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A simple, yet effective wireless virtual keypad replacement to the standard hardware keypad usually used in Arduino project builds.

These membrane keypads can also be used with Raspberry Pi, PIC and AVR microcontrollers.

Includes the buttons: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,A,B,C,D,#,*

This app transmits the characters as strings over a Bluetooth connection.

Includes demo sketches to get you up and running quickly plus hardware build guides for absolute beginners. These guides focus on the Arduino Uno with a HC-06 Bluetooth module although other setups should work fine.

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Arduino LCD Playground

This app creates an interactive learning and prototyping environment to control an Arduino LCD using Bluetooth communication.

Send characters and commands to an LCD display and watch your changes in real-time. No more needing to flash an Arduino Sketch every time you would like to test a simple change!
Ideal for beginners who are learning about LCD programming, LCD program planning, or just some all-round good fun for anyone.

*Send text strings
*Create your very own custom characters and save/delete them in the app
*Includes preset characters such as smiley, battery status, heart, arrows etc.
*Send commands include changing column/row cursor position, clear screen, show/hide block/underline cursor, switch display on/off
*Sketch code snippets
*Move characters left/right across the display
*Auto scroll characters
*Output direction left-to-right, and right-to-left

In order to use this app correctly, you will require the companion sketch available on the website at:

This app along with it's companion sketch utilizes the Arduino 'LiquidCrystal' library.

Get it on Google Play:

Amazon App Store:

FREE Kodular app and project guide can be found here:

This IoT maker project is aimed at the absolute beginner who would like to explore app development on Android to control an Arduino over a Bluetooth connection.

By connecting to an Arduino Uno over Bluetooth from a Kodular app we can switch ON and OFF the built-in LED


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