Michael is a almost 5 years still alive with pancreatic cancer where most don't make it 2. His secrets here with old friend Ian Jacklin.

My book with the pH balance protocol: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RJ3GXQ9

pH balancing supplements: http://phmiracleproducts.com?aff=21

Alex grabbed my iphone 7+ and made this while I painted.

He was the star of I Cure Cancer by Ian Jacklin in 2006. The book is now available on Amazon. It has the Dr. Bernardo holistic protocol. PH balancing like Robert O Young's does today! Amazing minds from different worlds... same conclusion. PH balance cures acidosis which cures cancer and all dis ease.

Dr. B talks about how he cured Elizabeth Taylors agent of cancer many years ago. Classic footage.

Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1097512436
Supplements: http://phmiracleproducts.com?aff=21

My Thesis on the Cancer Control Society since attending it starting back in 2003. My movie which is avail on Amazon and Youtube: I Cure Cancer and the book is thanks to Frank and Lorraine at CCS!

Dr. Bernardo said you don’t die can’t see it I have acidosis. So stay alkaline get alkaline be alkaline.

Little Alex made this without me even asking him to he just hit record and went into the act and he’s never had an acting class hysterical.

The wiffle ball bat wasn’t cutting it!

Train downtown with me.

This is my favorite and first supplement to buy after my organic food and yoga. It cleans your fish tank so your fish (cells) don't die. Helps balance your innersitual fluid pH balance which stops acidosis aka cancer. Now you know why I like it.

Instant karma! To those in charge

Just so no one can say I didn't tell you so. Wake up. The shots cause the disease they are supposed to protect you from. And they do this on purpose to feed the Archons. you tube it!

Open now!

Rev. Lynne being an Essene Master knows how to keep her frequency high. Food can't always do it. If anyone is interested in knowing more email: [email protected]. -- LOL! Last interview with the hair!

Dr. Bernardo's protocol was never better explained as to why it works so well than this right here. Balance your pH cure what ails you!

Again 10 yrs later I get to play ketchup with Richard as he explains what Quantum Touch is, why it works and what's new on the power of the mind scene.

After full hip replacement kicks are coming back.


My favorite of all the films I starred in back in the 90's. I've currently released a documentary and book called iCureCancer as my more recent work. Check out www.archangelstudios.org and www.icurecancer.com

Sunday funday.

Creating as we go... a health & brain show.

Ian Jacklin Unstoppable - Never give up. iCureEverything. :)

Shooting for vegan for spiritual reasons but at least being organic on the way. Instead of meat 3 x a day we do it 3 x a week at most. Amazing the energy difference. Meat is full of bad karma usually. That shit is heavy when you are of the light. And you are. :)

Vegan Eggplant PARMESAN by Alex and Ian from iCureCancer.com where we eat our way home free and alkaline. Just use the eggplant instead of pasta. Vegan cheese. Yada yada. Delish.

Creator of iCureCancer.com and ArchAngelStudios.org Film maker, Ian Jacklin interviews Michael for Space Cadet the film and slips in some cancer cure information as well. 4 years surviving pancreatic cancer!


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