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in this rambling video, i'm telling you a testimony i heard from a fellow missionary in 1990. that was in mckinney, texas.
that's one reason i have a special liking of eric clapton.
i try to relate the crossroads we're all at in this time in history with the Holy Covid Empire in full swing. the song seems to relate Robert Johnson's struggle with whether to make a Faustian bargain with devil or not. what a terrible legacy to have follow you in the grave.
seems like most of the world is racing to the cliff like loyal lemmings. subhuman, hypnotized zombies.

the spirit of rebellion has hypnotized the world. it doesn't matter whether it's communism or capitalism, they are both religions of materialism with things (mammon) as their god. 20 years later most of the world doesn't even know that 9/11 was an inside job. we're drowning in ignorance & a flood of lies.

this is one of these rare videos where you have to look at this old man's mug. my apologies.
to jab or not to jab. that is the question. i'm force to make a tough decision this year.
please excuse the typos. i'm tired, going to bed. i don't get paid for this.

i've always loved this song. it may not seem like it. it's kind of like in Good Morning Vietnam when they play Louie Armstrong's Wonderful World & show all the horror of the Vietnam War in the film footage. the good news is God is still in control with what will happen to us, even if we die. there's a better world.
but a side note that might not interest you at all. you were warned. when my only girl, i had 4 boys, was 3 & we were in hiroshima as missionaries, 87/88, she loved to listen to that sweet dreams tape & would play the cassette over & over as we all, the 7 of us, went to sleep in that one bedroom where we pulled out our mats on the tatami mats. good memories. she had a great voice too. she's in denver now & hasn't written back for years. oh well. it will all turn out okay in Heaven.

this might be depressing for some. it's a mean future & hardcore dystopia we're looking at except for the mercy of God.
i think if God didn't stop these psychos, the human race would go extinct. but that's been the Devil's agenda since the Garden of Eden.
i also don't recommend a lot of listening to the Beatles. they were really off the beam & you can feel the lethargy & depression in this song. i'm sure George & John know better now. let's hope they're in a better place.
another note, i read more people have now died from the vaccines than from the disease itself.

when the world is falling apart & all seems lost, you've got to hang on & see God's hand in things.
for those #theophobe friends, this might not be the video you'll enjoy.

we're not called to be part of this world & especially its wars. we're strangers in a strange land, pilgrims on our way to the promised land. this world is controlled by & given over to the devil.

war is a racket. as troops pull out of Afghanistan we're reminded of the "futility of war". 20 years & the rich got richer & the poor got poorer, if they survived.
the CIA ran their global trade in opium & with the Taliban coming back, that should be stopped. that's good. people will stop dying, hopefully, from bombing & drone strikes, hopefully. that's good. women will loose their right to vote & be subclass citizens again under islamic rule. that's not good.

5 minutes, as usual, from Watchmen, The Founder, The International, Woodstock, Gladiator & Tomorrow War.
i'm trying to clear my video folder of projects that i've stacked up. these subjects are not related. +

I watched Foxcatcher again. I remember the first time I saw it, I was more than half way through when I realized that was Steve Carell playing du Pont.
Fritz Springmeier names the du Pont family near the top of the list in his Bloodlines of the Illuminati. He also calls them out for being Satanists. Their family made their fortune making gun powder and then went into producing all kinds of chemicals, making cars and a laundry list of investments. Their family goes back hundreds of years.

Songbird, Snowden & a documentary Betrayal At Attica are the subjects of this brief 5 minute video
explaining again: i only do 5 minute videos because this movie maker program i have is free & i'd have to pay to get a copy that does more. there are other programs, but this one i'm familiar with & it's easy for me to work with. any suggestions?

this is a great documentary. i don't remember this story at all, even though i was living in the Texas at the time. i had 5 kids though & my oldest was 12 or thereabouts. that can take a lot of concentration. ha. good message about what anybody with half a brain knows now, from Oswald to Malcolm X, from Waco to 9/11, so many of these "terrorist" attacks were created, funded, brain-stormed & carried out by the government itself. crooked as a dog's hind leg!

i'm not promoting any new age doctrines one might associate with the drug revelings of roger mcguinn, but it's great music & you can see this in the light of praise toward a great creator & a wonderful creation. despite what man has done to the planet & the human race, it will all come out in the wash & be a testimony to all eternity & other worlds how far astray you can go when you try to make it on your own without God or as in today--in war with Him.

i pity those who aren't connected to the Source. how do they cope without Jesus?
well, it'll all come out in the wash. "God's wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine."

the main topic i'm bringing out is the poem: Invictus
i think it's a horrible attitude from a guy that suffered all his life & didn't take it well. it quotes the verse about broad is the gate that leads to destruction & denies its validity. it's an interesting passage. it would seem that according to that passage, most people are not going to Heaven, unless it's just talking about our Pilgrim's progress in this life.

this 2nd part deals largely with the false flag, the "shooting spree" they manufactured in episode 4.
not as much about the nature of the virus fear mongering & vaccine predictive programming.

I've done one video mentioning the TV series Utopia already, which (by they way), was cancelled after the first season.
this is part 1 of 2
it's a smoking gun of foreknowledge of the agenda. the real question is whether it's a expose on the pharmaceuticals & the tyrannical powers-that-be or is it predictive programming & them selling their agenda to a doped up, dumbed down public who is also without morals.

quite shocking what happened & if the rains continue, will continue to happen. an ancient place in China & one of the main areas for Christian evangelist in the 1900s & the resulting persecution too. On the Yellow River & famous for flooding as many places are in China.
I'm sure the chemtrails that are so common here didn't help. man is so foolish to try to alter the delicate ecological balance of the Earth. it's not like we didn't deserve judgement too. we all need a wake up call in this world of rampant, rabid debauchery. "as in the days of Noah..."

i saw an article that shocked me. how much you bet it's exactly correct?
they've had a lot of practice with fake virus pandemics, but they've pulled off some real plagues too.

squeezed a few hours to knock this out amid my busy teaching schedule this summer. just another week & my workload will be much less. gotta pay those bills.

THE END IS NEAR! sure looks like it anyway.
“Yes, there is a bioweapon, but it is not the coronavirus supposedly concocted in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. It is the Covid vaccines that were concocted in the laboratories of Big Pharma in the West. THERE is your bioweapon.” Chuck Baldwin

THEOPHOBE WARNING! a beautiful Christian song with Amy Grant & James Taylor. dedicated to a lifelong missionary, 17 years in Ch.
she went to Jordan to help with volunteer work in the camps & with impoverished refugees from Middle East wars, but came down with a life threatening illness, at one point she had zero platelets; so she's having to go back home to Brazil. sometimes, you just have to bundle it up in Faith & keep going on.
this is not to inspire lethargy, but for the discerning disciple, there's a time to step back & just let God do it when you've done all you can.

this didn't come out as well as i imagined. hope you have fun with it though.
happy summer.

just a hodge-podge of a few different issues relevant today. the ongoing assault on Palestine, the dangers of vaccines, chemtrails, etc.

i think i'm too busy with work now to put out a really good video.
oh well, here's something for those who take an interest. happy trails.


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