anti gov video's up?

World truths. Not theories.

Finally. It's a bird, it's a plane... Its Suberman!

Bottom lines on masks, shots, and detox.

There is no virus but there is the kill shot. And an antidote for it.

Ian’s Book #3: ConVid 1984 - Antidote. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M88VWVG

Got the shot? Time to detox and heal: Dr. Robert O Young's recommendation to protect against wifi 5G soup and for those that took the shot, were wearing masks and taking tests that all have in them, Graphene Oxide, nanoparticles. No guarantee's, but one has to try. Word around my campfire is this is the anecdote.

#1 for Graphene Oxide in shots is pH Miracle® Terra pHirma Montmorillonite Clay https://phmiracleproducts.com/products/terra-phirma-montmorillonite-clay?_pos=1&_sid=33ca0239b&_ss=r?aff/21

#2 for parasites in shots Red plne needIe olL: Great for killing parasites. Contains Suramin! DR. Judy Mikovits recommendation for all the madness of shots etc... https://phmiracleproducts.com/products/red-pine-needle-oil?_pos=1&_sid=c3bd95427&_ss=r?aff21

NAC: https://phmiracleproducts.com/products/ph-miracle-nac-n-acetyl-cysteine?_pos=1&_sid=c0ef76e12&_ss=r?aff=21 - I'm told to use it in a nebulizer.

Glutathione: https://phmiracleproducts.com/products/glutaphione?_pos=1&_sid=908774292&_ss=r?aff=21

Iodine: https://phmiracleproducts.com/products/ph-miracle%C2%AE-thyroid-support-tablets?_pos=1&_sid=0064def1a&_ss=r?aff=21

Also important to take chlorophyll and phour salts and L Arginine! https://phmiracleproducts.com?aff=21

Ever ate meat? You have undigested crap, literally in your colon. John Wayne had 40 lbs of it when he succumbed to colon cancer. Get your pipes clean! https://phmiracleproducts.com/products/phlush-alimentary-canal-cleanser?_pos=4&_sid=a5c02d7f8&_ss=r?aff21

Alkaline water is key too! https://phmiracleproducts.com/collections/water?aff21

Grow your own organic, year-round in your living room like me. [email protected] ask me how.

There is one disease and one cure. Acidosis is the problem and getting alkaline is the way to be healthy. What I do for the common cold. Notice I didn't say Covid. There is no covid but if you got tricked into believing there is a Covid Virus then watch this on how to deal with it. Same as the flu cuz that's all it is.

No they don't. Steve, we could use that million bucks for court costs and to help us continue to spread the truth. Call me. www.ianjacklin.com

Ian tests his girlfriend Carla to show how Beyond Meat is bad for you!

Amazing how those that watch CNN become so indoctrinated they can't see the forrest for the trees!


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