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Infektionsschutzgesetz:: Alice Weidel rechnet mit Merkels Politik ab! - AfD-Fraktion im Bundestag (Language German)

AfD-Parteitag: Die Debatte zum EU-Austritt Deutschlands. AfD favors getting out of the EU.

Finger weg vom Eigentum der deutschen Bauern! - Stephan Protschka - AfD-Fraktion im Bundestag

Linksextremisten rufen zu Terror vor Bundestagswahl auf – Markus Wagner (AfD) Germany is fighting for its very existence.

U04162021 Forget YouTube. Go to Rumble. Bitchute is really good too. America First with Sebastian Gorka has been banned from YouTube for telling the truth.

U041320211935 Johnson And Johnson Covid vaccine may be linked to blood clots.

U031820211956 - According to Nigel Farage we could be heading for biggest default in the history of mankind.




The Latter Years. U022620212118

U012020212116 USA 1776-2021
Written, recorded, mixed, mastered, all tracks played and sung by Jerry Eldred
The Eagle Is Dead - Written January 3, 1998. This version recorded in 2004. (c) Jerry Eldred 1998-2021

U011220210100 President Trump the greatest President ever. This video may move some people to tears.



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JEC, The Jerry Eldred Channel. Reporting on world events that have a great impact on our lives. The YouTube version of JEC has over 44 million views, and over 51,000 subscribers. This channel has been described as "right leaning".
Update: Jerry Eldred Channel was terminated by YouTube because reports on COVID-19 which presented a view other then theirs. Also Facebook is calling Bitchute a far right, conspiracy theory platform where banned YouTubers migrate to.