Streamed live 20th March 2019

- Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern had a rapid rise to national office since she took on the leadership of the International Youth Socialist in 2008.
- Jacinda Ardern also worked as a policy adviser to the war criminal Tony Blair, prior to that she was working in the office of Helen Clark.
- Helen Clark, former New Zealand Prime Minister was gifted a role at the UN in return for her fulfilling the NWO agenda
- Anyone sharing live stream videos of New Zealand's shootings potentially face 12+ years in jail
- New Zealand are attempting to prevent people reading the Zero Hedge posting on this event. It makes the observation that an incident in North Korean Embassy in Madrid where there was an attempt to steal documents that might derail talks between Trump and Kim Jong-Un
- Brenton Tarrant seems to have an interesting background, there are suggestions he's not unknown to the security services
- Less than a decade ago there was earthquakes in New Zealand after a visit from The World Bank trying to persuade John Key he needed to borrow more money, he responded that this was not New Zealand's policy and they were operating within a balanced budget
- On at least 3 occasions after the earthquakes John Keyes referred to the man made earthquakes
- Early reports in New Zealand appear to be multiple people involved in shooting
- It's been reported that Teresa May is going to seek permission from the EU to extend the Brexit deadline
- When Britain is out of the EU other countries Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland will realise the extend they have been shafted by EU politicians and EU banks
- Majority want no deal on 29th March 2019
- If there is an extension to beyond 2020 then The Treaty of Lisbon will kick in, we will then loose the last vestiges of national sovereignty
- Massive unrest continues in France
- Mark Steele launched his croud justice campaign, initiated by his legal team (none of the money goes to Mark, it goes directly to his legal team). It is an attempt to challenge the legitimacy of Gateshead Council's roll out 5G and LED street lighting without undertaking any research or investigation regarding the negative health impact. It is the first case of this type
- Mark Steele's justice campaign has raised over £5,000 in less than 2 days
- Please come to London tomorrow, Mark Steele and his legal team will be launching their campaign
- Credit to Lee Rowley, MP for North Derbyshire yesterday succeeding in the first stage of bringing a private members bill to put into law the existing traffic light system where the fracking companies have to stop when they trigger a seismic event of 0.5 or above
- David Noakes is due to be released from Wandsworth Prison on Friday. When David is released the French authorities are going to initiate proceedings to extradite him to France
- Lyn Thyer will be back in the Courts of Justice next week, date to be announced

Streamed live 18th March 2019

- Christchurch, New Zealand mosque attack
- In December 2016 Benjamin Netanyahu told New Zealand minister for foreign affairs, Murray McCully that support for a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlement building in the occupied territories would be viewed as a "declaration of war", he went on to say "If you continue to promote this resolution from our point of view it will be a declaration of war, it will rupture relations between Israel and New Zealand and there will be consequences". Murray McCully refused to back down and said "This resolution conforms to our policy and we will move it forward".
- In middle of 2018 the Israeli press reported that New Zealand has yet again supported a one sided bias UN general assembly that censored Israel whilst ignoring the role of the terrorist organisation Hammas.
- In November 2018 New Zealand voted against Israel on 8 out of 9 resolutions before the UN security council. Israel reported, New Zealand's UN voting record on Israel has been highly problematic in recent years, over the course of his term, former Foreign minister, Murray McCully consistently refused to condemn Palestinian terrorism, this attitude culminated in his co-sponsership on behalf of New Zealand of UN security council resolution 2334 which one sidedly condemned Israel strongest terms over settlements, whilst making no demand on the Palestinians. In some ways New Zealands record of UN voting on Israel has become worse under the now Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, She has risen rapidly to the role of PM
- Northern Europe's immigration to destroy culture and economy
- Geopolitical scenario to the run up to the events in Wellington are similar to the events in Fulkashima and the e-coli outbreak in Germany which had a direct impact on Germany deciding to wind down their nuclear industry
- Former German foreign minister, Andreas Von Bulow shared his insights on 9/11
- France is being systematically destroyed culturally and financially. Reports from Paris of the horrific injuries, people loosing hands, someone loosing half a foot and more people loosing eyes
- Despite French media claiming the number of protesters are falling, it appears the opposite, Gilet Jaune is spreading across France
- Exit from EU approaching. Incompetence of politicians to deliver the wishes of the public

