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Welcome Truth Seeker

This channel is dedicated to the truth. Ever since I was young it was my dream to run my own TV show and create content. Some Twenty odd years later, I have all the gear and time to make that dream come true and create content to share with the world, educating and inspiring in the process.

You only need eyes and an IQ of 40+ to be able to tell something is not quite right in the world. The Wars, the Murders, the Child Abuse and Paedophilia, The Royal Families that control the masses, The War on Consciousness, Freedom and Human Liberties, the Space lies, Scientism, the true nature of the world and much more.

I also cover a wide range of Psychedelic related content and the idea of sel-actualization through the responsible use of psychedelics.

Those are just some of the topics that will be covered here on my channel.

Join me on the quest to finding the truth about what is really going on, who we really are and why we are really here.

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