A movie on the history of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

A more complete version of Dick Gregory's talk on the assassination of MLK

More truth you didn't learn in school.

We are about to witness a different type of civil war within the so-called Black community. And yes, I am glad about it.

Yah is certainly keeping count

Yah does not forget payment

Learn about the African slave trade in Brazil. Did you know that more African slaves were sent to Brazil than the US?

Worth watching and learning more of the buried truth.

Here is yet another example of how Christianity profited off of slavery. And while apologies have been made, no compensation has been given.

In this video, we talk about how the MARK of Rome/Babylon/Edom is right in our faces

In this video, I contiue where we left off with part one. Are we still on Rome's radar? Are there others in this confederacy against Yah's people?

The small hats don't play...even when you are pointing out the obvious.

his video is an open project where I am inviting you to help analyze the information that I am presenting here. Some of it I can fully embrace, while other pieces of it are just too mind blowing to accept fully for now (but I'm just about there). Again, the goal of this channel is to "...understand the times and know what to do." Leave your constructive comments below.

West Wing clip:
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While this video talks about in great deal about the role of the Portuguese, it conveniently leaves out the role that Portuguese JEWS played in this trade. Other than that, an interesting account of one of the darkest places of African slavery.


Learn the truth about who ran (and still does) ran organized crime.

At the end of the day, only one group is pulling the strings....even with Trump.

Not even 24 hours after I finished my documentary "Evil People: A Little Leaven", this happens. People, this is not the time to be comfortable.
The state attorney for the state of Florida refuses to acknowledge that a stand down order was given to the officers that did not enter the Florida high school to stop the shooter. Get the sleep out of your eye, the deep state is speaking.

Our most powerful weapons that have been given to us by Yah have been hijacked and locked down by the enemy.

“But He knows my heart.” A popular explanation given by many Christians when confronted with truth. This is why Christianity has a long history of excusing all types of behavior that is contrary to what Yah has commanded in His Word. If you do not want to be held accountable to truth, please do not watch this video.

Here is some MORE evidence that proves that we are not only living in Egypt...AGAIN, but the same arrogance of Egypt is making itself known.


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