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We really don't do a lot of reviews of new guns on InRange because we're only interested in interesting guns, and most new guns aren't interesting. The Hudson H9 is interesting and we're very excited to be able to do a review and have hands on with this unique pistol.

That said, we've had far too little time with it at this point to make a real review!

We want InRange reviews to be as thorough and legitimate as possible, so that's not this video. In this video we go through unboxing, and firing our first rounds through the gun, then give our initial first impressions:

How does it feel?
Is it zeroed out of the box?
Can we spin a spinner with this thing with no practice?
...and more.

So, check it out, and please stay tuned for more Hudson H9 content coming soon to InRange!

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First off, the Norgon ambi-mag release is a super product and we *highly* recommend it as part of you WWSD build:

It turns out, however, that there's actually a specialized tool that you can buy for $7 to install a magazine release in your AR15:

Don't buy that unless you're an armorer on an assembly line.

This tool seems absurd, and so I decided to see if I could install the button with a different tool: a banana.

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We just received a Hudson H9 and the rumors we've heard about the trigger are true - it's amazing!

In this brief video we demonstrate how fast the H9 can actually be run with its stock, out of the box, trigger.

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If you're interested in a physical, mental and shooting skill challenging event that will put you in check - Tiger Valley and this match will do that, and in large doses.

Tiger Valley's 2man team match was run for a few years awhile back but died off in 2014 due to lack of interest.
This was a *terrible loss* to the shooting community as it was the most epic, and successful, attempt at combining practical/tactical/training & competition into one scored event.

The goal of Tiger Valley’s team match was to bring “SWAT Team” style competitions to anyone, not just SWAT teams, thus the emphasis on scoring, stage design and challenges are quite unique when compared to almost any other match environment.

There's quite literally nothing else like it that I've ever seen and InRangeTV worked with Tiger Valley and TJ to bring it back to life in 2017. It was a glorious success and we expect to see it return again in 2018 even bigger and badder.

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Stage 1: Mass Graves

InRangeTV was at the first Red October AK match in 2016, and we returned in 2017. The match is nearly double the size of the inagural event, coming in at over 200 competitors!

Ian brought his Valmet, and Finnish gear in the AK "Light" division.

Karl competed in "Armored" with 6b43/45 "Ratnik" Russian LBV and plates along with the Ak74 he won last year now field modified to replicate Russian specialist configs. We're lovingly calling this ~12lbs beast the "Alpha" AK.

If you're interested in acquiring the best AK money can buy, literally made by magical elves (Fuller & his crew), please visit Rifle Dynamics here:

For more information about the SUPS range in Utah:

ROAK match information:

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Nothing has generated more controversy around the WWSD project than our choice of the GWACS Polymer lower receiver.

Well, nothing besides the lack of BUIS, pencil barrels, a Holosun optic, chosing a 14.5" barrel for the carbine, chosing a 18" barrel for the rifle, using an expensive carbon fiber float tube, using an expensive charging handle and, of course, the lack of a forward assist.

The GWACS (previously CavArms MK2) lower is the best of breed polymer lower on the market and the only one we'd consider for this project.

It's not perfect, however, and we discuss both the benefits and detriments of it in this WWSD video.

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The Finns have historically taken Russian guns and designs and improve them dramatically. They successully improved the functional, yet rather lackluster and unimpressive Mosin-Nagant through a number of iterations.

We briefly discuss and demonstrate the history of the Finnish Mosin-Nagants in this video.

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The MGM Spinner target seems to demoralize more competitive shooters than any other challenge presented at a match.

Many people are psychologically defeated by it before they start, that's one problem, but the other issue is that this target requires patience while on the clock. Waiting for the right time to shoot seems like wasting time when time is score, but it's actually the right thing to do.

In this video Sinistral Rifleman (Russel Phagan) and I discuss and demonstrate how to win against this devious target.

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InRangeTV and Primary & Secondary conspired with Dugan Ashley of CarnikCon to ensure that all science in this video was properly sciencey, so this is the only armor test you'll ever need to watch:

AR500 steel plate armor will absolutely stop incoming rounds, but what about the spalling?

When a projectile hits and stops on this plate, it essentially disintegrates and those bits have to go somewhere.

Those bits, along with any actual fragmentation from the steel plate itself, can be as lethal as the projectile itself.

This problem exists potentially with all armor, but it's particularly more likely with steel plates. AR500 coats their armor with a rhino liner like substance that is intended to mitigate this issue.

In this video we test AR500 coated plates by hitting it with a variety of different rounds and investigate the spalling, or lack there of, generated as a result of the impact.

Primary & Secondary purchased the armor for this test, consider giving them your support as well:

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Mud Test: Enfield Ishapore 2a/2a1

We receive endless requests for mud tests, but the Enfield has been high on that already large list.

We decided to give the Enfield it's best chance of success by using the Ishapore 2a chambered in 308 NATO. This rifle is identical in every way to the WW1 Enfield, albeit chambered in a rimless round.

Here we go...

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