This is a condensed version of a video by "TheBloodofJesusChristofNazareth",
In the original video she explains, in a little more extended way, what God has shown her and asked her to say.
It's a prophetic message about what the Covid vaccine will do to people. The changes are mostly invisible at start, but will take physical shape. Zombies, Aliens, Warewolfs and Lizards, that's what many people will transform to. "If you die without Jesus Christ, you go straight to hell", as she says. So it's time to get on your knees to ask Jesus for forgiveness and cleansing, especially if you are vaccinated.

Found this video at Jim Crenshaw. I know many have mirrored it before. But I felt like the Lord wanted it anyway, so here we go.

A dream from Jesus about Zelensky. About the New World Order under Antichrist that is on its way. And about how Zelensky is blackmailing to get more weapons from the West. The price for not reveiling what the western governments have done against humanity: more and more military help against Russia.

I found this video here, on Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/8593542f-587c-40b6-af80-92f946f63553

Her channel is: "Dreams & Visions from Jesus"

Original title of video: "THE ZELENSKY DREAM 1-17-23 TO 1-21-23"

Her Grandma's eyes turned black and her soul was gone, due to the covid vaccines. And the hospital called the cancer that killed her "covid" so they could collect 30 000 dollars!

Nothing new under the sun. Bill Gates is on it again. He's on a killing spree!

J.P Sears explains how he was wrong about "evil". It's not an abstract concept, an exaggerated word. Now he think evil is very real. "The presence of Satan in our world, acting through corrupt humans, is clear as day".

Original channel for this video is: AwakenWithJP

Richie From Boston recorded this video 2nd of December 2017. NASA is a joke. The real space program is CERN. And they are doers of evil. Trying to brake the firmament that protects the world and trying to bring in creatures that will torment and kill a lot of people.

A leaked Pfizer document reveils how much Pfizer knowed about the damages Covid vaccines cause. Tons of illnesses listed!

Commercials are removed and audio enhanced in this version.
Original video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/7VFPubI7A3ZE/
Channel: Not Fake News

There is power in the name of Jesus!
Mirrored from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGZ1u9orQas
Original channel: The Power Of Truth

This girl published this vision of a blackout in 2020. Her channel is named "Endtime Signs" on Youtube. In this vision there was a blackout (whether global or local was unknown) and the mobile phones stopped working (but they would start to work again, so no need for throwing them away). And there was a total red solar eclipse. Short after that, Jesus was seen coming.

What I can see looking at her channel, it must have been scrubbed from a lot of videos. Earlier she had a lot of videos warning about the vaccines and that they had the Mark of the Beast in them. She also foresaw forced vaccinations and much more.

I know the debate whether the christians will be taken to God before the tribulation begins, or if they remain here the whole time. I personally see support for both interpretations in the Bible. So. it's a mystery. But I currently believe there will be a hybrid thing. Most of the christiians will be taken home before the difficult times begin, but an elite army of believers will stay to fight to rescue those that can be rescued. Maybe the number of that army will be 144 000? In either case, all christians need to stay close to the Lord and try to live as clean as possible.

Christopher shared this in January of 2019. It's about zombies (demon controlled persons) and their abilities. They are not to be underestimated. Being able to cooperate and use weapons. But they can't defeat the name of Jesus.

Mirrored from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdijV3BIAC8
Original channel on Youtube: JESUSisLORD

Dr Andreas Noack, a world known expert in graphene, sounded the alarm on what's in the vaccine. Razor blade sharp non biologically degradable super thin structures that damages the body. The Police had harassed and arrested him earlier (as seen in a live video). But now his woman says he was brutally attacked and killed right after he gave out this information. So he gave his own life to give you this message. Share, copy and publish, reupload and spread this, please!

Translated by Stefan Reich.


Jeanette Archer and other victims of satanic ritual abuse held a public meeting near Windsor Castle. In the castle, the Queen of England and others even today torture and rape children. And many are murdered. Time for it to stop!

Spiro interviews Dr Young about the injection ("vaccine") against Covid.
Among other things graphene, nanotech, heavy metals and paparasites are discussed. The injection is a bio weapon. It destroys the person's immune system. It's providing zero protection. It's an experiment to use various oxides to connnect each of us to a super computer that eventually will control every aspect of our lives.

Mirrored from: https://www.bitchute.com/video/75takgR9t2wC/

Here is Bill Stenberg again. Now with English subtitles. I excluded the music in this version. The translation isn't perfect, sorry for that. Many exciting things here. Healings, death threats, angels and the presence of God's love and power.

Excerpts from: "The Hamburg Syndrom" (1979). Original name: "Die Hamburger Krenkheit". Written, directed and produced by Peter Fleischmann.

From Wikipedia:
"A deadly epidemic breaks out in Hamburg.The victims fall dead out of the blue and adopt an embryonic posture. In one scene a doctor who autopsies the dead has his say: "Three days ago it was 12, the day before yesterday 57 and now we don't have any more space." Politicians and the military intervene, set up quarantine stations and develop a vaccine, which, however, carries high risks. Normal public life has come to a complete standstill, people only dare to go out onto the often deserted streets with face masks and, in some cases, self-made protective suits There are rigorous travel restrictions, all those who have stayed in the vicinity of infected people are placed in strictly guarded quarantine and the "patient zero" search is feverishly on for the outbreak of the epidemic. The Hanseatic city is cordoned off, and a small group of people wanders across the Federal Republic on the run. In doing so, they pass Lüneburg. The city is already cordoned off. Fulda becomes a collecting basin for the refugee movement. Germany is in a state of emergency. And with the end of the plague, which died out as suddenly as it appeared, the "Hamburg disease" ends in Southern Germany."

To be honest, I don't know who made the selection of scenes to this 9 minutes clip. But that person did a good job . It feels like our world today.

The full movie can be found here:

This film, which I downloaded from the TV channel "Access" here in Sweden, is mostly about the positive possibilities with the new cyborg technology. Merging a human being with machines and computers. Film subtitled in Swedish, of course. But the audio is in English. Original titel is "Pa troskeln till en ny varld" which translates to: "On the threshold to a new world".
Worth watching!

Do you get enough oxygen to be safe when you are wearing a mask? This man uses his air meter from his professional work, to check it out.

I felt like God wanted me to publish this video. It's in Swedish. And a couple of songs in Norwegian. I think Stenberg was speaking to a Norwegian audience and that's why he tweaks some of the words so they are easier to understand for Norwegian people.
Pastor Bill Stenberg berättar saker som hänt honom.
From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vKInWorCjg

By the way, I'm working on a summary in English for this. Coming in a separate video soon.

Have you seen the newly released photos and videos of UFOs from Pentagon and the Navy? Well, what do you think of these photos and videos? Here are some experts on Visual Efffects discussing this topic.
Credits to Corridor Crew on Youtube:

Mirrored from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEDrMyGg5pw
Original channel: Wall Street Journal

An old film showing persons inplanting Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) into their own bodies. I guess the chips that are inplanted today are smaller than these?

A dream from God...
"The next thing that is going to happen to human beings is they are going to turn human beings into Semi human beings and Semi robots."


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