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XCISS sync.

Phroyd sync.

Hectic House Twins sync.

New York City, Midtown to Downtown, 2011.

Z and M Sitting in a Tree sync.

Excise M sync.

Medium ALICE, Early Seventies, with M-1967 Sleep System Carrier. This kit makes use of the Rothco version of the LC-1 Pack Frame. After acquiring a couple of the original U.S. versions of this pack frame, I do consider the Rothco version to combine some of the improvements of the LC-2 with the original LC-1 configuration for a lighter and better pack frame (except for Airborne operations, of course).

Excise Cutezee Stuff sync.

Dealey Sight Sorting sync.

Germane Creativity sync, with InfoWars interviewing Stewart Rhodes about Jan 6th. "Mental medium" means Psychologist.

Dead Capacities sync.

Kuld Zoodiak sync, with Red Ice TV.

ALICE Pack, Medium, Light 3-Day Excursion Kit.

Legendary Rock Linguistics sync.

Dealey Staredom II sync.

Dealey Staredom sync.

Dealey Deliverance sync.

Suunto Compass and Ranger Beads.

Solute Affect in Sopha City sync.

Zombeads sync.

A Going-Place sync.

Chat Nosology Works sync

Byzantine Drafting sync.

Lucifer-Balling sync.


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