Weyland Yutani operative RB9K survived the events on the Rickenbacker and delivered a sufficient inventory of samples.

This is his report.

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The USS Rickenbacker has dropped communications. Come with us in a joint operation between the USCMC, the corporation and colonists in determining & mitigating the situation.

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The Kasarda drill was actually named by a long time 2g-ACM shooter, not me, so it is what it is. But what the Kasarda drill is is an essential part of 2g-ACM philosophy and approach to shooting competition in that it perfectly blends the physical, mental and shooting all into one tight package and stage; simple to put together, simple to host but hard to succeed at.

In this video we discuss the safe methods of performing this drill and hopefully give you some tips in regards to succeeding at your own attempts at this painful, yet useful, shooting exercise.

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Karl and Ian were invited up to 2g-ACM Phoenix by Paul, the match director, and provided two mystery guns to compete against each other with - neither of them knowing what the heck they were going to be provided.

Let's see how that worked out!

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On March 18, 1882, Morgan Earp was assassinated, literally shot in the back, while playing a game of billiards at the Campbell and Hatch saloon on Allen Street. This murder was a revenge killing based on October 26th, 1881 Fremont street fight, otherwise now referred to as the "Gunfight at the OK Corral".

Wyatt witnessing the murder of his brother Morgan, as well as the crippling of his other brother Virgil, launched him on a vigilante killing spree now referred to as his "Vendetta Ride".

We have attempted to give you the most accurate historical narrative of Morgan Earp's death that is possible, filmed on location.

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Sadly, the internet is a contentious place and we have to sometimes do videos we don't want to do.

This is one of them as we need to put down some of the rumors thhj!JK!& jfJJJz,,77u¨¶¶©ƒ©ƒiikKk,,,, ew VARUstel**˙¶¶†®´∑∑ß∂ƒ©˙˜∫yhqhhhj1j,,,,∆∆∆∫˜˜,,hDK MAYOnaise,838•¶∆∆≤æææææ.

For more information please see this link:

Heckler & Koch has finally released a pistol version of their iconic MP5 to the market. Ian and Karl run time trials with the new SP5, including attempting to actually use a push sling, on the clock in contrast to a KE Arms 9mm PCC.

*REAL SCIENTIFIC DATA* is acquired allowing InRange, and all of its viewers, to determine the qualities of the HK SP5.

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We run the venerable M1 Garand through the InRange dust test.

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In this video Ian and Karl perform a number of time & accuracy based trials to determine if either the Sig P365 or the Springfield Hellcat has the advantage in regards to practical use.

Unbiased straight up testing, InRange style. Which gun is better?

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James C
Are 9mm pcc’s allowed?

Angus A
So if I was freakishly lucky enough to own an NFA full auto SMG from WW2, what classic division would it be? Is there a PCC category?

Brandon A
Can PCCs be shot in place of a rifle, and can they be still in pistol/pistol brace form?

Joe L
What would you consider the ideal setup to be for Retro?

Darren B
What would be your choice of pistol if shooting the “Retro” division?

Arturo C
Other than holsters, are there any rules or restrictions regarding gear (slings, pouches, belts, vests, etc.) for Retro?

Henry C
What is the rational for prohibiting an ambidextrous safety in Retro Division?

Samuel K
Whats the reason behind the "no rails" rule on retro and classic rifles?

Robert B
I am trying Armored +p this year. Looks like the rules have changed slightly. Can you clarify the changes.

dylan p
Will competitors in the manual division still have the same par time as the other divisions?

Christopher G
In regards to classic division handguns, particularly the pre-1946 designation. Are later manufacture date firearms that are otherwise identical to their pre 46 designs acceptable?

Spencer M
As a classic-manual combatant, assuming I'm in decent shape, and have functional weapon handling skills, how ready should I be to par every stage?

James B
To clarify - I've watched the videos you and Ian, BOTR have made re: bolt action rifles vs. semi autos... Have you seen folks take this as a challenge in matches in real life, rather than petulant foot stomping on the internet?

Can you recommend a good pistol holster for two-gun, because I’ve heard Karl say normal competition holsters don’t have enough retention?

Alexander H
Aimpoint Acro, DeltaPoint Pro, Trijicon RMR?

Why did you implement the new secondary equipment rules?

Donald W
Why no RATS tourniquets?

Andrew K
In past videos you have all stated that "slide mounted red-dots are the future;" when do you believe that compe..

Fun Gas Mask for Kids InRangeTV merch:

The spectre of chemical attacks during WW2 transcended the battlefield and extended into every day civilian life.

Adult masks were too large and heavy for children, so some unique and unusual designs came about as a result.

Let's take a brief look at a few of those in this video.

