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This is my very first video speaking Japanese! In college, I took a semester of Japanese and was able learn just enough write a script for this video. I am very excited to be a step closer to speaking Japanese conversationally.

Japanese is a Category 5 language, and it can take up to 88 weeks (2200 hours) of study time to really learn it. Category 5 languages are considered exceptionally difficult for native English speakers, so I am really challenging myself with this one (: I love you guys! Keep exploring culture, and never stop the pursuing your own personal growth.

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Sometimes our world seems so small because we are exposed only to our own culture. I made this video to connect two worlds and prove that we all have common ground. I find it fascinating that there are so many "twin" celebrities within Hollywood and Brazil! I love comaring and contrasting cultures because I learn what makes us as humans unique. I hope you enjoy! xoxo- India INTL

WOW! Food in Israel is as diverse as the people there. It is incredible to learn about culture through food (especially if your tummy can handle taking risks). I know there is a lot more street food in this amazing country than what I could show, but I didn't have a ton of time to capture it all. Guess I am going to have to go back for part 2!! I love you all, and please leave feedback (:

(Vocês querem uma tradução em português? Me avisa!)

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Hey friends! Today I am sharing how long it took me to learn Portuguese and how you can also speak it (Especially if you already speak Spanish). I will be sharing my progress videos and much more (: Tell me in the comments: Why do you want to learn Portuguese?

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Hey guys it's India International in São Paulo, Brazil doing a Brazilian model workout with my great friend Ana Carolina Jorge (@anacarolinajorge)! As a model, she knows a lot about the workout culture in Brazil. Hope you enjoy our collab!


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Hey dear friends, it's India International again! (: I recently went on a trip to Argentina, and I wanted to share some interesting cultural discoveries I made with you guys. I live in Brazil right now, so it was remarkable to be able to see a culture that is so different from Brazil. Even though they are neighbors, these 2 countries are vastly different. Not only do they speak different languages, but even the people and customs are totally unique! I highly recommend everyone to visit Argentina because the natural beauty and culture are captivating. THANK YOU ARGENTINIANS FOR HAVING ME! I love you!!


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Link to my reaction to Brazilian Doritos:

Hey my sweet friends! I've missed you. Today I am going to be doing a test to see which are better: American or Brazilian Doritos. Did you know there is actually a difference?

I love comparing cultures and food from around the world. Who knew that even Doritos could vary from country to country?! It reminds me that, although we are all people we are also beautifully unique. I am so grateful to be able to explore culture through my videos. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoy (:

Also sorry for the bad shots and audio. I am working with a broken tripod and no mic... hopefully I can get new ones soon!

Oi amigos, tudo bem? Hoje eu estou compartilhando como é ter um sotaque americano quando eu falo português. Pode ser difícil às vezes, mas já eu me acostumei com isso. Se você tem um sotaque quando fala inglês, tudo bem! Faz parte da sua identidade (: Obrigada por assistir e por favor inscreva-se para que eu possa alcançar minha meta de 10000 inscritos!

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Hey friends! My name is India Persaud and I'm from the US. Currently, I live in Brazil and have had so many amazing experiences here. Today I am sharing my thoughts on Brazil's defeat to Belgium in the 2018 World Cup. Please remember that this is just my opinion and I know that others may disagree (: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! You guys are the best!


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Hey friends! My name is India Persaud and my dream is to be sponsored to go to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Can you or someone you know help me?! Thanks!!!!!!

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Watch Brazilians try the famous American treat: the s'more!!!

Hello friends! This video is about me, an American, reacting to Brazilian Youtubers with other Brazilians. Enjoy (: Thank you Expert English Academy!

Learn English here:

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This is a debate between Brazilians and an American discussing which is better: soccer or football? The Brazilians in the video are learning English, and wanted to join me to practice in this light-hearted debate. Enjoy friends!

Watch me test my Spanish-speaking friends to see if they can understand Portuguese too! Comment if YOU can understand as well!


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