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i'm delinquent in getting this out, but then most of us have to work for a living.
this is an expense for me making these videos. i haven't yet profited by it. BUY A BOOK! Robert Malthus, Charles Dickens, Christmas Carol, depopulation, anti-God, inhumane politics... this is one of the reasons why they think the way they do & brought to you by "Christian" clergy too.

i don't recommend this movie. why is the Christian right such a inseparable part of the neo-con war crimes and new world order agenda. i'm again claiming ("schizophrenically") that i'm finished with the politics, BUT i just can't shut up. ha.

Here's a change of pace. As I move further away from the political, check out some of my illustrations i'm doing just for fun, just for the beauty of art! Since my VPN has expired & I still don't have the finances to renew it, I now can't access BitChute! ha. my voice is almost completely a soliloquy now. two of these girls, i've been teaching english to for more than three years. these pieces are free downloads, open source, at https://www.deviantart.com/jiangweisen

i'm back with my VPN, so i will be posting 4 videos i put on Brighteon. BitChute was blocked to me in Ch w/out VPN.
i was noticing some things in the recent Robinson Crusoe viewing. it's an old movie with a poorly acted 007 hamming it up. poor guy. we're the same age. notice that it's a harvey weinstein production & classic literature of the 1900s. how much of our indoctrination aka. "education" is anti-Christ? you see the same themes repeated in film & literature.

i was watching the old movie EL CID with charleston heston & sofia loren about the history of spain vs the moors. good lesson in history & great romantic movie. she's such a beauty!
it's important to know the real characteristics of islam & jihad. i'm making another appeal to get my book, the EBook is only 4.99, the paperbacks, A4 & A5 cost more of course for printing. http://www.lulu.com/shop/j-beverly-greene/illustrated-guide-for-the-politically-incorrect-2018/ebook/product-23942610.html

i'm not a #NetFlix fan. most of their stuff is garbage & heavily subsidized propaganda from the Deep State.
i'm not a subscriber. i get stuff from torrents. i'm fond of movie reviews, because they are such propaganda pieces to indoctrinate the masses. it's good to separate the fact from the fiction. you can see so many agendas portrayed. if you haven't seen Bird Box, this has some spoilers in it. beware. happy viewing.
please support my work. i put about 8 hours into the production & have lost my VPN in Ch-na due to poor finances this year.

this could be my last video since i've lost my VPN service. In china, you need a VPN to tweet, to go to YouTube (or better named: TheirTube) & even duckduckgo... my teaching has taken a hit with the recession & inflation in China now. too bad, poor me, ha.
anyway, without Twitter to link to my videos, i don't expect much to happen. I'd ask that you please tweet this video out for me.
i think not going on Twitter everyday is going to be good for my mental health. that addiction to the internet ghetto, as Drudge called it, & the pull on that slot machine handle to see what comes up -- the one-armed-bandit that steals your time & energy. it's an addiction i look forward to kicking.
also, you can help by buying a book. my latest is only $4.99 & if i can sell 20 more, i'll have what i need to renew my VPN.
CHECK EM OUT: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/j_beverly_greene

it's been over a month since i posted anything. been busy publishing my book & working for a living, teaching english over here. gotta pay those bills. been hit hard financially this school year with a lose of students, holidays & many no-shows with the students. my guess is it's a recession here. sure is my way. anyway, hope all is well with you. this is probably goodbye to my Twitter audience since i can't afford to renew the VPN for now. oh well. might do me good to cleanse all that garbage out of my system. happy trails!

why are we so addicted to these action "heroes"? do we crave bloodshed? are we sucked into the notion that it's okay for these 007, license to kill, psychos to commit war crimes, torture people, pull coups for our corporate, fascist government, blow up things & commit atrocities? don't we already know this garbage is funded by the CIA & Deep State? do we not care? are we willing to kill millions of innocent people so we can sit at home & watch these perversions & eat popcorn? well, you reap what you sow. wake up!

SPOILER ALERT! don't watch this video if you haven't seen The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs ALREADY. the Coen brothers are my favorite almost. their direction & productions & screenplays are some of the best, the music, the cinematography... be sure to catch this if you can. i'm blessed in a Robin Hood sort of way, living in China i get so much on free torrents. my favorite movie so far this year.
it's a dark humor & maybe not appealing to some & i would rate it PG-13 or maybe R

some comments on america's policies that have destroyed it. there's a lot of spin in what jack ma is saying. they'd like to make the US the bread basket of the world while china is the sole industrial center.
THIS IS THE SECOND TIME i'm trying to upload this video. the first time it went unapproved for 5 days & counting. could be the holidays, but real.video did it in minutes brighteon.

