Amusing uneven clip of last stretch before entering the Tunnel of St. Bernardino - 7 Km long, 1,631m H. A long boring slow drive - but it's a must because it's better to be slow than to be fast and dead.

an itinerary through places and faces in this funny world of ours

Ogni primo maggio si rinnova il Voto della Città di Cagliari - e della Sardegna tutta - di devozione al Santo Martire che liberò la città e l'isola dalla Peste Nera; San Carlo Borromeo liberò in presenza, con preci, la sua citta, Milano; S. Efisio lo fece per intercessione prosso il Signore.

Un'automobile che ha fatto la storia - giovane oggi come ieri. L'auto dei nostri anni verdi.

Many trips to the Subcontinent let me have a good insight on people and their lives.

Many inevitable situations, or can they be modified, reversed?

It will take a lot of doing and loads of healthy, realistic pragmatism - not what politicians thrive on there, more than anywhere else.

One of the many pearls that grace the coasts of the Italian Mediterranean - Cagliari, a city on an island, with a very ancient history, and an interesting relationship with Mare Nostrum

North, South, East, West
Business took me to many places around the world.
A few stills are collected here, from the uncountable beautiful sites I saw and admired

Tone Fink Vernissage [Prantl&Boch] in Dornbirn

- Enjoying Israel -


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