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"USMC Veteran • Husband • Father • Author • Philosopher America-First Patriot • Free-Speech Absolutist" his bio from Twitter/X & his location says New Jersey
who are these guys!? why does he have such great pronunciation on the Hebrew/Yiddish words? makes you wonder. but, for the most part, i like what he's saying.

IsraHell has bet on the material world while the Palestinians have bet on the supernatural, the spiritual world that will go on forever. Israelis will die & go to Hell like Kissinger did recently & the "meek shall inherit the earth." that dad that lost his child will see him again in the everlasting. the Israelis that lost their children won't see them again, but be separated in a prison of the continual repeat of their sins on earth until they repent if they ever do, a thousand years of purgatory at best.

distractions during the Gaza massacre, but i'll include this podcast anyway. i don't have time to listen to it right now.
i'm not a believer in all this "UFO technology" but i'm willing to listen. i think ETs are more like 5th dimensional creatures breaking through to our realm. who knows?

didn't have time to listen to the whole thing.
side issue! what is with the glitches in some of these videos! the audio portion skipping out. is a new form of censorship? it's so annoying, you want to shut it down.
i will say, it's funny how Tucker is not talking about the massacre in Gaza. clearly these both are Zionist, but they're not wrong on all the issues. are they damage control & still part of the Deep State. I would say; of course! obviously. controlled opposition.

the lyrics would be prophetic, except that not much has changed. it's just the same as it's been for a hundred years. rich raping the poor.

good, informative watch

some good stuff, good fun. bread & circuses. belly vs. brawn. smarts vs. regurgitated ministry of truth propagana. interesting to see how many times morgan blantly lies. israel's whole argument is built on lies! goebbels would be proud they've come so far.

I saw this video on WeChat here in China. sorry for the poor quality. It's not so easy to download stuff from WeChat. surprised to see this soldier has a heart.
I don't know any Chinese personally that don't support Gaza & are appalled & in unbelief at the barbaric nature of IsraHell.

two satanists walk into a bar... The Rock & Joe Rogan are both confirmed Satanist. notice how the mock Jesus and want to control Christian speech.
the rock says to the pebble, hey Joe, where you going with that nueralink in your head.
i don't know, it hasn't told me yet.

there is a real info war going on over the attrocities happening in Gaza. don't waste your time with the bots & trolls that make their bread spewing out garbage.

I've always liked listening to the rational mind of Norman, the Mensch vs. the Jewish, Zionist stereotype. his parents were holocaust survivors & they were pro-Palestinians because they could recognize that Zionism was repeating the same crimes as the Nazis.

1969 at the height of the Vietnam War, the message remains the same.
i took this video from their tube.

song by Eric Clapton (not my video work, it's his production)
the BRICS nations should with whoever wants to help send unarmed hospital ships & food aid to Gaza immediately. let them try to block Russia, China, Iran, etc. from rescuing the children from the monster Israhell.

interesting viewpoints. i wouldn't trust either of them any further than i can throw them, but i appreciate they dropped some of their rabid Zionist bent a little.

even a broken clock is right two times a day

I'm making a list, checking it twice; gonna find out who's naughty or nice. Armageddon is coming to you. who supports Israel, who is silent & who is in opposition to the genocide is a litmus test for humanity. DO WHAT YOU CAN TO STOP THE MASSACRE!

this video speaks for itself. i'm not saying all these quotes are from people of good reputation, many are scoundrels & parasites too of the worst order & funnily enough, many were used by the antichrist forces they complain about.

cutting through the BS. he tells the truth about the extreme draconian methods of IsraHell on Oct. 7th. it was colateral damage. they killed their own people like Masada again to acheive a political win. they'd rather kill themselves than have their stooges taken hostage. like 9/11. no wonder he's cursing all the way through the video, he just can't do the subject justice.

i wonder how many of these veterans like Biggs did the same tortures to Iraqis or Afghanis?
it doesn't make it right that they're torturing them. the same thing the USG did in black sites across the world they are now doing to their own. this is the propaganda that has been ongoing for decades, ramping it up to call political dissenters "domestic terrorists". thank you for your service.

again, i haven't had time to listen to this, but I'll post it as a public service for those who won't bow the knee to X to listen to this neo-con spin his web of support for all things Trump.

I haven't been able to listen to this yet. I've spent days in china with no vpn, most of the last week, so i'll get this posted while the sun shines.
can't speak to what it's about, but it looks good. most of tucker is good, NOT ALL though.

another hodge podge of issues. i found it interesting Tom Cruise latest Mission Impossible destruction porn revolves around who controls this AI "entity". ha.

most of that interview is a waste of time, but there's some jewels in there & i think i've dug out a few: Joe Rogan Halloween w/ Musk
some of the video is just an advertisement for Musk’s bulletproof “truck”. I initially commented how ugly it was and I stick by that, but i didn’t realize it is built, literally, to serve as a tank. The bulletproof glass is optional.
At 25:13 they start talking Twitter/X.
I understand musk better since listening. He seems obsessed with surviving what he sees as the end of human race. The carnal mind at odds with God trying to save himself with the arm of the flesh.
he is promoting nuclear power & pooh-poohing radiation & Chernobyl, Fukushima…

interesting research into the agenda of the collective West deep state & IsraHell

i like the message. this guy ignores what's happening in Gaza now. no doubt, he's another one of these Scofield "christians" who thinks Jews are still God's people, he may even be a full blown, rabid zionists. i don't know. i just like some of his songs.


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