Intelligent Imaginations

In this 3-part collection of videos from "The Last Relevant Sage", we are challenged to understand the true nature and purpose of the 5G wireless rollout and its relationship to the rise of Sophia and Autonomic Artificial Intelligence (AAI). Futurist are challenged to "connect the dots" and identify potential and probable threats to the human experience.


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The Intelligent Imaginations channel is a curated collection of videos that encourage the viewer to reevaluate their understanding of historical events and relational interdependencies; especially as they relate to answering the questions, 1) “what really happened?” and 2) “why?”

Imagination is a powerful gift when integrated with “intelligent data-gathering”; oftentimes leading to new insights and interdependencies. As to your evaluation of each video, it is not important that we agree on our conclusions. However, it is vital that we think critically and independently of mainstream media narratives and naïve public consciousness. As always, we ask that you encourage a mutual respect for one another’s insights and opinions.