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i've had this sitting there for weeks or so. finally, got it knocked out.
you really should spend the time to watch the documentary, Human Nature. they are pushing on the Overton Window to make you accept more.
it's a slam dunk. people are so dumbed down & absorbed in the trivial if they have time, when they're not breaking their back working to make a living.
we've fallen so far & "scientist" are greasing the rails as we race to our own extinction, that is if God doesn't step in & stop them.
And, of course, He will. What a lesson for all eternity of how far people go when they don't listen to Him.

i think it's a good movie for children as long as you explain the propaganda.
You have to take all Disney with a grain of salt, but this one is a little different. it's from a Chinese legend.
there's a spoiler warning on my comments.

it's rhetorical & a serious question. i've only had one answer so far & they said it's oil. personally, i think oil is too heavy to stay up in the air like that, but nano-particles? who knows.
anyway, here's another rant on how they're chemtrailing us. happy trails to all you campers out there. we're strangers & pilgrims in this world. it's not our home!

this has a mild spoiler warning. if you have seen the first 3 episodes, it doesn't matter, but i supposed some people want to be surprised & enjoy a film more.
it's kind of redundant for Ridley Scott. he seems to be obsessed with propagandizing this subject.
anyway, happy trails. beware what you watch that you're not being indoctrinated.

i was going to the Zhongshan church a week ago & to my shock, it was gone. they had leveled it. i hadn't been there in a year or whatever. it was just part of one huge construction site. valuable real estate for another apartment complex, probably.
100 years of Ch history didn't matter. it didn't matter that it was named after Sun Zhongshan, the Father of the Ch Republic.
anyway, it's all part of the growing movement to silence Christians worldwide. 100,000 Christians are martyred for their faith every year.

i'm posting this again. with the part 6 before i mistakenly added the same song as is in part 5. i was tired. i will delete the first part 6 with this replacement. to err is human.
now, the next day i'm rectifying that mistake with a song by Vas Myers & Julie Weiler. I knew Vas's parents when we were in the same missioin home in the Philippines in '77. His father was also talented & used to play a 12 string.
in the video you can see the ladies working in the field planting tea bushes. in an earlier video (the day before) you see them clearing the field & burning the weeds & grass they cleared. Sanjiang is famous for green tea besides their wonderful wood architecture that fits together without nails. the bridge i show repeatedly was built in 1912.

this is the 5th installment & i've still got one more memory card I haven't touched. ha. just finished weeding through the 2nd 16GB card.
happy trails. enjoy the music. sorry i didn't put the lyrics up. i'm just too tired. it's now almost 1AM here in China, can't do it all.
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I went back to the old Dr. Strangelove film by the late, great Stanley Kubrick.
How great we don't know. Was he repentant? He pushed a lot of hellish doctrines. in this movie he makes fun of the idea fluoride in the water is bad. did he represent the deep state? why was he so "informed" about the issues in Eyes Wide Shut?
anyway... you decide.

here's part 4 & it looks like i could make one or two more, but no. 5 will probably be the last. we'll see.
theophobe warning! these videos have Christian music for those with certain allergies.

I hesitate to even use this term. it's such a tool for the State & has been for almost 60 years. Since the Warren Commission they've used C.T. (conspiracy theory or theorist) as a diatribe to deny facts & evidence to point to alternative explanations different from their propaganda. Some people use it whether consciously or subconsciously to excuse their ignorance on the subject.

these Sanjiang videos are more for my Christian friends, some of whom are missionaries in the middle east & africa, so the Christian music & the serious lyrics might not be to everyone's taste--to put it lightly. so all you theophobes out there, you've been warned. i'm not responsible for any adverse, knee-jerk, allergic reactions. ha.

i'm hoping to continue to keep posting some of my travel pics & films.
it's more of the same, but showing different places in sanjiang with some of my favorite music going.
happy trails.

i was able to get away for a few days last week. Sanjiang 三江
great relaxation of mind & spirit & good exercise hiking in the towns & the mountain paths. "the meek shall inherit the earth." these simple montagnard people famous throughout southeast asia & into the philippines & other islands will survive long after modern man has blown himself to pieces.
notice that they are being chemtrailed too though.
i'm planning more of these videos from my 40 GBs of pics & films. too bad i don't have such a great camera. just a simple canon ixus. oh well.

