jaynamy.com/products Wanted to endorse this world wide company. About 3 months ago we decide to use them instead of buying our gold and silver from London.

If you are interested in buying gold and silver as an investment for yourself and your family, this will make sense for you.

If you don't have an interest in improving your wealth and well being this will make no sense to you. It makes sense to us, and is the only company we endorse.


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hey everybody jay hiatt here i wanted to just shoot a quick video and let you know why the two reasons why i decided to get in involved with well a well thought out pylon a really the main reason was

then if you can see this right here silver and i was buying my gold and silver from a overseas a company in in Europe in London and it's you know it is

is this ninety nine percent pure just the seller bar I'd been doing for a long time and ah that was you know just something that I've always done and what i really love about wealth auto pilot and

seven k metals is that it really just simplify things and I'm you know what what what you get with you know well thought out pilots seven k metals is just the

the thing that i love about it is that it's a verified that and see MS 70 MS seventy and so what they basically do is they just go and they do all the research

everything that you need to they you don't need to know anything about buying gold or silver is just shipped to you every month and the thing about this one as it would literally i would place an order and it would take a month

in fact my last order would never ride because they had to ship and the ducks were closed down and with with you know if you guys get involved basically it just it's just a way to invest in your future and this is what

just love about it is because it's something that I've been doing for you know ten twelve years now just buying gold and silver but i just randomly just buy at a different places you can certainly find all kinds of different things

but what i love about this is this particular snow over in ten years is going to be worth substantial more amount of money than this this is just going to be as a silver bar whatever the cost of the the silver is

the time in ten years that's when it's gonna this is these are collectible coins so you have the two different aspects you can you can just buy silver coins or you can buy collectible silver coins and so that was the main primary reason that i got it

like from a welsh just investing in myself it just made a lot of sense ah but you know the second reason was who doesn't want an extra five hundred dollars a week and within the first week i was qualified

as an associate so those are the two reasons that i really just the one reason but the two reasons that i would say that anybody should get involved this is as for the steer reasons anyway you guys have a wonderful day and then we'll tax

If you are interested in buying gold and silver this is who we buy our gold and silver from, and it is shipped directly to our front door every month.


Martin, Joanna and Charlie Ward Breaking News 2-6-2021 Martin, Joanna and Charlie Ward Breaking News 2-6-2021


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