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you might have seen the exaggerated or even fake photos or videos of this building in a major city in southeast china. don't be fooled by the hype.
beware your sources!

the level of hypocrisy & criminal activity, judicial corruption & the attack on basic human rights is maybe unparalleled in history.
bill of rights, #MagnaCarta, all trashed! even the boast of #Democracy is empty. look at #BREXIT. look at freedom of speech or journalism & what they've done to #Assange

more spin & misdirection from the asylum called nut flix

just a montage of some of my collections.
i've been out of the loop for 2 months plus with no vpn in ch.
twitter is trying to lock me out of my old acct. so far. we'll see how that goes.
hello to all my old friends.
my new handle on twitter is jbeverlygreene2
in case i get locked out again, it was nice knowing you.

another video on chemtrails. i'm seeing them almost every week at least here where i leave. sometimes it's day after day. often you can't see them through the cloud cover. but blue skies are now rare. game over. only way out is up. it's going to take Jesus coming to save us now. might as well enjoy our last days, BUT stay informed!

i'm posting some of the video projects that i worked on in sept. & oct. when my vpn was out. cheated by veepn & expressvpn AGAIN.
WELL, THE B-TCH IS BACK. HA. call out to marianne, hope to hear from you soon.

i put an english version of the Pet Shop song on this video. it's identical to the other except the song & credits at the end.
thanks Vas Myers & crew for all your great music & Micah Bear for your song from 50 (?) years ago. interesting message in relation to things like Gaza, Yemen & HK... "but the world is all the same."

trying the second time to upload this video. it stalled out & bitchute didn't publish it for whatever reason. i'll try again.
it's not like my other stuff & i'm sending this out for some of my closer friends & ch. the song is in ch. there's no narration. it's just 5 minutes of video footage from Yangshuo. happy trails.

no politics, no preaching, just a little peak at Yangshuo with music.
we teachers are back to work sept. 1 here, sad, sad, sad.
gotta pay those bills

i read EYES WIDE OPEN during my recent summer holiday in Yangshuo.
very enlightening & incredible. it's a miracle she survived all that. she sure names a lot of people & organizati9ons. it's a very academic book with thousands of facts & stories plus background on the elite's trade in the human flesh of children.

Here's the last of some files, TV & movie clips that i wanted to share.
It's not all poor viewing out there. Maybe in my poverty, I'm like a homeless man raiding the dumpsters for food. ha.
happy trails! & happy summer!
if it goes too fast in the 5 minutes i'm allotted with my free moviemaker app, then just pause it or watch it again. have fun.

I really enjoyed the HBO series on Chernobyl.
i love true stories, especially ones that have good lessons.
and Jared Harris did such a great job & watching i realized he's the son of Richard Harris. i didn't know. same voice, same skill.

here's some views of the river where i live & comments on life in a big city.
this might not interest you. it's more for my personal friends & family. happy trails.

I'm continuing to clear away some of the files that have been in my computer. so this is entitled "miscellaneous" since they are random points from TV & movies that i felt necessary to comment on. happy viewing.

i've had a lot of clips stacking up for months, but i've been too busy working & then had no veepeeN for about 6 weeks. now, i want to clear my folders of all these files, so you might see some of these 5 minute videos labeled miscellaneous. THIS ONE covers a little on Isaac Kappy again & some of the nonsense of Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson. YOU ARE WHAT YOU WATCH!

a discussion on chemtrails aka geoengineering
check out GeoengineeringWatch.org

THERE'S SOMETHING ROTTEN IN DENMARK about the graduation of #IsaacKappy to Heaven.
No doubt he was "suicided" by the same people he was exposing, the likes of #JeffreyEpstein #BlackCube & the global slave trade of children

there's an old song & dance from the classic movie & stage play, THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS.
it's the perfect picture of D.C. politics. the #Swamp is in full control. they're playing us like a fiddle & there's nothing we can do.
the U.S. needs a yellow jacket movement, but it would be infiltrated by the FBI before it got started.
get out if you can. america is toast. it's over. the dream is dead. look at all the posers who are running in 2020.

how many tens of millions die every year unborn?
much more than die in war.
this is not for children, maybe a PG 13 warning?

I haven't read the novel. i watched the movie with my wife. We were both appalled by the nonsensical nature of the film that seems to ignore common sense & known science of the solar system and universe. But it seems to be the going trend with Avengers Endgame & all the comic book genre.
i've had "friends" who claimed they didn't like true stories, they like fantasy & fiction. well, there you have it. people are ignoring the real world in favor of their imagination. I just think we're going too far with that.

the coming war in Venezuela & the attempted coup is just another demonstration of the lack of moral leadership in the empire.
they care nothing for people, but only for corporate profit & stealing resources.

here's my review on the latest CBS (Certified Bravo Sierra) that the propaganda ministry is shoveling out.
also check my journal entry on deviantart. https://www.deviantart.com/jiangweisen/journal/CBS-new-reproved-Twilight-Zone-792517128
happy trails.

1989 years ago, this time of year, on a Passover Eve Jesus died on the cross for you & me.
without blood sacrifice, there is no atonement for sin. Only Jesus' blood is necessary. no other will do. we are saved by Grace through faith in Him. it's not of works. it's entirely God's mercy on us sinners.
40 years later, that generation that killed Him died at the hands of the Romans & that was the end of their temple & the end of the meaning of their religion.

i wanted to include some lessons from the Passion movie & the meaning of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.
this is in 2 parts with a question about Black Friday at the end of part 2.
less than 10 minutes both parts.

HAPPY EASTER! it is a good Easter if you have Jesus. If you don't, you in big trouble boy!
some of the footage is traumatic, not for children!.
scenes from Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. doesn't get more real than that. this could be your last Easter to get right with God. the future looks dire.


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