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just a reading of Paul Craig Robert's article that you can find at: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/09/27/a-fateful-moment-of-history-is-upon-us/
& a few comments
you can find the article at the link above or listen to me drone on.
happy trails

American gigolo, 2022, seaspiracy, nord stream 2, etc.
different issues from current events.

this month i got a lot of work done, these are 25 memes or original illustrations completed in my spare time when i'm not teaching. all with no one supporting me. all my attempts to find financial support have failed. i do this as a public service & post the work now on my Twitter account, jbeverlygreene2, at full resolution. i used to do this with DeviantArt until they deactivated me. was it something i said? ha

i don't really believe it's the end of the homo sapiens. i think God will step in just like he said He would in the Bible, but this is a warning as to what they are doing/pulling over on us.
the background is Lubomir Arsov's In Shadow: A Modern Odyssey
i think it's cute how they call AI artificial! it's not real intelligence, it's artificial, it's plastic, a mockery, a pretense.

you know, the blood-sucking, leech, parasite, war mongering Queen could've saved Assange from prison, but instead she threw him in there to be tortured! i rest my case. may God reward her according to her iniquities! king david said, "i hate evil with a prefect hatred."

these are some verses from the King James on not being afraid
theophobes beware! raw Bible verses! your demons might find it offensive.
sometimes i've been hit with a spirit of fear & have to check myself about what i'm yielding to. hope it helps. just basic Bible knowledge for disciples.

it took me about 4 tries to sit through this film.
personally, i'd rather listen to a real documentary on the subject. maybe you will find it more entertaining than me. it had an american superiority to it, despite the whole subject matter is about how corrupt america's leadership is.
BUT it does cover a lot of material about the wheeling & dealing of the Biden crime family.
i watched it off a free torrent: My.Son.Hunter.2022.1080p.WEBRip.1400MB.DD2.0.x264-GalaxyRG

i don't really see things getting better because of the choices people are making. we're slipping into darkness & so few are standing up. it seems like opposition has been defeated & the Elite are just mopping up now. who knows how much longer it can go on like this, but the light is more powerful than darkness. truth can't be defeated. a little light can dispel the dark. keep shining.

sometimes only an expletive does the subject justice.
i'm so sick of all the political correctness, censorship & the rule of the "Elite" scum like the "Royal" family. what a travesty of justice, but par for the course in the sordid history of man's rebellion against God & moral judgement. don't look for it to get any better. be prepared! got your flee bag? got food & water for an emergency?

we're entering into the election cycle hardcore with b-b-b-Biden's speech. it's going to get nasty, BUT I hope we can stick to just the facts ma'am. this week i noticed 2 different instances of people lying & other people just going along with it because it fit into their agenda. Truth is sacrosanct, we can't err on the side of compromise or convenience. keep it real!

i lost me 2nd account this year. that's it for me. i won't go back, Lord help me.
anybody know of any free platforms for artists that don't censor political views?
for years i posted my memes & illustrations on reddit, gab, twitter, stemit, etc. i lost one account on Twitter, one on gab... i forget what else, but nobody had the outreach DeviantArt had.
well, all things change.
oh well, all my work is in my books on lulu.com
the "ebooks" PDF files are only 4.99 (the paperback $28.)
my latest book, 2021, is at: https://www.lulu.com/de/shop/j-beverly-greene/illustrated-guide-for-the-politically-incorrect-2021/ebook/product-k2rpnq.html?page=1&pageSize=4

who watches this garbage? won't be long now! but i've heard that for 40 years & it just gets worse.
the patience of God!

i really don't know what to think about this video that is circulating of Anne supposedly sitting up before she's forced into an ambulance. decide for yourself.
they sure to kill a lot of people that expose the sex trade in kids: Anne Heche, Halya Hutchins, (shot by alex baldwin) Anthony Bourdain & Paul Walker? (is that Q nonsense?)
Isaac Kappy was killed a year after he started going viral on naming names concerning the global sex trade in children

Has there ever been a kid raised in Hollywood that turned out okay?
you can read the article i read from for the narration in both parts at: https://www.deviantart.com/memegreenentsu/journal/Ron-Howard-927425938
AND you can go to my gallery & see the latest art i've posted.
happy trails.

i theme of this tool's films is atheism. he's as antichrist as they come. rabid!
from Dan Brown to his current attacks on faith in general. another Hollywood brat! is there any good kid that's grown up in Hollywood?

i've dealt with this subject before. there are some people on Twitter who like to China bash. Some of what they say could be true, but it's the hypocrisy that gets me & the exaggerations. they're obviously bias. are they here? i am! i'm in the extreme south bordering Vietnam & the north is notoriously hardcore, but let's keep it real.
the answer is not left or right, it's changing the evil heart of man!

SPOILER WARNING! contains footage from Bullet Train. you might want to wait till after you've seen the movie.

it's interesting that they censor the fact that despite Elvis' bad habits, he was a devote Christian who performed dozens of Christian songs & old fashioned hymns. theophobes beware!

games is right! they're playing with us. carrot on a stick. they're destroying the food supply in some places to force people to eat bugs & lab-grown "meat". beam me up Jesus!

i hesitated to finish this one. i had it sitting idle for a week or two & just now finished it off. it's sloppy. oh well. it's just the idea that so much of these documentaries or movies that expose child pedophilia are damage control or cover-ups & it seems that's what Nic Pizzalotta is doing

i'm just ranting about some of these sinophobes & western shills.
they want to tell you that ch is in a state of chaos. the zero covid policy is real, but these extremes that jennifer zeng & song pinggang talk about on twitter are not happening where i live. i would take with a grain of salt what they say. maybe some of these things happen, but they're not the norm. my only interest is in the truth.

just a short one to illustrate a couple of verses: James 4:1-2
this might be about all you hear from me for a few weeks. i'm soon into a pretty heavy teaching schedule (gotta pay those bills) Lord willing. summer english classes here in ch.
happy trails

why would they say they buried a time capsule with no dates on it?
some psy ops will live forever until Jesus comes or until we get to Heaven & get the answers. talk about cctv, every picture, sound, smell, taste, feel is recorded in our brains and can be replayed by God. that will make for some pretty interesting real life documentaries in Heaven's 3D TVs. ha.

my apologies to those who might take offense at my poor rendition of MLK's famous speech. lighten up! here's a view of some of my 2022 illustrations--specifically part of my ten years of the Looney Tune series. i have 2 volumes for sale on lulu.com: https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/j_beverly_greene/


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