I love Mulder and MacGyver.

Season 6 episode 19

Season 5 episode 10.

It wasn´t a Gillian Anderson show, but enjoyable movie none the less.

#UFO #GillianAnderson

My thoughts about Rocky franchise, but not really a "review"

#Rocky #RockyBalboa

Video began with 2:20 remaining in the first quarter and J-Will had already scored 9 of his 14 points.

Still the best TMNT scene.

And I also take a look at criticism of CGM style (and more) at 05:46

BK video:

Fathers are f*cked.

"All right relax, I think you are hot looking, is that such a terrible thing to say huh?"

Tom Tolbert talks about Knight Rider, KITT & Baywatch.

This a fan made trailer.
I saw a Finnish super hero movie Rendel and thought to myself, Rendel would be a cool looking villain.

Yes, this is a fan made trailer.
Mostly clips from Deadpool 1 & 2 and the trailer The Dark Minds.

I forgot to mention that I didn´t like (that much) the voice actors for Lex Luthor and Lois Lane.

Just one day! But no.


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