7 spreadsheets explained very briefly. They are for designing an expansion chamber, a heads squish band, a boost bottle, a balanced crank, correct fuel/oil ratio, and correct engine port durations. Read more at

The Matrix movie parallels the human struggle for self actualization (Maslow) by breaking out of the mold of conformity. Conformity is imposed upon society so people can be easily controlled. Control is desired by rulers and corporations for their profit. Therefore we can posit a “system of control” that we need to rebel against.

How to use my calculator. First go to

Method disclosed for knowing what the max safe ratio is for your engine and the oil you are using. Read all about 2 stroke engine oils at

About Clark Zappers

Using the Microbe Electrifier Plus

About transfection (electroporation).

How dental bacterias toxins halt the immune systems ability to destroy cancerous cells

A comparison between the Beck blood purifier (electrifier) and Clark Zapper

How the Candida Zapper is effective at killing candida infections.

About Electromedicine

About the three Microbe Electrifiers sold by BioElectric.

All about this calculator spreadsheet, a must have if you want the best porting for the best power. see

This is an updated version of part 1

About using CrankCalc.xlsx

Rundown of the best features of BioElectric's Microbe Electrifier


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