Streamed live 15th March 2019

- Political parasites ignore the UK public and follow the EU and global corporatists who are desperate to see EU countries culture and economy collapse
- The call for another vote has destroyed the Labour party
- The UK is now a one party state
- There are plans in the background to bring Tony Blair back into politics. He fails to comprehend he is the most detested politician. He is, as everyone knows responsible for illegal wars and for helping the demise of Britain's economy
- MP's voted to take no deal off the table and delay Brexit, this is a massive betrayal of the British public
- Vote is not legally binding so please put pressure on your MP's
- 5G agenda is gaining pace

Bradford on Avon, Friday 15th March 2019
The Royal Seven Stars Hotel, The Plains, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5DD on Saturday 16th March 2019 (Telephone: 01803 862 125 Email: [email protected])

- 5G technology is a threat to humanity, it's a military grade microwave technology attributed to be responsible for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) on armed forces
- 5G is being rolled out in USA and the developed world
- Ask your politicians to provide evidence that 5G and LED street lighting is safe
- AV10 residential tickets are sold out, day tickets are available at www.alternativeview.co.uk
- Lyn Thyer back in court in London on 25th March
- Mark Steele is back in Newcastle appealing his conviction for harassing Gateshead Council

- Extradition hearing is 700 days after the European arrest warrant was issued
- Lyn thanks everyone for attending the court hearing today and giving their support
- Crown prosecution hearing were struggling to find any evidence that Lyn had committed any crime
- Further hearing for Lyn Thyer towards the end of the month
- Extradition hearing on 28th March for Davis Noakes when he's released from prison in UK to extradite him to France
- David is still in Wandsworth jail spending 23 hours a day in solitary confinement
- 1 in 2 people are expected to get some form of cancer in the next decade

Streamed live 11th March 2019

PLEASE join me at the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London WC2A 2LL, at 9.30am on Tuesday 12th March 2019 for Lyn Thyer's extradition hearing

- Lyn Thyer (biochemist) is facing extradition by Le Cleiss (the French equivalent of the MHRA)
- Rise in knife crime. Dramatic fall in thugs being convicted in knife crime being sent to jail
- Protection of revenue stream of corporations
- Lyn Thyer's extradition order was issued 2 years ago, yet there is a 60 days limit from when it is issued
- We need a full court room tomorrow to support Lyn, please come and support her
- Increase in violence by children against their parents (main reason is reduced time allowed on phone).
- Momentum have released a video to stop the alleged anti-semitism in the Labour party. There are so many wrongly stated facts in the video. It says, It is a myth that The Bank of England is a private bank and The Bank of England is a state institution, This shows the length the political parties go to prevent people from knowing the truth.
- China has built more high speed railways than the rest of the world put together because the Chinese are not reliant on the global banking system. The Chinese government manages the issue of their own interest free currency.
- North Dakota is the only state in USA that isn't bankrupt because since the 1920's they have been outside of the Federal Reserve banking system. They issue their own interest free money for projects in the community.
- Livestream tomorrow afternoon after Lyn Thyer's court case

Streamed live 8th March 2019

- Birds are disappearing with the advancement of the telecom industry's 5G
- Seneter Blumenthal questioned the telecom industry about the safety of 5G
- Tree culling in cities
- 5G antenna every 30 metres
- Maurice Strong's 1992 document, Agenda 21 (now agenda 30)
- David Noakes was raided by the MHRA 4 years ago for producing GcMaf
- Big Pharma says 1 in 3 people will have cancer in their life. It is estimated everyone will get some type of cancer by 2040
- Lyn Thyer (biochemist) is facing extradition by Le Cleiss (the French equivalent of the MHRA)
- The European arrest warrant rules there are 60 days to determine if the court can proceed with an extradition, this has clearly expired
- 5G tour being arranged from late May to mid July 2019

Please come to The Royal Courts of Justice to support Lyn Thyer at her extradition hearing;

Lyn Thyer's extradition hearing
The Royal Courts of Justice
The Strand, London, WC2A 2LL
10.00am Tuesday 12th March 2019

Streamed live 7th March 2019

Lyn Thyer is facing extradition to France ... for the heinous crime of developing an EFFECTIVE CANCER TREATMENT!

