Streamed live 24th June 2019

John Bolton & Mike Pompeo have been desperate to ignite global conflict, following the Norwegian and Japanese registered oil tanker attacks in Oman which have been blamed on Iran.
If Jeremy Hunt becomes leader of the Tory party he will become another Tony Blair type poodle to the US administration
Iran allegedly shot down an unmanned drone. US was just 10 minutes away from launching a strike against Iran when Donald Trump reportedly had an attack of conscience. It's rumoured that Bolton & Pompeo were incandescent at that decision
Jeremy Hunt is the only politician that swallowed the myth that Iran was responsible for the attack on the tankers
Boris Johnson is committed to EU military unification which means Britain isn't getting out of the EU. Jeremy Hunt wants Britain to remain in EU. The likelihood of Britain coming out of the EU on 31st October is slim
Robin Tilbrook, leader of English Democrats has taken the Government to court to prove the UK has already left the EU
Postal votes will make it easy to alter votes. There is a police investigation into the election at Peterborough, 29.1% of total votes were allegedly postal votes
5G awareness is helping to unite communities
Manchester Airport have allowed Vodafone to install a 5G blast pod in the airport, assuming that safety tests have been done. This has come to the attention of the CEO of the Manchester Airport group
There will be a 5G awareness tour in September and October
Tickets for AV10.1 in London on Sunday 27th October 2019 will soon be available; https://alternativeview.co.uk/
Impact of solar minimum (reduced solar activity) is having an impact on agriculture right across the world, This is a natural phenomena being blamed on human activity

Streamed live 21st June 2019

Are you incensed by the injustice perpetrated by Judge Michael Supperstone & Judge Micheal Snow in approving the EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION of Lyn Thyer for developing an Effective Cancer CURE known as GcMAF?
Call David Gauke MP (Secretary of State for Justice) on 01923 771 781 ...
OR Write to him at The Ministry of Justice
102 Petty France, Westminster, London SW1H 9AJ

Other topics :
- The Tory Leadership Pantomime ... Both Johnson & Hunt have already COMMITTED to EU Military Unification!
- 'Climate Change' due to Maunder Minimum ... but the UN and their useful idiots want to blame it on YOU!!

Streamed live 19th June 2019

The CORRUPTION within the UK Judiciary and the UK Election Process defies belief ... until you comprehend the magnitude of the lies, deceit & obfuscation perpetrated by those who believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of a private fiefdom!
- Lyn Thyer 'disappears' to avoid unlawful Extraordinary Rendition to France.
- Peterborough By-Election 'Result' mired by 9,898 (29.11%) Postal Votes!
- John Bolton, Mike Pompeo ... & Jeremy Hunt, desperate for Global conflict!

Streamed live 18th June 2019

What a surprise ... the same Judge who jailed Julian Assange on ZERO evidence ... rules that Lyn Thyer should be taken into custody, pending immediate extradition to France.
In the words of former UK Diplomat, Craig Murray, 'Judge Michael Snow makes the Dictator's Courts of Nigeria and Uzbekistan seem fair & reasonable.'


Streamed live 17th June 2019

- Challenging 353 years of 'Legal' Fraud at Westminster Magistrates Court - TODAY
- Arch sociopath, US Secretary of State, John Bolton & the Gulf Tanker attacks
- Watch UK Column news at 1pm today for some very interesting & disturbing revelations regarding the pantomime of the Tory Leadership campaign

Streamed live 16th June 2019

Meet at 9.30am on Monday 17th June 2019 at :
Westminster Magistrates Court, 181 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5BR
(Nearest Tube Stations : Marylebone & Edgware Road)

If you wish to witness 'History in the Making', please come & support John Smith at Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow (Monday 17th June), as he establishes the supremacy of COMMON LAW over fraudulent STATUTE LAW, perpetrated against the people of Britain since 1666 & used by the corrupt Judge Michael Supperstone in his attempt to extradite Lyn Thyer to France ... on ZERO Evidence!

