Psalm 60:4
You have given a banner to them that fear you, that it may be displayed because of the Truth. Selah

We couldn't remember the exact titles of these videos previously done by Watchman & Deborah on this same topic. Links below:

This is an edited version of our weekly samba gathering. For the full version, go to

Link to ‚ÄúKongo in America‚ÄĚ map:

In this video we go back to the map that so many of us believe points to "The Kingdom of Judah".

After AT LEAST 6 videos that were made (primarily about me--4 of which he immediately removed) that talked about "feeling disrespected", a stream of false accusations, encouraging a campaign to get people to unsubscribe from this channel, we are now here. On 6-8-21, we raised some very serious questions about a historical claim that was being made by this individual while it has been peddled all throughout True Israel as factual information. He has yet to discuss anything about his initial claims. In fact, he now says the entire discussion is "off the table".

Anyone that has questioned these claims have been swiftly met with a series of false accusations and warnings to "stay away'. This is EXACTLY what we see in the church anytime the pastor is questioned.

Israel is a NATION, and not a church.

As emphasized in this video, please watch the entire video before commenting so that you can hear ALL the info.

Link to full featured video:

0:00 - 2:24 - Intro
2:25 - 9:10 - Premature Unity
9:11 - 16:05 - Did Messiah pray for us to be one with each other?
16:06 - 20:15 - Best Quote ever
20:16 - 23:59 - Infighting
24:00 - 33:23 - Not good for Israel
33:24 - 42:59 - Mt 18 Hijacked / The Remnant / Mt 10
43:00 - 44:32 - Flowing in Pockets
44:33 - 52:22 - Life Lessons: 2nd Hand Info
52:23 - 56:21 - Life Lessons: In the Middle
56:22 - 1:02:55 - Business in the Nation: Slave Mind
1:02:56 - 1:09:53 - Stop Being Scared
1:09:54 - 1:19:06 - That Bantu Stuff
1:19:07 - 1:22:34 - Don't Forget
1:22:35 - 1:24:23 - Recap

This is a continuation of our discussion from "Rome Never Forgot The Hebrews Part 5: Titles and Thrones"


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