400 mile time laps trucking

Odin is Santa

My thoughts on Reincarnation

Diy easy night vision cam this is one the work well and is cheap easy and very tuff

Mississippi River time lapse

In this video you will see how to make the world's best bank line for fishing

Time lapse photos of the night sky

Time lapse photos of the night sky

sky watching

Story of the Norse God Thor As Told to me by my great-grandfather

Here is all you need to make a dutch oven that works well for three dollars

Just watching the night sky camera is on a tripod

You will need water when the SHTF all the dreaming about things
you can't afford won't help anyone you can make water safe very
cheap and stay alive

Worlds best bankline how to make them

World's first beer run or wine

more with the night vision BARSKA nvx 100

Time lapse trucking messing with a new toy

200 miles of time lapse trucking

Coming food riots you think it can't happen here just look at the fights at walmart every black friday for a shoe sale and no one is hungry everything you know can change overnight and never return

Just a quick look threw the cam before I go out on a hunt

Something I thought was gone till
I was out in the shed one day and in a box long forgotten there it is

Tell a big lie then walk it back just enough to pretend to have any credibility

Essentials items for your bug out bag
there are a few things I think you should think about and make it as cheap as possible so there is no need to dream about things you cant afford to buy


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