Streamed live 12th June 2019

- John Smith at the Royal Courts to seek an Injunction to prevent the extradition of Lyn Thyer and establish the supremacy of Common Law over the unlawful 'Law' Courts.
- Glastonbury Town Council vote in invoke the 'Precautionary Principle' and block the 5G roll-out pending further research into the implications on Human Health.
- Admission of Election FRAUD in Peterborough?

Streamed live 10th June 2019

5G - The Greatest Existential Threat ...Rampant Corporatism or something else?
Judge Michael Supperstone -:Corruption within the Judiciary
6,000+ Postal Votes in the Perterborough By-Election take Labour to Victory?

Please help Lyn Tyer by contacting Robert Greenburg, The Chief Case Officer and The Registry Manager at The Supreme Court. His phone number is 0207 9601992.

5G Event, Tuesday 11th June 2019, 7.30pm - 9.30pm (Doors open at 7pm)
Mathews Hall, Fore Street, TOPSHAM, EXETER, EX3 0HF
£5 (£3 conc) tickets sold at door
Further info;
5gawareness.com entrust.com tinyuri.com/5g.morat

Streamed live 7th June 2019

John Smith is pioneering the common law court process in the UK. He recently convened a common law court in which the court annulled the extradition order of Lyn Thyer which was put in place by Judge Michael Supperstone
John explained the process in which Lyn Thyer's extradition order should be annulled and also that Judge Supperstone should be removed from his position for abuse in public office. He also stated that David and Lyn should have all of their assets returned and given the opportunity to develop, produce and distribute GcMAF.
Lyn has received a letter from the court stating that the extradition would now be deferred for 10 days with no reason given. This has occurred just as John Smith escalates the case to the supreme court and has advised the supreme court of the common law court's decision
The supreme court tried to trick him into acknowledging he wished to appeal. There is no appeal, the decision has been over turned
This is an opportunity for people to get involved and challenge the legitimacy and jurisdiction of the supreme court and acknowledge the common law court
To support David Noakes and Lynda Thyer please email the registrar of the supreme court in London, we need as many people to do this to let them know their legitimacy will be challenged. Please ask them when the court hearing will be held for the challenge to their authority and jurisdiction
E-mail: [email protected]
Mark for the attention of the registrar
The Case No. CO/1839/2018
Thank you to the many people who have already written to the court
An increasing number of people are looking up The 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act and challenging the system at it's own game
As David Noakes and Lyn Thyer found out, we do not have freedom to challenge the corporatocracy, who's only objective is greed
In Peterborough the winning candidate got half the votes, Labour held onto the seat by just 600 votes. The Brexit party were expected to win
In the 2005 election Tony Blair was put back into office thanks to the abundance of postal votes. Peter Lilley's company IDOX has the responsibility for managing and counting the postal votes
David DuBine's superb analysis of extreme weather which is not caused by anthropogenic climate change, is having a massive impact with frost on crops and grain prices

Streamed live 6th June 2019

Ian R Crane's guest is John Smith who will be discussing The Common Law Court
John Smith's Alternative View presentation is available to watch on paper view; https://alternativeview.co.uk/
Common Law Courts website; https://www.commonlawcourt.com/

To support David Noakes and Lynda Thyer we are asking people to telephone or e-mail the Supreme Court, London and ask them when the court hearing will be held for the challenge to their authority and jurisdiction and ask them why they are failing to respond to a lawfully issued challenge.
E-mail: [email protected]
Mark for the attention of the registrar
The Case No. CO/1839/2018

To add additional support and to assist David and Lynda, please record your birth details with the Common Law Court, this confirms that we are standing together and that you exist as a living man or woman. (There is no charge for this) Please use this link:

5G Talk, Tuesday 11th June 2019, 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Mathews Hall, Fore Street, TOPSHAM, EX3 0HF
£5 (£3 conc) tickets sold at door
Further info; 5gawareness.com entrust.com tinyuri.com/5g.morat

David DuByne's you tube channel called Adapt 2030; https://www.youtube.com/user/MyanmarLiving

