My 6th video for CrackDown...from Denmark. This one is - Russia, Do You Hate Me? #Jellotuna

A fast version of "The Men That Stare At Goats". #Jellotuna

A fast version of Krull. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Office Space. #Jellotuna

A fast version of I, Robot. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Star Wars - Clone Wars X1.5

A fast version of Star Wars - Revenge Of The Sith #Jellotuna

A fast version of Star Wars - Attack Of The Clones #Jellotuna

A fast version of Star Wars - The Phantom Menace #Jellotuna

My song/video - UltraSonic Think Tank. #Jellotuna

A look at my busy rig. Lots of eurorack and a Special Stage Systems Ming Mecca system running . #Jellotuna

Playing around with my Gieskes samplers and the Beatstep Pro. I'm using drum gates to trigger samplers that have voice recordings on them. #Jellotuna

My video for a friend's band in ChicagoLand named, "Star Child". #Jellotuna

A look at some of the graphics of the Cat Full Of Ghosts Video Equations visuals mixed with other video on a Panasonic WJ-MX50. #Jellotuna

I sync'd my LZX Vidiot to my eurorack gear in various ways. Also using a camera and Ed Grimley sings. #Jellotuna

My 4th video for Naked Raygun...this one is "Managua". #Jellotuna

Video for my friend, Mach Fox's band from Minneapolis...ZWAREMACHINE. #Jellotuna

Trying out my Vidiot with a camera and Ed Grimley. #Jellotuna

New video for CrackDown...I'm Emulations. #Jellotuna

My video for Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer. #Jellotuna

My video for The Cranes - Clear. #Jellotuna

Video for The Cranes - Adoration. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi #Jellotuna

Afast version of Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back. #Jellotuna

Sigur Ros - Hijomalind


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