Lyn Thyer's extradition hearing
The Royal Courts of Justice
The Strand, London, WC2A 2LL
10.00am Tuesday 12th March 2019

Streamed live 6th March 2019

Would that be the CANCER in Westminster ... or the the CANCER of the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) who are relentlessly targeting those who have PROVEN that CANCER can treated extremely effectively?

At 7.30pm on Thursday 7th March 2019, I shall be joined by Bio-Chemist Lyn Thyer on Episode #114 of HUMANITY vs INSANITY, who will talk about her persecution by Le Cleiss (the French equivalent of the MHRA) and their forthcoming attempt to seek an extradition order against her in the Royal Courts of Justice, London on Tuesday 12th March 2019 ... for the heinous crime of offering an extremely effective treatment for CANCER!

Streamed live 4th March 2019

- UK voted to leave the EU on 29th March, treasonous politicians need to stop campaining to stay in the EU
- Amber Rudd along with other MP's will be out of politics for going against the will of the people
- Politicians have gone against their electorates and set up a new independent party and encouraging another referendum
- Jeremy Corbin has ruined any chance of getting in by saying he would consider backing another referendum
- UK culture and finance will be destroyed unless people get involved with politics
- Please visit or contact your MP to ensure they are upholding brexit
- Royal Courts of Justice, London Wednesday 6th March at 10am, Teresa May wants to repeal the Human rights act of 1998 (based on the European Convention of Human Rights)
- David Noakes's biochemist partner in GcMaf, Lynne will be on Humanity Vs Insanity 7th March. She has been on restricted bail for over two years and is facing extradition to France
- Mark Steele's court case with Gateshill Council on 28th March
- 5G Awareness Events;
Tuesday 26th March 2019 Truithjuice Birmingham
Wednesday 27th March 2019 North East
Friday 29th March 2019 in Cardigan, West Wales

Streamed live 1st March 2019

- Increasing number of people know it's imperative to leave the EU 29th March
- Theresa May was put in place to make a mess of Brexit
- May had to ask the Tory chief whip in Parliament which way to vote, this indicates she's not calling the shots
- It's crucial the population of UK take an interest and ensure MP's do what they are elected to do
- Jeremy Corbyn has ensured the Labour party won't get elected in near future
- South East are reliant on the EU gravy train but the rest of the population are less fortunate
- South East have been hit by earth quakes larger than North West last year
- 8 earthquakes in Newdigate, Surrey in between 2 fracking well sites yet Angus energy in Surrey claim they are not fracking
- The first earthquake on 14th March being a 2.4 seismic event and over 3 magnitude on 27th February. Residents say it felt like their house was falling down
- Link to seismic events in the UK; http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/earthquakes/recent_uk_events.html
- Michael Fallon (ex Minister for energy) is an enthusiast for fracking, but admitted it may cause seismic event
- Fracking companies deny any responsibility for sudden increase in seismic events in South East
- Brexit chaos gives the government an opportunity to bury other things eg 5G
- Nationwide tour to be organised on 5G late spring to early summer, please help support and promote events in your area
- 5G talk in North East Wednesday 27th March (day before Mark Steele's court case)
- Please come along to support Mark Steele at Newcastle Crown Court on 28th March
- Chaos in parliament, political system is broken.
- Social media is gaining ground, attempts to restrict contents that challenge the official narrative
- Living standards and disposable income has significantly reduced in the UK since EU interference

Published on Feb 25, 2019

Every elected representative, at every level of Local, District, County & National Government has an explicit responsibility to ensure that their decisions take account of the Health & Well-being of their Electorate ... so, when even the Telecom Industry representatives acknowledge that there are ZERO academic or scientific studies which declare 5G as safe, WHY are they not taking any interest in the concerns being expressed by an increasing number of Scientists?

