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This video should clear up everything that you may have been wondering about in regard to the connection between COVID19 and the state of world affairs and events. It is no longer a secret that the powers of this world mean to exterminate us, especially those of us that follow Christ. The governments of this world have admitted it all; coded in the fabric of the left vs right paradigm, the 24/7 propaganda arm of the military industrial complex, and through never letting a good crisis go to waste. If there isn’t a crisis, they will make one. That’s where COVID19 comes in.

The US is openly peddling fiction in regard to a “plandemic” to control the masses. They are also purposely setting the country on fire to control the masses. Their ultimate goal is to exterminate us.

It’s no secret that the planet is destroyed. The only thing they have left is to try and save themselves by blocking out the suns light from reaching the surface of the earth. They are attempting to prevent the planet from heating anymore. This is called “Global Dimming” and is well documented.

They are out to exterminate as many eaters as possible so they can eat....NOT YOU!

This video will make some connections for you between a micro needle platform vaccine and the Mark of the beast. At this point they are not even hiding it at all and it should be completely obvious for you and anyone else that is watch just a few of our videos to see if this is the mark of the beast. Please share this video with everyone you know and care for. God bless!

This video will clearly show the connection between the use of directed energy weapons weather modification and COVID-19. After watching this video you should have a pretty good understanding as to why you are in lockdown or shut down. Everything is being done so the Satanists can try to salvage what’s left of the planet for their survival NOT yours. Please like and share!

View the video to find out how we plan to combat evil Censorship.

In this video we are presenting you with the truth From Doctors and the Bible. We are betting that you won't watch the whole thing because of one of these two reasons:

1.) you can’t handle the truth and facts hurt your feelings
2.) you get bored and decide to move on; missing out on the truth "B" that is presented in this video...

We urge you to stick with the video for as long as you possibly can. If you can make it through this video to the end your chances of not taking the Mark of the beast will increase tenfold. God bless

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This was deleted from YouTube because it violated their community guidelines. There is nothing in this video that isn't true, and there is nothing in the video that violated any guidelines. It was pure censorship.

"The only reason to Cut out a mans tongue, is if you fear what he has to say."

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