If you have not listened to parts 1-2, please do so before listening to this.


In this installment, we are talking about the origin of praise and worship teams and choirs. We also talk at length about the gospel music industry.

In part 4 we talked about the origins of choirs and praise and worship teams. In this addendum I provide some examples of what we learned in part 4.

A good builder will always check the foundation to make sure that it is firm and secure. Unfortunately, many of us who call ourselves "Christians" have allowed the practices of paganism to be equated with sound biblical doctrine. While many of us came into salvation through many of these pagan institutions, it was the word of YAH that made that possible. You see, no matter how corruptible we are, the promises of His word are INCORRUPTIBLE. So it is quite possible to hear the Word, receive salvation in some of the most "off" churches out there. But now it is time for us to uproot the pagan element we have allowed to co-exist in our gatherings and strive for pure worship of Him and fellowship with each other.
Links: The Battle For Christmas -
Pagan Christianity:
History of Christianity:

Today we talk about one of the biggest things that keep people locked in the chains of the Christian church: TITHES AND OFFERINGS.

This is part 2 in the series. If you have not listened to part one, please do as it lays the foundation for what you will hear in this segment.

Reference Link mentioned in this video: "501c3: The Devil's Church" -

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Your eyes are attached to your brain for a reason. They are meant to work CLOSELY together.

And you shall become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations whither YAHUAH shall lead you. DEVARIYM (DEUTERONOMY) 28:37 את CEPHER

Getting the word out to our people.

A movie on the history of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

A more complete version of Dick Gregory's talk on the assassination of MLK

More truth you didn't learn in school.

We are about to witness a different type of civil war within the so-called Black community. And yes, I am glad about it.

Yah is certainly keeping count

Yah does not forget payment

Learn about the African slave trade in Brazil. Did you know that more African slaves were sent to Brazil than the US?

Worth watching and learning more of the buried truth.

Here is yet another example of how Christianity profited off of slavery. And while apologies have been made, no compensation has been given.

In this video, we talk about how the MARK of Rome/Babylon/Edom is right in our faces

In this video, I contiue where we left off with part one. Are we still on Rome's radar? Are there others in this confederacy against Yah's people?


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