Streamed live 25th February 2019

- Are you interested in organising a 5G awareness event in your area?
- 5G warning over Chinese dominated tech firm, Highway (HUAWEI) access to our information
- Senator Richard Blumenthal established that there is not a single scientific or academic study in the public domain that suggests that 5G technology is safe
- Small insects, bugs and small birds are disappearing, only pigeons and magpies are left
- Teresa May has called for another Brexit vote on 12th March
- Lynne (David Noakes partner) in the GcMaf hearing at The Royal Courts of justice, London on 12th March. She is facing an extradition order to France by the French Government agency (equivalent to MHRA) for the charges of producing GcMaf for cancer patients. Please come to the court to support her.
- Please visit or write to your MP to ensure that we will get what we voted for to leave the EU
- Mark Steele is back in court on 28th March against Gateshead Council regarding 5G, please come along and support him
- A 5G awareness event will be arranged in the North East for 27th March.
- 5G awareness event on 29th March outside Cardigan in West Wales
- Globalist Richard Branson trying to undermine the elected president of Venezuela, Maduro by organising a concert
- Photo of Juan Guaidó (opposition to Maduro) in Freemasons regalia will be put on twitter
- Goal is to help the US gain Venezuela's oil reserves
- US foreign policy is "You have the oil, we have the democracy"
- Venezuelan people are coming together and will hopefully resist this attempt to undermine them
- Maduro is rightly refusing 'humanitarian aid' from the US, most come on the signature of US Neo-con Elliot Abrams, he has a track record of sending arms with a few GM ready meals on top.

Streamed live on 22 Feb 2019

There is not a single scientific or academic report, anywhere in the public domain, which declares 5G technology to be SAFE ... yet it is being rolled out across the so-called developed world!!

Streamed live 22nd February 2019

- Everyone welcome to a talk on 5G, Smart metre technology and the impact on our health tonight in The Town Hall, Bossell Road, Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0DD. 7.30pm to 9.30pm (doors open at 7). £5 or £3 concessions, tickets sold at the door
TQ11 0DD. 7.30pm to 9.30pm (doors open at 7). £5 or £3 concessions, tickets sold at the door
- Foreign infiltration of UK politics
- Funding of a group of independent MP's and bribery of the state of Israel
- Macron attempting to change law to made criticism of Zionism a crime of hate speech
- Video evidence of Joan Ryan accepting £1 million pounds from a representative of Israel and bringing down MP's who are critical of the Israeli agenda, particularly Palestine. She left Labour and joined the new pro-EU Independent Group (TIG)
- Treasonous MP's are Chuka Umunna MP for Streatham, Luciana Berger MP for Liverpool Wavertree, Mike Gapes MP for Ilford South, Chris Leslie MP for Nottingham East, Angela Smith MP for Pedistone and Stocksbridge, Ann Coffey MP for Stockport, Gavin Shuker MP for Luton South, Joan Ryan MP for Enfield North.
- The MP's who have joined the pro-EU The Independent Group (TIG) formed in February 2019 are Chris Leslie, Gavin Shuker, Chuka Umunna, Mike Gapes, Angela Smith, Luciana Berger, Ann Coffey, Sarah Wollaston, Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry, Joan Ryan
- Sarah Wollaston MP for Totnes helped show her allegiance to big pharma by helping to shut down an event for alternative treatments for cancer in Totnes, Devon
- Treasonous MP's who are financed by foreign entities should step down
- It is crucial we leave the EU. Global corporatist's and their global banker financiers will do all they can to destroy the economy and the culture of the UK
- It is crucial we leave the EU 29th March as there could be civil unrest. The UK police are stocking up on rubber bullets
- In USA the fracking waist is of such a magnitude it is being used on food irrigation, dust suppression and even swimming pools
- Ted Heath and his advisors knew in 1972 with The European Communities Act that the UK would become a vassal state of Brussels
- When we are out of EU and self governed all MP's need to be held to account and know we are not open to bribes
- When we've left EU we need to focus on the occult groups like Common Purpose, Freemasonry and anyone that has a loyalty to any hierarchy other than that which is in the public domain need to share their dual loyalty. We need a society with greater transparency

