People in Poland protest against government decisions

People protests in Peru against government decisions January 2021. Please share, people need to know!

Italian MP Sara Cunial tells Italian parliament why she wants Bill Gates arrested

People protesting in Russia on the last weekend of January against their government's decisions.

People protesting in India against government's decisions in January 2021. Everyone needs to hear about this!

People protesting their government's decisions in SA in January 2021. Please share this video, because people need to know!

MUSTSEE video - This is the best documentary i have seen so far explaining what is going on in the world right now; it is not mine but it is being deleted from many platforms and that is why i am sharing it on my channel. The more digital warriors save this information, the bigger the possibility that it won't go lost. SHARE SHARE SHARE and download if you can -save it for future generations who might not know or remember what freedom is - it is deleted from youtube

Marc van Ranst describes how to fool the general public into doing what you want them to do -regarding pandemic and medical care

Het Kerstverhaal anno 2020. Bevallen van de messias in coronatijd.

Verbannen video van het RIVM over mondkapjes van februari 2020! Dit is wat zij oorspronkelijk zeiden

World Economic Forum: "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy" (While Oligarchs Own Everything)
They retracted this video from their website, but you can still watch it here. This is what the world will be for our children if we don't stop them asap!


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