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The policy of engagement has been the cornerstone of US foreign policy regarding China for decades. At this point, most people realize that this policy has been a failure. In this video I cover why I believe that engagement with China was always doomed to fail.

Why is "China virus" supposedly racist while "South African variant" is not? Because the claim is one part bullshit, one part propaganda, and one part projection.

Styxhexenhammer666 gave some advice in his video "The Police Aren't Racist... They're Sexist!". I decided to initiate a conversation on the basis of that advice. This was the result.

May 1st saw global demonstrations against the ongoing lockdowns. Demonstrations happened in Norway as well. These are my thoughts after attending.

Mob justice is injustice. My thoughts on the trial of Derek Chauvin.

In this video I try to convey what I see as the most essential points from the book "Unrestricted Warfare".
00:00 - Introduction
3:09 - Part I: Redefining War
8:32 - Part II: How To Wage Modern Warfare
12:34 - Part III: China VS Taiwan, a Case Study
28:18 - Part IV: CCP Foreign Policy
32:29 - Part V: Who is the Modern Soldier?

The global lockdowns are immoral and unsustainable. This is a snapshot of the current state of the world.

Thanks to Viva Frei for his insightful commentary. His original video can be found here:

I sit down and have a conversation with an Iranian dissident living in Scandinavia. We talk about his background, his music career, how the Iranian government is oppressing it's people both abroad and domestically, and what Europe can do to help.

During our conversation the dissident mentions a documentary featuring people who converted to Christianity and defected from the Iranian secret service. I said I would include a link, and so here it is:

2020 was not great. 2021 will likely be much worse. This video was made to help you deal with that.

Political violence should be denounced regardless of who carries it out. Politicians and Legacy Media were quick to denounce the siege of the Capitol building that took place on January 6th. The reason they did so was because they didn't like the perpetrators (mainly Trump supporters). This comes after the hypocrites have spent the past 6 months DEFENDING political violence carried out by BLM and Antifa. The double standards make me sick, so I made this video to expose the disgusting hypocrisy.

On December 9th the Supreme Court of the United States denied an application for injunctive relief sought by plaintiffs from a Pennsylvanian lawsuit. This rejection was covered by Norwegian media in a way that was so biased that I am almost tempted to call it fake news. In this video I go through what the lawsuit is about, and then explain my problems with the Norwegian coverage.

In this video I discuss some of the responses to the CCP-virus implemented by various European governments and what I believe the implications of those responses are for the future of personal freedoms.

Previously, on The Saga of Family Man: Family Man, a self-employed Chad who grew up under Sharia law in the Middle East, hangs up posters depicting Kurt Westergaard’s caricature of Muhammed in a Norwegian city. The same night 4 police officers show up at his door. Family Man reported the incident to HRS – a Norwegian non-profit. Their reporting caught the attention of Per-Willy Amundsen, a politician for the Progress Party and former Minister of Justice, who vowed to bring Family Man’s case before congress. Amundsen has now received an official answer from current minister of justice Monica Mæland.

On the 19th of October a Family Man in the Norwegian city Kings Berg hung up caricatures of Muhammed at various places around town. Later that same night four police officers showed up at his door and threatened Family Man with criminal prosecution. Since the release of my previous video, new details regarding this case have come to light. The caricatures hung up in Kings Berg have also appeared in a handful of new cities. Multiple politicians have also commented on the case.

Following the murder of French middle school teacher Samuel Paty, multiple people have hung up Muhammed caricatures at different cities in Norway. I translate two articles written by Norwegian non-profit HRS and provide my own commentary.


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Society is facing many struggles, and I am tired of not having the power to do anything about it. So instead of doing nothing I decided to become a content creator. The goal is to build a platform large enough such that our voices have an impact. Liberty minded individuals need to unite and organize if we are to overcome the challenges that stand before us.

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