Streamed live 21st February 2019

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

Streamed live 18th February 2019

- The Royal Society, Harvard and even Bill Gates have been talking about geo-engineering.
- NGO's and Environmental groups acting as gate keepers refusing to talk about geo-engineering.
- Jim Ratcliffe (owns 60% of INEOS) and has acquired over a million acres of land across the north of England to potentially frack.
- His estimated worth is £21 billion. The worldwide revenue of INEOS is reported to be in excess of £40 billion per annum.
- Ratcliffe has moved to Monaco to avoid paying any tax in this country
- INEOS does not trade on the stock exchange, it is a private company.
- Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) had been structured to give the corporations power over national governments.
- The people of Derbyshire and Yorkshire said they do not want fracking in the 3 potential sites in their areas.
- In 2013 Jim Ratcliffe shafted the trade unions and employees at the Grangemouth Refinery. He was threatening to shut the refinery unless he got a massive bail out from the government. He got £134 million from the government and bought yacht for £130 million with £4 million per year running cost. He also wanted the employees to take a significant reduction in pension benefits which, he did by bribing them to take one off payments and reducing the power of the trade unions. He then made a video showing how he did this for other corporations.
- Jim Ratcliffe wants the seismic limits increased by Greg Clarke in Tunbridge Wells and Clare Perry in Devises. Please put pressure on these MP's and let them know they are under the spot light with regard to any dealings with Jim Ratcliffe.
- Cuadrilla caused 57 seismic events at Preston New Road, Blackpool.
- Mads Palsvig of Denmark (banker turned politician) and his party JFK21 will be standing in the elections to represent the people against the global corporations which he is exposing.
- £39 Billion is amount being spoken of as an exit payment from EU, this is an enormous amount of money.
- The EU needs us far more than we need them.

Streamed live 15th February 2019

- Geo-engineering, Environment ngo's and Government are quiet about chemtrails despite a decade ago The Royal Society and Harvard discussing it
- USA's foreign policy against Venezuela
- John Bolton appears to think he's here to initiate World War 3
- The US have initiated the process to influence their puppet allies to state they would not recognise Maduro as their legitimate leader. There is photographic evidence of the opposition Juan Guaido in his freemasonic regalia
- Nicolas Maduro was seeking to improve Venezuela's standard of living with the countries enormous estimated reserves of 300 billion barrels of oil and gold. Maduro had entered into an arrangement with Russian experts to come in and help to increase the oil production and mine for gold
- Our elective representatives in Parliament have not prepared for Brexit on 29th March
- Gavin Williamson, Secretary for Defence doesn't think of the implications of the immature comments he makes
- China is the main provider for the technology of 5G being implemented in the UK
- China is the most significant operator in the North Sea production of oil and gas
- Write to MP's demanding Europe doesn't get our money, £39 billion will help our own economy after Brexit
- If Brexit is stalled then Pro-Brexit MP's are being deliberately divided to create more political parties so the status quo can be maintained
- The alternative media is increasingly attacked as it gains more attention
- 14th weekend of yellow vests in France. Former champion boxer of France Christoph gets prison sentence for attacking a few members of the riot police, the CRS. The 2 CRS riot police are also suing him, 117,000 euros was raised to help Christoph until this fundraising site was shut down by the government. The government didn't shut down the fundraising site of the CRS officers which apparently reached over a million euros.
- Nearly 1,800 have been convicted of offences related to the yellow vest protests
- Fracking
- Councillor of Brent, London say's she proud to rollout 5G LED street lights
- Politicians talk of climate change but totally ignore geo-engineering

Streamed live 13th February 2019

- Cuadrilla and Ineos are trying to persuade the government to relax the limits on seismic events.
- Caudrilla caused 57 seismic events, including 1.5 at Preston New Road, Blackpool.
- US and UK governments have expressed concerns about China's monopoly of telecom and 5G technology
- China is the largest single operator of the North Sea hydrocarbon
- Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation has taken ownership of a significant chunk of the UK's energy reserves
- Propaganda against Russia and China but US is a real treat to Venezuela with their massive oil reserves.
- Total and Chinese National Oil company announced that they had made a significant gas discovery in the North Sea estimated at 250 million barrels of oil
- Gavin Williams says we need to 'beef up' British military capability so Britain could respond to aggression from Russia and China
- Puppet politicians selling themselves to corporations
- Need for more regulation on MP's to ensure they are looking after electorates interest rather than corporations
- Increasing number of people taking an interest in alternative news
- Keep the pressure on MP's on every level and let them know they are under scrutiny

