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April 2019 gameplay trailer for Jormungandr, a nordic adventure of epic proportions. Play as Jormungandr, middle child of Loki as he navigates the waters of Midgard, consuming everything in his path.


Gameplay video of the first level of the latest build of Jormungandr. Play as the world encompassing serpent as he eats ships to grow and wrap around Midgard.

Play right in the browser or download the beta for Windows at https://jasconius.itch.io/jormungandr

Also, check out our website at https://www.jasconius.com/games

In-game footage from Jormungandr. A game where you are Jormungandr, a giant serpent and middle child of Loki.

Jormungandr is in development, and can be played at https://jasconius.itch.io/jormungandr

Early gameplay footage from a bare-bones build of Crustastic.

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