Streamed live 5th June 2019

- Tory and Labour have failed the will of the people. If there was a general election tomorrow the Brexit party would clean up
- People want Brexit without any deal from the EU. In Catalonia and France we see the magnitude of aggression and outright brutality in which the EU stoops to maintain the corporatists agenda
- We need to retain the control of the British Military. There is a memo telling the candidates that during the Peterborough campaign they must not get drawn on military unification because it 'muddies the water'
- The Brexit party are going to storm it in Peterborough but Mike Green and Nigel Ferage need to be held to account on issues such as EU military unification
- UK Column have done tremendous work in highlighting EU military unification supported by David Ellis Please watch David Ellis presentation on https://alternativeview.co.uk/
- A Common Law Court was convened last week in which the ruling of Judge Superstone to extradite Lyn Tyer was overturned and the documents have been submitted to the courts but the courts are not responding.
- Common Law has president over unlawful legal courts. Please email the courts and ask them to respond to the common law courts correspondence and ratify the ruling that annuls Judge Supperstone extradition order. This is an opportunity for people of the UK to reestablish the supremacy of the common law court run by the people, instead of the corrupt judiciary carrying out the will of the corporatocracy. The French want the extradition of Lyn Tyer who did not face any charges here in the UK
- Hopefully John Smith will be on tomorrow nights episode of Humanity V's Insanity talking about Common Law Courts and explaining how this process needs to be working
- David Noakes court case to extradite him to France is scheduled to happen in February 2020. If Lyn is extradited it is likely she will be held on remand until David is extradited to France
- GcMAF is being suppressed by the Medicines and Healthcare Reglatory Authority (MHRA) and by the Pharmaceutical industry who do not want GcMAF available
- Carcinogenic EMF's are now being unleashed with 5G in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. This is Military microwave technology and we will see an increase in cancers
- Glastonbury succeeded in getting the council to agree to debate the issue of 5G and we see a similar success in Totnes, Devon. Please read the constitution of your local council and hold them to account on 5G
- There are increasing numbers of academics and scientists that are calling for a moratorium on the roll out of 5G
- If you are in Peterborough vote for Mike Green and The Brexit Party to get us out of the EU

Streamed live 3rd June 2019

As Boris Johnson & Nigel Farage go 'Head to Head' in their respective bids to 'LEAD the UK OUT of the EU' ... neither of them is coming clean over their stance on EU Military Unification! So it's looking increasingly suspicious that the emergence of The BREXIT Party is just another ACT in the ongoing political pantomime to ensure that the UK is subjugated to the EU in perpetuity!

Watch David Ellis' outstanding analysis of the EU Military Unification deception, presented at AV10 : www.AlternativeView.co.uk

Streamed live 31st May 2019

- The office of the Prime Minister is controlled by the establishment
- The Brexit party had the biggest majority of any parliament in history
- It's unlikely there will be another election until 2022
- EE were bragging that they've switched on 5G in 5 cities now; Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, Belfast and Manchester
- There was an outbreak of fires across the country in North Korea 2 days after switching on 5G
- 5G rollout comes under the department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
- None of the politicians want to talk about the dangers of 5G which is being installed right across the country
- 5G awareness groups are rising, people are downloading the constitution of their local authority and identifying who is responsible for the health, safety and well being of their community
- There are no independent studies that states 5G frequencies are safe. It is a microwave battlefield technology that has been adapted for civilian uses. It is directly related to the rollout of the internet of things and autonomous vehicles
- Many local authorities have outsourced responsibility for street lighting, a lot of which have been replaced by LED lights.
- The university of Exeter and Barcelona Institute for Global Health have established the LED lights have an impact on the circadian rhythms which impacts the hormonal balance which triggers breast and prostate cancers
- The aerials of 5G transmitters are being damaged and the inspection housing are being filled up with concrete
- Lyn Tyer's extradition order has been annulled by a Common Law court. The Common Law Court documentation has been filed with the Law Courts. Please do research into Common Law Courts
- It is now between the courts of the establishment and the Common Law Courts as to who has legal supremacy. The Common Law Court also ruled that Judge Superstone had acted unlawfully and he should have dismissed the extradition order through lack of evidence
- There are only 12 residential places left for AV11
- Live steam back on Monday 3rd June 2019

Streamed live 30th May 2019

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #116 : GcMAF & the 'Yellow Vests'

The EU Corporatist State will do whatever it takes, including brutally violent subjugation, to shut-down dissent and protect the supremacy of Trade & Commerce ... with David Noakes & Georgia Pouliquen (French 'Yellow Vest' Lawyer).

