My video for CrackDown - LSDevil. #Jellotuna Bandcamp link here...

Flashback...A brief look at the Christian(ya, right), Vegan(except when fishing and stuff), pot smoking(I like weed, but these guys are health gurus..ha), rip-off retreat dealing, sister that got involved in a false flag, no shirt-wearing weirdos that are sorta trying to make a comeback. Please!

A double feature of two of my new videos for The Noise In Silence - "Noise" and "Inside Treatment". #Jellotuna

My second video for The Noise In Silence - Time To Wake Up. #Jellotuna

My video for Naked Raygun - Peacemaker. #Jellotuna

My official video for The Noise In Silence - Time To Wake Up. #Jellotuna The Noise In Silence is Kim Holm and Magus Karmark of Denmark.

A fast version of "An American Werewolf In London X1.5 #Jellotuna

My video for a The Noise In Silence - Mind. The Noise In Silence is Kim Holm(CrackDown) and Mangus Karmark....from Denmark. #Jellotuna

A fast version of The Blues Brothers. #Jellotuna

I'll be getting a Little Sophia to do some acting in 2020...she's new and still needs to be built. Til' then, I made this... #Jellotuna

My video for CrackDown - Time - Robot Stalker. Bandcamp link here.....

My ew video for CrackDown's new song, "Time". #Jellotuna ... bandcamp link...

Trip through Chicago's North Side on my way to Evanston....a bit of LSD up to my old Chicago hoods of Rogers Park and Edgewater and the South end of Evanston. Music is Big Black, from Evanston, and Naked Raygun...from ChicagoLand as well. I went to my synth builder's house to get more gear. #Jellotuna

My video for Skinny Puppy - Shore Lined Poison #Jellotuna

An older video for my old band that I played bass for back in 1998. Skin - me on Bass, Dave on Vox/guitar, John on drums. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Harlem Nights. #Jellotuna

My song/video, "Kemtraylz". #Jellotuna

My song, "Talk In Technicolor" on the Electribe and eurorack. It's about a 1950's LSD experiment. #Jellotuna

My song and photos thrown together. One day, I'll re-visit this and make a better video, but not fucking way. All music made in one take, on one track, with a Korg Electribe and eurorack modules. #Jellotuna

My 7th video for friends in Denmark. CrackDown - Smiles A Lot. #Jellotuna

Thunderbirds - Mission To The Unknown #Jellotuna

Attack of the Yogurt. #Jellotuna

My video for Naked Raygun - The Envelope. #Jellotuna

I edited some new footage and some old backing footage from the "Last Rights" tour. #Jellotuna

M song/video - It's Gonna Be Alright #Jellotuna


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