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Tonight I'm joined by Charlie Robinson, author of the new book The Octopus of Global Control, covering the longterm plan of the elites to construct a tyrannical oligarchy that will run the entire world. Charlie is the host of the Macro Aggressions Podcast linked below. Also joining us is Ricky Varandas of the Ripple Effect Podcast, who recently had me as a guest for a killer conversation. He is also linked below.

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MacoAggressons: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn3GlVLKZtTkhLJkiuG7a-Q

Ripple Effect: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7DrJZV0XbnXJxLi5TzadiA

His book is here: http://theoctopusofglobalcontrol.com

Longtime student of all things Russia Tim Kirby joins me to discuss all things Great Game, Cold War, history and espionage, geopolitics and where we are today, including relations with Orthodoxy and the West. Tim has formerly done some work with RT and is a student of history.

Come shoot the giggles. I got the video thing to work. I may pull up crazy things.

Older lecture from AV 9 in the UK.

The great debate!

“In this video we deconstruct the Catholic claims about Papal primacy in the first millennium Church with particular reference to Erick Ybarra whose video can be found here. We simultaneously prove that the Orthodox and scholarly position of ecclesiology and Church structure is the correct one, basing it in the canonical tradition from the 1st millennium. A decisive first video rebuttal to evidence which Christian Church is the One true church according to history. Apologies for the “sped up” clips being quieter towards the end – this is the first video we have tried our hand at editting. Any critique is welcome.” –Ubi Petrus

Roosh has invited me on to discuss theology, politics and his newfound faith in Christ. We will be looking at pop culture, CV and the panicdemic, the larger geopolitical picture in terms of technocracy, and most importantly, the spiritual implications of where we are today.

#atheism #theism #debate

Killer reviews and ratings! Get signed copies here at my site:


Matt Dillahunty and Jay Dyer square off in a long-requested discussion about the existence of God and the validity of the transcendental argument. Matt Dillahunty is a well known public speaker and debater who has appeared in debates with Dr. Jordan Peterson and remains a skeptic, while Jay Dyer is a philosopher and author. The debate will be moderated by Alternate Current Radio's Hesher.

Matt's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SansDeity

Dean Arnold joins me to discuss his recent analysed of Gates.This is a snippet interview clip. We cover his background and ideology, and then move on to look at the United Nations and its influence and players. We cover old ground in relation to the Lucis Trust and Dean's new insights. Subscribe for the full content at JaysAnalysis.

wonderful ASMR sounds

Exorcist stream to follow later tonight at 7PM and was delayed due to Internet outages in my area! David joins me to discuss recent issues in Orthodox theology, such as the Oriental "Orthodox," the natures of Christ and the issue of two wills and two energies, pitfalls in Orthodoxy for new converts, the Council of Florence, traps those who are Orthodox should avoid and more! HIs channel has some great videos and talks

Since no one seemed hip to debate of late in discord, I will be doing a live chill and chat stream on responses to common and high brow objections. We will be replying to both common claims and attacks, questions and supposed contradictions and more. Superchats are definite read – while normal chat questions may or may not be read.

Jamie rejoins me for a stream covering a topic we haven’t done in a while – crazy cults! In the past I did some interviews on cults, but there are plenty more I have missed or only covered in passing. Jamie has done extensive research in this arena and has three books she’s done covering the cult modus operandi. In the first half she shares her insights, while in the second half we get deeper in to some of the wildest! The full show is available for JaysAnalysis subscribers.

The Amazon Synod is causing a stir in the world of Catholicism, but in my mind, it’s just a logical outworking of a millennium of errors, forgeries and ecumenism stretching back to the Renaissance papacy. It’s not just Vatican II, but far earlier that led to the atheism of the West. When I hosted Sunday wire, I highlighted how Greta and Pope Francis are part of the same agenda.

Why do humans replace their God-based ethics with a man-made nonsensical one, when at the same time we are told there is no God and there are no objective ethics? What about "animal rights"? On what basis? The doctrines of the Fall and Genesis are indispensable to a coherent ethic. Relativism and the gnostic notion we merely cousins of animals and the OT "God" is mean are foolishness.

The old impressions clip was decent but it was audio. Many of them are better now and I’ve added some new ones. Which was the best? Let me know. It includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, keanu, David Lynch, lando, nic cage, Michael Caine, terence McKenna, jones, maxine waters, mcpconaughey, Obama, b real, bill Cosby, Jordan b peterson, Christopher walken, woody allen, ben Shapiro, Quentin Tarantino.

I started screwing with Quantum Entanglement and reading Tyrone McKenna on the Food of the Gods and it warped me to Greenville to meet Jamie. We explore a new city - a future smart city - as well as meeting two sorcerers and wizards behind the black magic that transported me. Enjoy

#JOEROGAN #terencemckenna #globalbrain

The crew gathers to discuss the latest madness. We cover American Ninja Gladiators, global sportsballz, the nodes in the global brain, greta and her climate obsession, leeloo and Chris Tucker predicting the future, Jacques Attali and nomadic devices, and bum goiters that don't work.

Tonight I'll be covering Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and Thunderball and their Cold War secrets, especially in relation to the first chunk of David Wemhoff's book on the CIA's Doctrinal Warfare Program. This is the free half for public viewing, while full talks can be obtained by subscribing at JaysAnalysis at the purchase membership section.

The Rome is Burning crew invited me on to discuss Paganism, Neo-Pagan movements and the liberal worship of biological determinism. From there we cover JBP's gnosticism and the error of dualism. We cover the incoherence of paganism, its impersonal absolute, the connections to the errors of fascism and the deification of the state, as well as the haunting of America and the concept of dissociative states in acting.

Joy invited me on to discuss science fiction and propaganda, but the talk really honed in on the history of the OSS and its relationship to big media, and in particular Skull and Bones and Time Magazine. We also touch on Bohemian Grove, Walter Lippmann, Henry Luce and false dialectics.

This "debate" was a doozy, but the crux of the issue centered on whether logic and meta-ethics are related. It took two hours to get AskYourself to finally admit he thought we "should" accept logic. In other words, logic entails truth and that one *ought* to accept what is true. Simple error in the debate was their assumption that because you can speak of things as distinct in discourse, they are in actual fact really distinct. Took two hours for him to trip up and admit they aren’t.

Grimerica invited me back on for a chat about the release of Esoteric Hollywood 2 and the ongoing series of globalist books. We cover genetic engineering, MK ULTRA, Vietnam and Agent Orange, Jonas Salk and environmental modification leading to transhumanism and much more!

#beastmaster #comedy #hollywood

The boiler room crew gathers to discuss all the latest nonsense and gobbledygook news, politics and cinema verite. I tell my favorite story of facing off against Marc Singer at a convention over 5 bucks and his summoning of creatures and spirit animals.

Nic Cage possesses me at will to cover the 2018 election and bring to attention the reality that is the only way to save America - decoding the mysteries of Nic Cage and National Treasure (as well as Con Air). This will be a stream for the record books - so bring your bunny and "I'm gonna show you God exists."


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