Please sign the Petition referred to by Georgia in support of the Gendarme Colonel : https://www.change.org/p/soutien-au-c...

Please help support Georgia Pouliquen to continue to provide Legal advice to the 'Yellow Vest' movement : https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-frenc...

Streamed live 29th May 2019

- The only area in England that didn't vote Brexit was London.
- 40+ years in the EU has changed the landscape of the country, particularly economically. No longer can one wage earner can provide for the family
- Most people under 50 have no recollection of life outside the EU
- Over 1/3 of people voted for parties who wanted Brexit
- UKIP went toxic when it aligned itself with Tommy Robinson
- MP's who left their respective parties to form Change UK shows their lack of grip on reality to think they can form a Blairite middle party
- Labour and the Tories, the parties that have dominated for the last century between them got just 19.8%
- Labour has had an underlying policy of anti EU but Jeremy Corbyn didn't stand up to the pressure of the disrupters of his party
- Teresa May has done a brilliant job of destroying the Conservative Party, Jeremy Corbyn isn't far behind in destroying The Labour Party and The Lib Dem's just swing which ever way it goes
- 11% for The Green Party. The irony is that most of us would embrace many of the Green Parties policies, particularly in terms of pollution, however The Green Party's agenda is far more toxic. This is evident to Caroline Lucas's attitude to the rollout of 5G and the Green Party's total ignorance on the subject of geo-engineering
- While the British political arena is in disarray it's imperative we focus on 5G
- 5G is possibly the most significant existential threat to all life on this planet. Focus needs to be on community activism and holding their elective representatives responsible. Start with local Council, then parish Council, district Council and County Council. Unless there is some community action 5G is planned to be rolled out right across the country
- Cancer clusters have manifested in Ripon, US. They have been attributed to a phone mast erected by a school
- The coming grand Solar Minimum is the real climate change, it will have an impact on climate and our ability to produce crops. This view is shared by an increasing number of independent scientists. See David DuBynes outstanding AV10 presentation where he looks at the coming ice age and presents the science behind that hypothesis; https://alternativeview.co.uk/#clip=ciivh8o0qr4s
- There are now less than 30 residential tickets available for AV11 to be held at Horwood House in May 2020
- Live stream will be back Friday 31st May 2019

Streamed live 24th May 2019

- Yesterday was an opportunity for country to tell Westminster it is frustrated with the EU, we must hold Councillors & Council Officers to account
- Descent is not tolerated in the EU. In France the police that are brutalising the people are not French, they are being brought in from Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Please watch Georgia Pouliquen's AV10 presentation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83_IzL7Tr8A
- How many votes do we need before we get out of EU?
- It's becoming increasingly apparent to people throughout the EU that it only benefits those with their nose deep in the trough
- Ireland is putting up some independent candidates, Gemma O'Doherty https://twitter.com/gemmaod1
- There is an increasing appetite to get out of the EU and restoring the country. People are beginning to realise the agenda of the EU is to destroy the nation states and to destroy the culture of those countries. This is exactly what Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote in his 1920's book Pan-Europa, that Europe will be easier to manage when the nation states are effectively destroyed and broken up
- Ian R Crane was in London yesterday to support Lyn Thyer and David Noakes. They both appreciate all your good wishes that are pouring in from right across the world. Please watch David Noakes AV10 presentation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgWcpVEyAto
- There's an article in The Daily Mail on page 25, conducted by Newcastle University's Natural and Environmental Sciences which states that supermarket LED lighting destroys vitamins in milk.
- Exeter University study in conjunction with The Barcelona Institute of Global Health proves that LED Street Lighting has such a marked impact on circadian rhythms and causes hormonal imbalance which leads to increases in breast and prostate cancer
- LED are now offered free in Australia so you can put them in your home
- Main stream media is becoming increasingly irrelevant
- Over 3/4 of the tickets for AV11 in May 2020 have already been sold
- AV 10.1 will be in the last week of October
- 31st October 2019 deadline is the next attempt to extract ourselves from the EU. By that time we will have another unelected Prime Minister, likely to be Boris Johnson
- On the Lancashire reservoirs water levels are low for this time of year
- Please look at David DuBine's research on Solar Minimum http://www.oilseedcrops.org/
- Live stream is back on Wednesday 29th May 2019

