JTtv Ep:6 - Channel Surfin' 2 on the JTtv. #Jellotuna

A little channel surfin' on the ole JTtv. #Jellotuna

A look at crisis actor, Alison Parker's, real life. From that old Virginia media shooting hoax. #Jellotuna

A new look at an old subliminal tv sign-off from the 60's/70;s. #Jellotuna

PeeWee's Drug PSA. #Jellotuna

Tila Tequila shoes us her magic energy powers. #Jellotuna

Made me a little kaleidoscope with my LZX Vidiot. #Jellotuna

Trying out a little superimposing with the Panasonic WJ-AVE(modded), dating footage, green screen girls, and my eurorack for noise. Also, I glitched it up a bit with a magnet and one of it's modded magnet points for a nice crappy pitcure. #Jellotuna

A look at the new eurorack video module by Lone Vidiot. #Jellotuna

My official video for Dead Trees - Facing. #Jellotuna

My official video for Dead Trees - Buddha Nature. #Jellotuna Bandcamp link here...

My official video for CrackDown - Time - Genome Mix by kETvEctor. #Jellotuna Bandcamp link here...

Just trying out some various effects with my Kitty, projector, green sceen, other characters, and whatnot. #Jellotuna

My video for The Noise In Silence - Mr. Blue Brain. #Jellotuna

My official video for The Noise In Silence - Flow #Jellotuna

A glitched look at Bjork and her CRT TV. #Jellotuna

A little motivational glitch with Shia LaBeouf. #Jellotuna

My official video for The Noise In Silence - Open Up. #Jellotuna

My video for CrackDown - LSDevil (Acid Edition). This version is a bit trippy. #Jellotuna

A JTtv TV Special - Channel Surfer. #Jellotuna

My video for Angry Red Planet - Shadow Riser. #Jellotuna Angry Red Planet is Joe Howard of Indiana. Soundcloud link here....

My official video for CrackDown - Time (Golden Golum Mix). CrackDown is from Aarhus, Denmark. This is Aarhus. #Jellotuna

My video for CrackDown - LSDevil. #Jellotuna Bandcamp link here...

Flashback...A brief look at the Christian(ya, right), Vegan(except when fishing and stuff), pot smoking(I like weed, but these guys are health gurus..ha), rip-off retreat dealing, sister that got involved in a false flag, no shirt-wearing weirdos that are sorta trying to make a comeback. Please!

A double feature of two of my new videos for The Noise In Silence - "Noise" and "Inside Treatment". #Jellotuna


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