Another vaxxer sees something on their back

Greg Reese


NWO anti-kinetics

Event horizon

13 Dragons

Facts suck

And when the sinners gonna be runnin'
At the knowledge of their fate
They're gonna run to the rocks and the mountains
But their prayers will be too late

You know, they never thought about Jesus
Not knowing the end was now here
But they'll be runnin' tryin' to find a hidin' place
When it comes their time to die

Pedo Peter


Dogs may have been injured in the making of this video

Chris Sky

A History of Monarchy
-Greg Reese

Aquarium fishing the normies

Can die in a fire, but can't get into a restaurant

All in All, Just another vaxxed dick in the wall.

Feelings don't care about facts

Bivalent = 2 different spike proteins

Do it to the children

A Comedian notices

Iraqi TV Channel Al-Ahad (Alahad) Host Rinas Ali

"Russian streamer known as OfseT died while playing Escape from Tarkov. He has been live streaming on YouTube and more recently Trovo.

On April 27, OfseT, as usual, communicated with the
audience and played live. Suddenly, he caught his breath, after which he stopped showing signs of life.

The audience reacted to the incident, found the relatives of the man on social networks, who called an ambulance. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they could only state the death of the streamer. He was 49 years old."


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