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On a month of antibiotics due to prostate infection. Side note is its helping sinus infection I did not know I've had for a while. Also saw phys for lots of migraine headaches lately. Yesterday turned my vending business over to my nephew. Hopefully he realizes how rare it is to have a fully functional business with no debt handed to you free of charge. Got his license, tax number and his first credit card with Sams Wholesale club yesterday. Next week will be interesting when he realizes it really is his business to run.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
There is always something blooming. Right now the Mayhaw trees are in full bloom, white clover is blooming, banana bush and sweet olives blooming with sasanqua and camellias blooming. Those are just what I see from standing in one place. This is on purpose.

Just planted 9 peaches and five more mulberries bringing mulberry total to 10. Four wheeler worked great. Ground very wet from days of rain. Mixed in potting soil for in ground use before planting to help break up soil a bit.

Planting peppers. If all come up that's 288 Jimmy Nardello Italians Peppers, 144 Lesya Peppers, 144 Tomatillos. It must be an addiction because I want to keep planting.

I have a video out there about incompetence and how I wish people would at least try to think. Another example happened a few minutes ago. Come on people. Push that 2nd brain cell to work.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
It seems I can feel the presence of "entities". I used to take them into myself, show them love to melt away the negative and they could find their way home. I'm not religious in the normal sense...churches, praying to a god that rules through fear etc. I will get into that later...perhaps.

Got a migraine headache right now. Even the light from this tablet putting this out there is painful. So this is just me doing what I can to dull it down some now let me get this laptop/tablet light off...it's so bright.

I'm looking for more cat food bowls and realizing how much I really need to clean this place out. Would love to start doing pottery again...at least more cat food bowls.

Just a quick update on greenhouse. Fig "sticks" planted 12-31-2019 are looking good. Just hot (currently 71F) for mid winter in Louisiana. Who needs a greenhouse with this.

Got just enough cleaned out to organize vending supplies at least temporary. Really need to make a bit more space to get the mowers back in so they don't rust. Still more to do but this will do for right now.

I have to make space for vending supplies after wreck so must do a bit of cleaning in shop. It's got all my father-in-laws stuff in there but he can't physically "work" anymore. Plus he has a hard time getting rid of stuff.

There is a dark side to all this strange happenings stuff. Feeling pretty dark (not depressed) right now so lets just prove I'm crazy and this won't work. Always trying to convince myself I'm crazy so lets do it again.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
I've stopped to help people on the side of the road a few times but they always seem to turn out "different". Funny and odd. Well it just blends in with everything else.

Got 24 rose cutting planted and 24 figs planted before running out of pots. Got to get more before planting cuttings from pink house. Finish up by thinning out the basil.

Uncovering rose cuttings had sealed in wet paper bags then planting them. OMG my belly looks huge in video. Got to work on reducing that.

(Glitchy on video uploads-hope this works)
Just an updated on what I'm doing with the truck and business.

Here is short clip showing wreck I managed to obtain from a business on the corner. I'm the white van coming from left. I have green light and they have had the red light for a while. My mind is more at peace knowing I remember things correctly.

Around 7:30am this morning was involved in a wreck. I'm ok. Three people in other car mostly ok I think. The other driver seemed ok but did not speak english. The driver side passenger rear seat got left arm hurt was bleeding and took him to hospital. He was walking and talking (not english) but hurt arm. The third passenger back seat said he was asleep (spoke english) and asked what happened so I told him they ran a red light. There goes my vending truck and probably the business.

Collect your basil seeds. Basil makes a lot of seeds. Normally I save the plastic bag by pinching bottom of bag with seeds and pouring lighter stuff out. It's Christmas Eve and I'm in a rush doing this video/upload while wife is in the shower and we have to head out to family. Plus I wanted these in a smaller bag anyway.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
There have been times I've run into invisible barriers trying to enter a place. If I don't want to shatter the barriers I have to ask permission to enter. I'm not a vampire ya'll. Just something I learned through trial and error.

Just me holding a camera in left hand while driving/steering with right hand so camera is a bit bouncy. Just driving towards the back and around the crawfish ponds. More cypress trees with all the water in back. Property continues back through the woods and eventually connects to the wildlife reserve.

This is just a briar patch we keep as a hiding place for rabbits. A home away from the coyotes. It's a mix of dewberries, garlic, spider lillies, asaparagus.

Frost on ground so it's cold but still need to cleanup blackberries. Its a good time to do it being cold because I can wear thick coveralls to protect from thorns and any snakes around will be moving slow. I point out a pecan tree I need to take out. I dug up and replanted but don't really expect it to live. Its too big and the main root broke but giving it a try. Cleaned both the thorny and thornless blackberries (300 ft rows each).

First used a metal garden rake. Then a weed eater. Then used lawnmower to do outside edges as a final cleanup. Haul off weeds/old vines and done.

Just me but when I really want to relax I get naked. Especially when in nature, such as swimming or camping. Also do this at the pink house if really hot in summer. One day this past July I spent an entire weekend that way.


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This is just me. My life. Three basic sections. G=General...CB=Country Boy...SH=Strange Happenings.
General is just background and everyday stuff.
Country Boy is me working at the family homestead and loving nature.
Strange Happenings is about my crazy life, such as talking to reality and having it respond. Delusional stuff.

Intuition is telling me it's time to put the Strange Happenings out there. I don't know why. Maybe for someone else like me. IDK. The strange happening stuff is so far out there to be delusional. It's just not possible, but it's been happening for 40-56 years.