Streamed live 22nd May 2019

- Every non-vote tomorrow is effectively a vote for one of the remain parties
- UKIP and Brexit are the only pro-Brexit parties
- If we don't get out of EU we could end up like France, look at Georgia Pouliquen's presentation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83_IzL7Tr8A
- Today Lyn Thyer was facing extradition to France, fortunately this hasn't happened yet. French authorities are also seeking to extradite David Noakes
- Please watch David and Lyn's presentation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgWcpVEyAto
- Tory's, Labour, Lib Dem's and Green party are all ardent remainers
- Level of interest in 5G and LED street lighting is ramping up significantly
- Download your Council's constitution and identify who is responsible for the health, safety and well being of the residents and hold them to account on 5G and LED Street Lighting
- Please get to polling stations and vote to get out of the EU totalitarian state

Streamed live 20th May 2019

- The continued persecution of David Noakes & Lyn Thyer
- A corrupt Judicial system which protects the Corporatocracy
- Corruption at Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council
- Holding Councillors & Council Officers to account
- Download & READ your Council Constitution
- 5G needs LAMP POSTS ... Council owned Real Estate
- WE can Bring about REAL Change ... Get INVOLVED!!

Published on 19th May 2019

Georgia Pouliquen is a French Lawyer ... brutalised by the French Police in Limoges, she made her way to the UK and shared her unique insight at the Alternative View (AV10) Conference. Some of the images contained within this presentation are deeply disturbing but very little appears in the UK Lamestream Media, as the British Establishment do not want the British Public to see the REAL nature of Totalitarian EU 'Democracy'!

Published on 18 May 2019

PLEASE NOTE : LYN THYER is due to be EXTRADITED to FRANCE on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 ... for the heinous crime of developing an EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE CANCER TREATMENT!

David Writes : David Noakes is 66, and has eight new illnesses from trauma from the 33 persecutions brought by the UK's pseudo Governement Agency, the 'Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency' (MHRA). Lynda Thyer, a research scientist, is not involved, but they still want to jail her for 10 years. Your innocence has no effect on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), very cruel of the MHRA. French Judge Gadaud is a serial abuser of the truth, people, legal processes and Human rights, he’s Big Pharma, and has a track record of destroying people in prison for 2 years 4 months before their case comes up. British injustice just hands victims over for abuse under the EAW - the British government doesn’t care a damn about you. Parliament has no idea of the cruelty and injustice they are controlling.
So has the MHRA, without Parliament taking any interest, as always, buried GcMAF again for another 25 years?
By slovenly allowing big pharma to write the medicines laws, by slovenly allowing the MHRA to become corrupt, and slovenly leaving them to review research papers (which they don’t do at all), and slovenly giving them power to prosecute treatments that work, Parliament is responsible for 2 million unnecessary cancer deaths over the last 25 years. If you are a relative, yes, you should sue.
We need the corrupt MHRA abolished, its officers prosecuted, and GcMAF put in the NHS, to save 120,000 lives a year.
Attacks on GcMAF by the MHRA and big Pharma.
BBC, MHRA, Cancerresearch UK,
GMC Italy Ruggiero,
Anticancer Fund Belgium

What can be done?
Email your local newspaper:

Dear Editor,
Have you heard about GcMAF, the successful treatment for cancer? 1,000 GcMAF scientific research papers are now on Google Scholar. 9,000 people have been successfully treated. On the US National Library of Medicine, there are now 70 GcMAF papers, peer reviewed for a second time. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20855083 shows liver tumours shrunk 90% in three weeks by GcMAF Photo, page4. One shows GcMAF successfully switching off the HER2 oncogene, a world wide first. See patient Teri Davis Newman’s story on Youtube, she recovered from an incurable ovarian cancer. We need to get GcMAF in the NHS, where it can save 120,000 lives a year.

