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Farage points finger at Bank Of England U501720221734

It's nearing closing time. I urge you to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord now!

Once again I come across evidence that the US and EU meddled in the Ukraine. They were attempting to get the Ukraine into the EU. U030720222005

US, EU, UN started the problem in 2014 by helping the Svoboda (Nazi) Party take power in Kiev

The Obama Administration including Biden were a large part of the coup that put the Nazi Svoboda Party in Kiev in 2014. And now Biden is blaming Russia for what is happening now. U022420222040

U0222202222203 Are the decisions made by the West on Russia/Ukraine designed to crash the economy for the global reset.

Johann Frieden (JF Reports) is affiliated with Jerry Eldred of JEC News who thoroughly covered the Brexit saga and Nigel Farage. U011820222328

U01142022 Nigel Farage upload 1/14/2022

U121720212340 - The fear of re-emergence of #fascism in some countries around the globe is real. Looking at the dynamics of Nazi-Germany in the 1930 might reveal the steps which lead to the rise of fascism and the widespread acceptance in a population which only supported the NSDAP by 30%. What we can learn is that the rise of fascism in Europe didn't take place overnight. It took place over a period of almost 10 years after the Nazis came to power.
This understanding is important to prevent or escape from the rise of fascist regimes, in time.

U100920212012 Anyone who was studying the map at the time when they stopped the count knows it was mathematically impossible for Biden to win.

U100820211821 I've been told the spiking red lines represent DEATHS!


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Update: Jerry Eldred Channel was terminated by YouTube because reports on COVID-19 which presented a view other then theirs. Also Facebook is calling Bitchute a far right, conspiracy theory platform where banned YouTubers migrate to.