In this classic analysis I have redone the sound and uploaded for a much larger audience since the original was uploaded (25 times more!) - I cover Aldous Huxley’s classic 1932 dystopian novel Brave New World from a historical, philosophical and esoteric perspective. What is Huxley saying? Was he involved in erecting the scientistic state we now live in? Did he leave clues in his famous Berkeley lecture that suggest this? How does this relate to Bacon, Shakespeare and esoterism? Why are there curious references to Marx, Ford and Rothschild in the novel? How did Huxley know about cloning in 1932 and does this future-historical fiction work prove “Hidden Metaphysics”? Is this book an even earlier reference to the real plan of MK ULTRA? Subscribe at JaysAnalysis for the full analysis.

Jay Dyer returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss Baby Boomers and his review of Annie Jacobsen's book The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top-Secret Military Research Agency. We talk about the degree to which Americans born between 1946 and 1964 were subjected to mass media, mind control and psychological warfare and why so many of that generation remain resistant to truth. We then discuss the history of DARPA and the agency's role in constructing the New World Order. Jay Dyer is the host of Jay's Analysis and the author of Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film. Jay is also the co-host of Hollywood Decoded. *Please consider supporting this program by donating here.

JaysAnalysis censored. The coordinated attack is real. Aid below.....

Continuing the globalist books series we look at H.G. Wells' important propaganda piece, The New World Order. We'll also be taking Q n As and looking at what kind of content you want to see more of and what your favorites have been.

Donnie Darko Vs. Giant Illuminati Spiders. #enemy #esoterichollywood #jaydyer

Picking back up in Exodus, we investigate the typology and symbolism of Exodus, which points directly to the coming of the Messiah in the figure of Christ. Dreaded by all liberals and modernists, the Torah is absolutely the inspired and inerrant the Law and Word of God.

Author and rabble rouser Jim Goad joins us to discuss crazy stories of famous people, drug induced haze and the politically correct matrix of post-prison life.

Santa Cruz, CA Talk Radio KSCO invited me ‘Perspectives’ to discuss social engineering and the notion of theology, psychological warfare, Hollywood and mass manipulation.

Alternate Current Radio Presents: Boiler Room - Uninterruptible Talk Radio on ACR

Tonight the Social Reject Club is hashing out some Second Amendment political Jackassery, Dawkin's 'taboos of cannibalism', a Rabbi's claim that Pork is Kosher (as long as its cloned), Gremlins 2 as a metaphor for monopolistic globoculture (what could possibly go wrong?!), The Omega Man, Soylent Green gone main stream, Denis Rodman, Trump and the North Korean summit with Kim Jong-un.

Bizarre details. Occult connections? Anti-hillary tweets. Celebrity CIA chefs. Other Strange 'suicides' by famous personalities this week?

Dawkins wants GMO cannibalism. What else is there to say?

Sunday Wire connects with special guest, deep politics & cultural analyst Jay Dyer - author of best-seller Esoteric Hollywood - for an incisive psychological look at America's obsession with existential enemies and geopolitical foes throughout its modern history, most notably the all pervasive "Russian Threat!" which dominates US and European political discourse at present.

Deflating Atheism requested an interview and discussion with me regarding skepticism and the collapse of Internet atheism.

Popular Commenter SyrianGirl joins Andy Warski and Jay Dyer after a 2 hour red-pilling session of telling Andy about the big gameplay of globalism. Relaunch of Warski Live.:

Jay and Andy cover the history of black markets and their connections to intelligence agencies, the climate change scam, foreign policy nonsense and a “debate” with a sedevacantist.

War Games and The Pentagon's Brain by Annie Jacobsen reviewed for the Globalist Books' Series.

Dreaded by all liberals and modernists, the Torah is absolutely the inspired and inerrant the Law and Word of God.

I review the exchange and give my fuller analysis of the interaction with Richard's arguments combining Nietzscheanism and Darwin as what I think is a failed account for ethics.

Sean Stone joins us to discuss the inside perspective on Hollywood and the machinations of the secret societies and cults in the background, as well as a detailed interview concerning his new movie, Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece. In the first half, Andy and Jay cover the news, including Roseanne’s scandals and tweets and the suppression of speech in the West.


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