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InRangeTV launched the What Would Stoner Do (WWSD) project in 2017 with the goal of revisiting the intentions of Eugene Stoner when he developed the AR10, ultimately scaled down to the AR15 with Jim Sullivan, wherein Stoner leveraged aerospace technologies, concepts and materials in regards to designing the world's most modern rifle. He succeeded in these goals but he was initially ahead of his time - an inline design composed of aluminum and fiberglass was something foreign & weird, certainly not a fighting man's rifle, right?

Ultimately the AR15 became the world's best, most reliable, handy and capable fighting rifle against all odds of existing bias and even sabotage. However, over time, the AR15 has gradually be modified by "one good idea at a time" and the AR/M16 of today has dramatically deviated from the original vision of Eugene Stoner. We aimed to bring the AR15 back to its roots, but with modern materials and concepts in 2017, and feel that we succeeded well beyond our expectations. The 2017 WWSD rifle turned into a wonderfully well balanced, accurate and durable gun that did indeed capture the spirit of those goals from the late 1950's.

Unfortunately, the only good and viable polymer lower on the market become nearly inaccessible. The company that manufactured them went dark and the remaining inventory of those on the market went up in value and became difficult to obtain. This lower was one of the most quintessential elements of what made the WWSD rifle what it is.

We are *very* excited to announce today that we're launching WWSD2020 in which we're going to revisit all of what we did in 2017, but now with a brand new Mk3 Lower that is being manufactured by KE Arms, under the watchful eye of Russell Phagan (Sinistral Rifleman), who has a superb and institutional knowledge of the previous lowers and can incorporate lessons learned into the manufacture of this new MK3 and WWSD2020 rifle.

Ultimately this effort will culminate in no..

Jeremy R
What is your AR maintenance regimen? You talk both about never cleaning/oiling your rifles while stating how a well maintained AR runs very well for a long time.

grant M
Repeat question: would you be interested in mud testing a Galil Ace, since it's essentially a sealed AK?

Keith D
Do you have a good source for parts for French military rifles, specifically rear sight leafs for a MAS-36?

Heal Team Six
Would you briefly entertain and scrutinize the idea of an "empty magazine" bolt lock mechanism that locks forward instead of backward, with one round still in the chamber, automatically activating your safety until a new magazine is inserted, allowing for one "emergency round" to be discharged by manually disengaging the safety during a combat reload, in addition to no longer needing to utilize any sort of bolt release or charging handle during extended use? Useful? Niche? Crazy? Stupid?

Austin T
Repeat question:
If you lived in a country/state with an arbitrary magazine capacity restriction, at what Number of rounds (15 rds, 10 rds, 5 rds, etc) would you rather just go with a 308/full power rifle instead of a 5.56/intermediate power cartridge? (For your general purpose / only rifle)

Have you tried mating the BRN-180 to the CAV-15 lower from your WWSD rifle yet? If so how has that worked-out?

Jay W
Ian: Could you describe in detail the process you went through to find and reactivate your DEWAT Chauchat? Where is a good place to find DEWAT guns to purchase?

Matthew J
32 ACP - what is it good for, aside from being the caliber that all the interesting European pocket pistols of the 20th century were designed around?

Jeff K
Repeat: if we are Americans wanting to go to Finnish brutality can you guys help with gear?

Karl do you like french firearms? You have said that famas is good bullup how about other french weapons?

2nd time asking. Karl I notice you use ALG triggers in pretty much all your AKs. Have you had any excessive w..

Nathaniel H
What role if any do you see small arms playing in a hypothetical second Korean War?

Joshua H
If you could do anything to Improve the Bianchi UM84 to make it a better combat holster, what would you do?

Craig S Jr.
The year is 1866 and you need a combat-ready rifle: Dreyse, Henry, Spencer, or rifled musket?

Arturo C
Why didn't you attend Red Oktober 2019 ... is it no longer the type of "match" that you like?

Jasper W
How is POA/POI effected when you turn a firearm on its side to shoot around a barricade?

London Jolly
What's the firearm that stands out in your mind as being much worse than everyone seems to say? If I were to throw my hat in, it'd be the G3, despite my want for an A3 clone?

Jamie B
What are your thoughts on using handloads for self defense?

Martin H
What’s the best way for a tourist to the US to experience historical firearms that they can’t experience back home, semi/full auto specifically?

Jon B
Do all open bolt firing machine guns have disconnector functions to prevent out of battery discharge?

What’s a good pistol holster for two-gun?

Brock D
Why no aluminum case rifle ammunition?

what would kind of stages/ targets/ things would you add to 2gACM if you had no money, range, or time limitations?

