For many people their own health and well-being is last on the list of priorities. This can only lead to an unhealthy state. In this short video I give some great suggestions on ways to improve your health holistically. Give it a shot for 30 days... the results are undeniable!

In this episode we take a look at how to gather, process and apply information, utilizing the Trivium methodology. It doesn't stop at rhetoric, although you can get a degree in this. The final stage of the Trivium is all forms of ACTION.


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In this conversation Christian from Seek First Within and Jay Anarchon discuss the truth behind addiction and what is required to take your power back. Topics include trauma, environment, drugs, pharmaceuticals, substance abuse, self-abuse and most importantly: HEALING AND TAKING YOUR POWER BACK!

I realized I neglected to mention some addition natural medicines in the video. Check this post out for some additional info: https://cognitiveconcurrence.com/?p=231


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In this conversation Canadians Stefan Verstappen & Jay Anarchon cover an amazing spectrum of topics and solutions to the problems we face as society. Topics include; Vision 2030, oil, attachment, cyclical history, civil collapse, masculinity, warrior spirit, community, responsibility, self-defence, controlling emotions and more.


Check Stefan and all his work out at: chinastrategies.com.

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In this video Jay runs through seven steps to becoming a self-starter, giving you the tools you need to achieve Freedom! Check out Episode 7 of Cognitive Concurrence as these two go hand in hand!

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In this episode Jay Anarchon will discuss the importance of community, as well as several ways to increase Freedom for you and your family today! It's most likely we've all heard many of these before... the question is; will you have the courage to take action? In a sick, enslaved society It takes a Warrior to be Healthy & Free!


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In this episode we will discuss the lack of progress within the "freedom movement", which has become stagnant and achieved very little. We express the importance of Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health in relation to Freedom, Healing and manifesting within this reality field. Studying yourself through The Dark Mirror is MANDATORY for true self-realization. Join me as one of those with the WILL to manifest True Freedom, Abundance & Power for Humanity. This episode will set the foundation for my work moving forward. Allow us to Invoke our Courage and conquer OURSELVES.

Stay posted for the next episode which will be solution focused. Let's fast-track our way to FREEDOM!!

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Cognitive Conversations #1 – Jay Anarchon & Christian Discuss The Occult: The first of many Cognitive Conversations to come. This conversation was not intended to be posted. As such, it has been edited and only contains part of the conversation. In this conversation Christian and I discuss a wide range of topics including; Magick, spiritual fitness, mental health, invocation, entheogens, DMT, cannabis, health, meditation, visionary magick and even vegan cheese substitutes. Join us for this behind the scenes casual conversation.

Welcome to Cognitive Concurrence. Where we will separate Truth from lies, develop Understanding based in Knowledge and take Right Action in accordance with Natural Law. Are you ready for Freedom? I sure am! In this episode we continue with the topics of Health & Nutrition. Discussing plant-based diet, super foods, physical exercise and how these relate to Freedom.


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Cognitive Concurrence is dedicated to sharing the tools required to achieve Freedom with the Human Race. Topics include: Natural Law, Morality, Health, Psychology and more... In this episode of Cognitive Concurrence Jay Anarchon will discuss nutrition, plant-based diets, clean water, the basics of eating healthy and much more. We give a brief introduction to the Ayurvedic Diet and relate physical health to physical Freedom.


Video Clip: Nimai Delgado https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-VNXCSGgsg

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In this episode of Cognitive Concurrence we discuss Self Defence, police and military and how these relate to Natural Law and Morality. We also discuss our education system's shortfalls as well as The Trivium Methodology of learning.

The ultimate goal is Freedom and Abundance for all.

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In this episode of Cognitive Concurrence we discuss Natural Law Principles and how they pertain to Morality and our current reality. We also take a look at polar dialectics, brain imbalance and begin to take a look at how we can heal ourselves, which is the first step towards Freedom.

Be sure to check out my work at cognitiveconcurrence.com

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In this episode of Cognitive Concurrence we discuss Morality, Human Rights and Freedom. We also briefly touch on slavery and communism in Canada as well as the communist roots of socialism and where this leaves Canadians - In slavery. cognitiveconcurrence.com

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Trailer for my upcoming video series Cognitive Concurrence, featured on my website cognitiveconcurrence.com. Topics to include: Morality, Natural Law, Truth, Freedom and Right action.

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