i started to watch Yes, God, Yes & decided not to in the first few minutes, but i wanted to point out the stupid, prudish "Christian" who says sex outside of marriage is a sin. some of these loons even goes as far as to say enjoying sex at all is a sin. how stupid is that? what an affront to God Who created it!
this is my story in a nut shell, pun intended, it's like i'm out to offend everyone.
I offend "Christians" with an openness to sex & offend unbelievers with too much talk about God & Jesus.
i piss off the leftists with attacks on abortion, communism, race-baiters, climate change aka global warming hoax, calling out the sins of LBTG community,...
and i criticize conservatives for flag waving war crimes, promoting war, not making weed legal, corrupt capitalism,...

this is another take on the abuse of CHEMTRAILS!
God knows how much damage they are doing to us & the ecosystem with the spraying.

i revisited this classic movie from a classic book.
i learned also that the john cusack movie Jack Bull is also based on this story.
it seems apropos to the world today. i wonder if there's ever been a time in human history when the rich & powerful, the government & it's arms of control have ever been so criminal.
p. s. sorry for my confusion with the spelling... kohlhaas, not kohlhass?

my cover illustration is a bit off subject, but it does reflect the political correctness mantras that oozes from Hollywood.
and i want to mention that DeviantArt censored this art from their sight. unbelievable sensitivity! they're full of porn, pedophilia & grotesque violence, but don't criticize the zombie left.

service to whom is the question.
service to the corporate, banking powers that try to control the world? service to the politicians & leaders who fill their pockets with the hard-earned money of the masses while lining their walls with the skins of those they sacrificed in the pursuit of wealth? I'm not just talking about the american war machine, but all countries who fight wars to steal from others our of greed & avarice--an all consuming compulsion to kill, maim & destroy for their empire.

the purest may find this movie too disgusting with johnny dupe in it, but notice that he doesn't even hardly have to act. he plays himself: a psychopath, demonic torturer of the innocent, a military man that has sold his soul to the State.
i thought it was a great view, although depressing. it's a picture of the world in a nutshell. never heard of the book, but it seems to be a good read.
the parallels to what's going on in man's history are all too noticeable.
p.s.: hope to be back on the saddle knocking out a bunch of videos with the summer school vacation kicking in.
happy trails!

this might not interest many, but it's just a few clips I took on our recent trip to the anthropology museum in our city.
it has a lot of history of the province which was dominated in centuries or even millennia in the past by agricultural people. this culture is very similar throughout southeast asia & even the philippines. they must have spread via ocean voyages at some time. you see the same rice terraces & ethnic dress in many countries that probably started here in china.
in the future i hope you will follow my channel on your own, since i can't advertise at present since twitter is censoring access to BitChute, the last bastion for freethinkers.

ENJOY your latest BitChute videos will the platform last. They’re now censoring them wholesale on Twitter. I’ll bet they try to take it down altogether!
Anyway, here’s a rehash of just a few of the lessons from Oliver Stone’s JFK. That was the event that woke up my generation 50+ years ago, that & the horrors of the Vietnam war. I don’t think anything will ever wake up this current generation Z, Z for zombies! if they can't see with "20/20" vision from all that's happen this year, they never will. How much clearer does God have to make it!?

someone mentioned to me recently how V for Vendetta is based on a biological weapon dystopia.
i've been working a lot to pay the bills & haven't had time to make videos. hope all is well with you out there in these turbulent times.

I'm just clearing out a few of my projects in my spare time, a monday afternoon before my evening class.
there's something special about the old ELO album, Eldorado!
this will be largely unintelligible to those who are not awake.
happy trails!

i had a little time on my hands today to put out another video. i have such a back log of stuff i'd like to do, but no time.
these four days are Dragon Boat Festival Days. i chose to throw together my take on the recent David Icke London Real interview.
you can see my article on medium.com it's my new handle over there. i noticed it since Kurt Nimmo is moving his operation over there. his other "server" started charging more & blocking his income or something.
happy trails!

i'm going to go at it again. i think PLANET OF THE HUMANS is a must watch. if you're deluded by the green energy hoax, watch this.
this will probably be my last video for a while. we lost all our cash savings in the "quarantine". thank God i didn't have to cash in any gold or silver.
and the landlady is letting us pay one month at a time. classes have begun & i need to concentrate on them.
no one has helped me generate income from my art, books or videos; so gotta pay them bills bub.


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