Streamed live 11th February 2019

- UK population are writing to MP's to demand they prepare for Brexit.
- EU wants 39 Billion of British money. British people do not want a deal.
- Rollout of 5G.
- First phase of 5G to be switched on later this year are in the cities of London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester.
- Second phase of 5G is to be switched on late 2019 to early 2020 in the cities of Newcastle, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol.
- Sheffield, Newcastle and elsewhere has had tree's culled ready for 5G.
- University of Surrey found that foliage blocks 5G, not just trees but even hanging baskets, especially when they're wet.
- The Physician's for Safe Technology say that The Telecommunications Act of 1996 not only helps rollout wireless but also dismisses any health concerns. Now that frequencies are increasing to the microwave range it's having a significant effect on health and the environment.
- The European Commission had a report done by The Scientific Committee for Health, published 20th December 2018 on Health, Energy and Environmental Issues. It says "5G network will soon be rolled out for mobile phone and smart device users. However, how exposure to electromagnetic frequencies effect humans remains a controversial area and studies have not yet yielded clear evidence of the impact on mammals, birds and insects. The lack of clear evidence to inform the development of exposure guidelines of 5g technology leaves open the possibility of unintended biological consequences".
- The increase in negative health in Gateshead coincides with the council's 5G street lighting being switched on.
- Bristol's increase in suicide.
- Bridgend's suicides over a decade ago, victims lived near phone masts.
- Fracking companies want the earthquake limits raised.
- Brutality of Macron's forces towards his own people. Man had his hand blown off by a grenade.

Streamed live 8th February 2019

- Mark Steele's court case with Gateshill Council late March to early April
- Yeovil's £14 Million LED street lights effect on motorists
- Bristol Student Union representative dismissed for claiming suicide was higher than officially reported
- Donald Tusk wonders if there is a special place in hell for those who led the UK to Brexit but have failed to prepare the country from it's departure
- Two and a half years since 17.4 million UK people voted to leave the EU
- EU's behaviour in France
- France and Germany's Aachan Treaty, a bilateral agreement within the EU and military unification
- EU have destroyed the economies of Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Ireland.
- Ireland's 16.5 million Euro's per day just on interest of bailouts forced on them almost a decade ago
- Greece finance minister Yanis Varoufakis claims he was pressured to accept EU's bailout despite population's vote to reject EU's bailout terms
- UK's exit from the EU on 29th March
- Fracking companies putting pressure on government to increase the guidelines on seismic limits
- Javid MP in parliament to represent interests of global bankers
- MHRA's head of operations and former Surrey police officer went after David Noakes and his team

Streamed live 6th February 2019

- David Noakes wishes to thank people who wrote to him offering support
- French biochemist faces extradition to France, hearing on 12th March.
- Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act 2016 provides a vehicle for doctors to try new medicines with patients consent. It is based on the private member’s bill famously brought before parliament by Lord Saatchi, following the tragic death of his wife from ovarian cancer in 2011 and a two-year campaign. It was passed onto MP for Daventry Chris Heaton-Harris; http://medicalinnovationbill.co.uk/the-access-to-medical-treatments-innovation-bill/
- mhracorrupt.st
- EU decides to withdraw licensing for cbd oil.
- Forbes magazine claims an Israeli biotech company will have cancer cure within one year.
- Please support Mark Steele. 9am at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday 8th February case starts 10am sharp.
- www.5gexposed.com
- Studies into 5G street lighting by Exeter University and Barcelona Institute of Global Health show an increase in breast and prostrate cancer. Frequencies of 5G are disruptive to hormones.
- Bristol and York universities were test beds for the roll out of 5G. There was an increase in suicides for both universities.
- Ben Gilroy, 3 months in jail for making the observation that the Irish Judiciary are corrupt.
- GiletJaune. Increase in French police suicides. French police and CRS are concerned about being instructed to fire at the heads of protestors.
- Venezuelan sanctions and foreign interference.

Streamed live 4th February 2019

- SMART Meters to monitor Dementia patients
- Massive increase in TEEN SUICIDES
- PTSD / Depression / Suicide amongst ex-military personnel
- Venezuela Oil & Globalist war-monger John Bolton
- MSM silence on French Police brutality in Gilet-Jaune protests

Streamed live 1st February 2019

Streamed live 30th January 2019

Streamed live 25th January 2019


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