It's Time to Wake Up

A very good video by Followers of Yah about despising the Father's Name.

New intro for my study videos on Scripture. Will also be doing a Facelift on this channel soon.

When Adam and Eve were naughty

From the 10 Commandments movie


Lana and Henrik from Red Ice did a Live Stream coverage on the House Judiciary committee Hearing on Criminalizing Nationalism for White People.

The full video can be seen here:





001 Die Skepping - Deel 1 Wollie die Skapie se Bybel stories

“White Man You Must Die” Anti White Protesters In South Africa

Other Losses - James Baque


1961 Speech explaining exactly what is happening today


Myron C. Fagan Speech

White boy there is something you need to know - Peter Peters

A documentary

One third of the Holocaust

“For look, the days are coming”, declares Yahweh, “when I shall turn back the captivity of My people Yisra’el and Yehudah,” declares Yahweh, “and I shall bring them back to the land that I gave to their fathers, and let them possess it.” Jer 30:3

Fred Leuchter's Trials & Tribulation


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