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the illustration is from my 2016 book, Heroes of Faith, part of the Illustrated Guide For the Politically Incorrect series. there are 12 books in that series. currently i'm unable to upload another book, so maybe that's the end of the series? in this age of censorship. i had a good run. check 'em out if they're still available: https://www.lulu.com/shop/j-beverly-greene/illustrated-guide-for-the-politically-incorrect-heroes-of-faith/ebook/product-23120044.html
available in full color PDF file Ebook, $4.99 or hardcopy paperback, $24.99

walk circumspectly, watch your 360.
lies abound. propaganda are everywhere, distraction, watch what the left hand is doing.
this is half a movie review on The Yellow Birds & partly a warning on war propaganda.

the footage is from, "American Radical: the Trials of Norman Finkelstein"
God bless these mensch Jews who stand up for the oppressed.
he's so well-spoken & it's such common sense.

there's some interesting quotes from Ray Kurzweil, looney tune par excellence.
don't waste your time on Zoe, but Google & the World Brain has a lot in it. i didn't know how entrenched Google is in running the Ministry of Truth.
we are watching the high tech giants take over the internet & the death of free speech.
better get your house in order. back up your books before they're burned.

this is the 2nd video and the last of my footage to the zoo this summer in southern China.
it was a hot summer this 2018, very crazy weather & different from other summers. may & june were super hot & dry.

this august was the last week of my english classes. the boss took us to the zoo & we braved the heat & a little rain to see half the zoo. ha. the kids pooped-out & wanted to go home after that. too much sugar & junk food in their bloodstream. it was fine with this tired old man. zoos are always sad to me. i don't like to see the animals caged like that.

life in China teaching English. i'm almost 0 years in China.
here's a snapshot of one of my classes. not really a class though, it was a party for Ben who is going to go to school in Canada for a few months. He's a legal visitor by the way.

you can read her testimony here. someone sent it to me via a TFI publication, but i don't think it's out in the mainstream yet.
I met her personally in Manila around 1989 & heard her relate this story then.

i'm talking about how hollywood has been sold to china & the distortions in the media presentations & films, also, the documentary Google & the World Brain. plus i'm putting a lot of my recent art & memes in here & some old stuff on the same topics. i've been doing this since 2013 with the art & books. i'm slowing down now as i concentrate on work more. happy trails. hope you enjoy the videos. give me a like or a comment below.

here's some red-pilling vintage 1972

great old broadway play musical brought to the screen, gene kelly, music by lerner & loewe, directed by vincente minelli...

i remember this as an infant being nursed by my mother asking her when i would be old enough to eat popcorn too. ahem. sorry for the nonsense. hope you enjoy the blast from the past.

i'm looking at some recent movies & the leftist anti-trump propaganda.
i'm off the trump train, because of all the war crimes & continual war being waged, yemen, palestine, afghanistan, syria, africa...
i'm not defending jared kushner either in this video, but i don't like the rabid, irrational, psychotic, untrue name-calling & threatening of violence and assassinations. he's a zionist & probably a satanist, since he revels in his 666 building & is supposed to be planning to mass produce the chips that might become the Mark of the Beast.
i've been busy working this summer & am cutting back on my political work. you can still see my art & articles at deviantart though. happy trails.

pun intended
sorry, i just can't do the subject justice.

i was reading a gateway pundit article.
how is it that the alternative media is now gone full metal jacket sycophant over donald trump?

this is not really an attack on #Infowars
it's more like a rebuke. i still have hope they can come around. we have to stay faithful to the truth.
we can't support a war criminal & someone provoking so many. there's so many stupid decisions & we're always on the wrong side!

i wanted to do this for a long time, but never found time. i took about 7 hours of my off day to work on it. can't take anymore time. gotta work to pay those bills. you can patronage my by getting my books. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/j_beverly_greene

A BLAST FROM THE PAST & good advice for the present. 1968 Broadway play & 1979 movie.

"One thing we learn from history is that we NEVER learn from history!" --Toynbee i think.
I'm off the Trump train due to the war crimes. My apologies. one has to live with his own conscience.
WARNING TO MUSICIAN: amateur attempt at music! ha

JUST THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF SPLASH FOR A FRIEND. i wanted to pass to her the wooley bully song, the rest is an extra blast from the non-PC past.

i love this old film. it's kind of a bitter sweet catharsis that i go through every time i watch it. beware that i draw a parallel to the "Wilson" in the movie to Trump. might not be to everyone's liking.

i'm going over some points from the last week that stick out for me. in the background i'm showing the last of my thailand holiday footage.

what's on your mind after Trump bombed Syria & brought us so close to nuclear war with Russia?

this is the last of the videos i filmed in Pattaya at the Hot Tuna Rock Bar that i will be posting. i guess some live videos are subjective, maybe you had to have been there to get the full benefit. i do hope you will enjoy the performances from this Thai band though. happy trails!

the lady singer came on with this song. they had two lead vocals taking turns


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mostly original political art & commentary from a texan living & working--teaching english in china since '98.