Berg wrote, “Didn't you ever read 1984? Whoever wins the war, they write the books, so you will never hear the truth of what really happened. Don't you remember the "Ministry of Truth" of the dictatorship in 1984?”
how strangely similar is the current obfuscation over election fraud. the outcome will be what the Ministry of Truth says it is.

just for fun. my students & i were making jack o' lanterns this last week. nothing occult, just a little fun with pumpkins and design. my videos are not really viewed best on IPhones. they are made for a bigger screen & made to be viewed more than once. there's a lot going on in just 5 minutes.

this is not my production. i'm just passing on a file that needs to get out there. it's being censored. i've debated with some about Tommy's Zionist friends which i don't agree with, but i have to back him on his Free Speech in the UK. whether he gets financial backing from rothschilds, i don't know. i've read both his books & i think he's on the right track mostly.

what do we stand for as a nation? well, we stand for a lot! this guy should be boycotted. another brit trying to tell us what we're all about & what we should do. i thought we decided what we thought of that in the Revolutionary War! oh well, same old garbage. queen-loving, boy buggering Elite still telling us how to live. catch the alternative to this trash past the 1:30 minute mark with the Byrd's Sweetheart of the Rodeo, 50 year anniversary.

i had a lot of opposition to my comments on this "In The Now" video promoting the climate change hoax. of course, the climate is always changing. we have four seasons. it changes all the time. there are weather patterns. the sun goes through cycles & has low activity & solar flares, etc. BUT the notion of global warming has been proven to be a hoax & the efforts of people like Al Gore to cash in on it, are beyond dispute. the UN is using this excuse for carbon tax & taking over countries & interfering in our personal choices. i only have 5 minutes to spend on this, so my film is jumbled & too crowded as usual. happy trails. don't surrender to tyranny & fake mercenary State "science".

this should be my last for a while. we're having a week holiday with national day in china. you know the State is god here, so it's quite the holiday. chinese work hard & play hard too.
affinity as in affinity for light, truth, righteousness. the movie is a celebration of death & genocide. "reality' comic book style. & lots of anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible propaganda. PC blasphemy. & this is the kind of nihilism they teach in schools.
it's the opposite of God's idea to "be fruitful and multiply & fill the Earth". overpopulation is not the problem, inept, dysfunctional, interfering, opportunistic govt. is!

october 4th, i made a mistake in the video using september 4th, instead. i plead guilty to being human & screwing up. i didn't want to go to all the trouble to correct. i had already deleted the torrent from my desktop.
anyway, movie review going thru' Mission Improbable & the State propaganda they are pushing off. i still enjoyed the action in the movie tho'. you've got a chase seen on foot, by car, by sky diving, by helicopter, on snow, on a mountain... ha.

great dystopic film. i really like good sci-fi & clive owen usually does a great job.
ORZ the symbol of human oppression & surrender.

a lot of us grew up with daniel elsberg, watergate, the pentagon papers. it was the year i entered NTSU & started my art studies with a minor in history. today, they try to vilify whistleblowers with the same hype & hysteria about state secrets & endangering our soldiers & covert ops. according to the nuremberg code, this is more important to a civilized society than these empires like the third riech which come & go.

classic spielberg, the master of playing the heart strings. dramatic, emotional, not necessarily truthful in all points. the history of the pentagon papers & how nixon tried to squash their publication. daniel elsberg was the original whistleblower. they side step the controversy on how this lady "inherited" the washington post. her husband had to die in a questionable suicide. i'd appreciate anyone who could explain that to me.

the only difference between the Democrat and Republican leadership is...
here's some clips from a classic documentary by ken burns. take it with a grain of salt. best propaganda money can buy, brought to you by the Rockefellers. despite his corruption, he was fighting the swamp back in the first half of the 20th century. the problems remain the same.
i appeal to those who can to help my work. by a book: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/j_beverly_greene

this is just a little of my personal commentary. i don't claim to be always right, but i have strong feelings about all the war crimes that continue and how we keep spending trillions to kill people to take over their countries for the rich. if you want to call this MAGA, then that's your problem. i don't think it's making anyone better.

Happy Mid-Autumn day! Like a lot of Chinese festivals, Mid-Autumn Day is a lunar holiday. Talk about old school! They go back thousands of years. It’s kind of like a harvest celebration.

the book was written i think more by Peter McLoughlin than Tommy. it's a 400 page book that reprints the Quran (Koran) from an old English translation done by a Muslim, but it puts the Koran in chronological order from "his" last writings first. He reverses himself in the end after he had made war and perpetrated massacres on "unbelievers". he incriminates himself with his own mouth & shows what he really was, a warlord and a greedy, slaveholder & abuser of women... a plagiarist of the Bible & his retelling of Bible stories differ from the original many times. it's a redundant, evil, carnal, narcissistic view of life. i don't recommend it for reading, but i do recommend Tommy's book. help him is you can. #TommyRobinson if the video is too fast paced for you, pause it, watch it again or never mind, don't! ha. i don't get paid for this.


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