Colton B
Karl has talked about using ballistol to neutralize the effects of corrosive primers, and I have tried this, but despite copious amounts of Ballistol and scrubbing, I have still had trouble with some of my guns. Have you ever encountered this, and if so what do you do?

What in your opinion is the most important misconception about firearms to fix?

Josh M
Have I made a grave mistake by joining the discord secret santa?

Jordan M
You could own only 5 machine guns what would they be?

John W
What size/type of footwear do you both wear?

Your targets take alot of abuse from 2 gun.
Is there a certain brand of steel target you prefer?

Brian I
Why did you leave the brake on the XCR during th..

The mud corrupted AUG receives a proper prison shower post test:

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Surefire has released an enhanced AR15/M16 BCG which was designed by none other than Jim Sullivan himself, the man who downsized the AR10 into the AR15 originally in collaboration with Eugene Stoner.

The changes Mr. Sullivan made to the BCG reflect his design goals and ideals around how the M16 should function. In this video we discuss what he modernized and why.

InRange is entirely a viewer supported project:

Per a lot of requests and one very generous gun donor, we finally bring you a Steyr AUG mud test.

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YouTube's new Terms of Service (TOS) change on Dec 10, 2019 and it contains this text:

"YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable. "

InRange predicted the usurpation of YouTube by the old mass media 3 years ago and this is one more step in that direction.

YouTube new TOS:

YouTube metadata exploit, now closed:

P-score list:

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In this video we discuss the origins of the Winchester lever action rifle and the developmental changes from the 1860 Henry to the 1873 Winchester.

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This is a visual tour of the very under appreciated, yet very good and well designed, Japanese WW2 Type 99 Light Machine Gun chambered in 7.7x58 Arisaka.

InRange is entirely viewer supported:

In this video we directly compare two 1860 Henry Reproductions, one from Uberti Italy and the other from Henry USA.

Are there any significant differences?
Is one better than the other?
Which one should you buy?

InRange is entirely viewer supported:

When your body armor stops a projectile, there's still significant energy that must be displaced in the process. The type of armor you choose and how you use it, or layer it, is critical.

We work with Gary Hughes of Survival Armor in this video to demonstrate the differences in how steel, ceramic and ceramic with soft armor backer dramatically changes how that energy is displaced, thus reducing the risk of blunt force trauma to the wearer.

Also, a big thank you to Primary & Secondary for bringing us together to do this excellent collaborative work!

Survival Armor:

Primary & Secondary:

InRange is entirely viewer supported:

Trystan R
What are your thoughts on polymer cased ammo such as True Velocity?

Craig S Jr.
Karl, what's the differences in gear (not the guns themselves, but rather say accessories and web gear) between 3-gun and 2-gun?

Carol K
What makes a gun too precious to shoot?

For tuning the action of a DI AR-15, one can use an adjustable gas block, change the mass of the bolt carrier/buffer, or change spring rate of the buffer spring. What method do you suggest for getting the lowest recoil impulse?

Sean S
What do you think of the DERPGRU phenomena?

Kris with a K
Being a content creator having to spend time on social media platforms, how do you manage negativity that comes with said platforms?

Eamon B
Do you ever have issues with stuff mounted on guns, such as lasers and lights, getting hung up on firing ports such as on VTAC barricades, and if so, do you ever take them off for competitions?

Carl V
Are there any plans to increase the amount of shooters in the next Finnish Brutality so more people can join this awesome experience?

John H
The M1 carbine has a reputation for being unreliable. What was wrong with it? Design flaw? Ammunition? Unrealistic expectations?

Ron B
On the AR -15 platform, can you give us an idea of the loss of accuracy from having a tradition pinned front sight base/gas block combo vs a full floating hand guard setup? Could you characterize it in percent MOA loss?

London Jolly
What are your thoughts on running a chest rig over a slick plate carrier?

John G
As InRange continues to evolve, what’s been the most surprising development?

Nick N
What is your opinion of the BRN-180 thus far?

Josh W
How well do you think VR will work as a cost effective way to train firearm manipulation, and or pilots or anything similar?

Nathan F
Is a heavy trigger an acceptable, practical and usable form of safety?

Andrew M
What is your opinion on "PDW" stocks for AR-15s? Do they have any practical value or are they just a gimmick?


In previous AP ammunition tests we provided that M61 308 AP "Black Tip" would sail right through one of these plates so when we came to test the 30-06 M2 equivalent we decided to double the thickness by stacking two plates on one another.
The result was quite interesting.

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In this video we briefly cover the origins of Billy Kid (now referred to as Billy The Kid) and what brought him, and the Lincoln County Regulators, to murder Sheriff Brady and Deputy Hindman in plain sight on April 1, 1878 in Lincoln, NM.

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