My video for Skinny Puppy - Shore Lined Poison #Jellotuna

An older video for my old band that I played bass for back in 1998. Skin - me on Bass, Dave on Vox/guitar, John on drums. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Harlem Nights. #Jellotuna

My song/video, "Kemtraylz". #Jellotuna

My song, "Talk In Technicolor" on the Electribe and eurorack. It's about a 1950's LSD experiment. #Jellotuna

My song and photos thrown together. One day, I'll re-visit this and make a better video, but not fucking way. All music made in one take, on one track, with a Korg Electribe and eurorack modules. #Jellotuna

My 7th video for friends in Denmark. CrackDown - Smiles A Lot. #Jellotuna

Thunderbirds - Mission To The Unknown #Jellotuna

Attack of the Yogurt. #Jellotuna

My video for Naked Raygun - The Envelope. #Jellotuna

I edited some new footage and some old backing footage from the "Last Rights" tour. #Jellotuna

M song/video - It's Gonna Be Alright #Jellotuna

My video for Big Black - Bad Penny. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Star Wars - Solo. #Jellotuna

Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong Of The Right (Live) #Jellotuna

A fast version of Spinal Tap. #Jellotuna

A fast version of The Other Guys. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Team America - World Police #Jellotuna

I added a fish on top of my facebook band cover video via chroma-key on the Natron. If you have a band page, you can load up to 1:29 video as the cover at top. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Hot Shots 2. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Hot Shots. #Jellotuna

Trying out my new Chroma-key(green screen) skills. Here's a little encouragement from Shia. #Jellotuna

A fast version of Conspiracy Theory. #Jellotuna

My video for 7 Seconds - 99 Red Balloons. Approved by Kevin Seconds. #Jellotuna

Trying out a Doepfer Theremin in various inputs with MI Braids on the VOWL setting. #Jellotuna


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