Your sincerely,
Name, address, phone.

Write to your MP, copy the article Parliament Guilty from www.mhracorrupt. See: www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

We need a journalist to write the truth - anyone know anyone?
We need a documentary made.

Streamed live 17th May 2019

Case Number E01NE627 Civil Case by Gateshead Council against Mark Steele
Judge Kramer decided Mark Steele should be fined £250, suspended for 2 years. Gateshead Council were seeking costs of £3,100 but the judge denied this.
There were no main stream reporters in court again.
Gateshead Council provided no evidence to suggest Mark Steel was wrong
We need the public to raise awareness and question 5G and LED street lighting in their areas
20 institutions are involved with the latest study which came out of Barcelona, published by Exeter University which shows the increased risk of cancer
There are no diffusers on the street lights which makes them extremely hazardous. They have category 3 optical radiation emissions which means you should wear protective eye wear
Your council has a constitution on their website, in most cases it can be downloaded. Gateshead Council's (286 pages) clearly spells out who is responsible for the health, safety and well being of the residents. If Council's don't make an effort to stop 5G they are clearly complicit.
The Government have allowed the telecom industry to put masts up to 75 feet in urban areas and 85 feet in rural areas. There are 35,875 in Gateshead by a company who have now gone into administration
The switching on of 5G in Korea in 5 cities have led to outbreaks of mass fires
Look at the research of Martin Paul who is raising awareness of the dangers of this technology
Exeter University and The Institute for Global Health based in Barcelona have put reports out stating the evidence of the health impact in communities

Streamed live 17th May 2019

5G, LED Streetlights and the Suppression of PROVEN CANCER CURES ...

2pm TODAY (Fri 17th May) Come along to Moot Hall, Newcastle NE1 1RQ ... to hear Judge Kramer rule on whether Mark Steele should be JAILED for holding Gateshead Council to account for unleashing 31,875 data trawling 5G LED streetlights on his Community!

Streamed live 16th May 2019

PLEASE SUPPORT MARK STEELE FOR HIS VERDICT TOMORROW at 2pm, Court address is as follows: Crown Court, Moot Hall, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1RQ.
Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council are trying to get Mark Steele JAILED for asking the HARD QUESTIONS about 5G & LED Streetlights.
Gateshead Council have not produced any technical evidence or technical specialists to say they haven't rolled out 5G.
This devise has been installed on over 35.000 street lights in Gateshead and is indeed 5G data collection devices.
Gatehead Councils attempts to jail Mark Steele revolved around 2 emails and a phone call, this is hardly harassment.
5G awareness in the public is thanks to the alternative media. There was no main stream media in court today which wasn't missed by Judge Kramer.
Ian R Crane has received news today that he has a 3 day ban on Facebook.

Streamed live 15th May 2019

Reporting from beneath a heavily 'Geo-Engineered' Sky in East Lancashire!
Meanwhile, please come along to support Mark Steele in Court at 10.00am (meet outside the Court at 9.30am) on Thursday 16th May 2019 ... The Court address is as follows: Moot Hall, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RQ

Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council are trying to get Mark Steele JAILED for asking the HARD QUESTIONS about 5G & LED Streetlights ... funnily enough, GMBC would rather seek to jail anyone who holds Elected Representatives & Council Officers to account for their decision to roll out this pernicious technology! :-(

Streamed live 13th May 2019

- Mark Steele is back in court Thursday 23rd May 2019.
- 5G is probably the most oppressive threat to humanity and all life right across the planet.
- Fake activist groups like Extinction Rebellion are a distraction from real threats.
- Climate change as a result from solar activity.
- Jet streams are running vertical as opposed to horizontal pushing the growing zones further south.
- Predictions of population reduction in Northern Europe, Northern United States, Canada and the Northern parts of Russia and China, pushing people further South.
- David DuByne's presentation is significant and will be put up on social media soon
- More than half of the tickets for AV11 next year have been sold
- To view AV10; https://alternativeview.co.uk/
- Live stream is back on Wednesday 15th May 2019


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