The history of mankind in 29 seconds.

Fuentes addresses the subversion of US history and the shared story of American identity.


Terry A. Davis demonstrates the proper way one introduces oneself.

Been listening to some old RFN episodes and HAC played this one. I went looking for it but I couldn't find it anywhere online so I just ripped straight from the podcast and have been listening to it again and again. Since it isn't to be found anywhere I figured that it should be shared with everyone here.

Nothing that anyone paying attention the past little while didn't already know, but always interesting to hear voices from the past perfectly describe our present.

Another video I watched and enjoyed from Youtube that got pulled down by our lords and masters and I'm re-uploading here.

Re-uploaded from Youtube. I have no idea who to credit for splicing all these recordings together because all that information died with the Youtube video that got shoah'd.

A short section of Harold Covington on Radio Free Northwest from July 15th 2010 on the origin and meaning of many popular Jewish surnames and the general trend of materialism and exchange they demonstrate.


re-upload from a banned video from youtube that i had no part in making from a great speech by george lincoln rockwell

Top conservative pundits Jesse Dunstan and Alex McNabb are joined by noted philosopher Michael Peinovitch to provide commentary and rebuttal to the popular interview by The Atlantic about the state of Jewry in modern Europe.
Audio from TDS 198.

hidden on youtube by its censors. original link:


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