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The Police State caught on camera in Australia.

The Black Awakening, Sleepers, Chosen Ones, programmed individuals with multiple personalities. Russ Dizdar takes us through what his hands-on experience in this field can tell us about the near future. The exact timetable no one knows (this was recorded in 2012) but this message can help you to connect the dots and lay the puzzle.

Uploading a video made by Vrillex (whose account on YT was deleted, but maybe is back now). I saved it on a disk in 2019 but I don´t know when it was first published. It's about appearance of a younger looking Hillary Clinton, just some hour after Hillary had collapsed at an event. Is it really the same person?

Bill Cooper radio program from 1997 about aliens, space, illuminati and much more.

This lady says that Jesus asked her to warn people of the (coming) Corona Virus Vaccination. Because The Mark of the Beast is in this vaccination, and also in other vaccinations.
I found this video in April of 2020 at a now terminated channel.
I, Jikonf, personally came to think of a thing yesterday. Soon it could be enough that you get a cold to have you locked in to a concentration camp. Get a common cold - be ordered to test so it isn´t corona - unreliable test shows it to be corona - get put in a camp for isolation of corona patients - never to come out again, or with a vaccination in your body.

Doctors about Covid and Corona and how to easily cure it. These doctors speak the truth. Thank you, heroes!

Henrik Palmgren discusses the 2018 general election in Sweden. He concludes that a lot of things weren't living up to the (already not perfect) democratic standards swedes are used to.

Greg Rinchich interviewed. I downloaded this in 2014 but I don't know when it took place. This Lieutenant Colonel has had top clearances in the Air Force and DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) and he has lived in the evil world, partaking in such stuff. But now he tries to live for his Lord Jesus. Says that the name "Jesus" is the only weapon against alien abduction, it's terror to the aliens. A lot of interesting things here, listen to it and keep what's good.

In Boston April 15, 2013, the police (?) were having a drill at the Marathon. They announced it, as they should, on speakers, just before the bangs went off. They also had announced it in the local newspaper beforehand.

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This man describes how narcissistic people just drain their victims on almost all energy. And he also shares his method of countering it: take back your old interests, what gave you energy and something positive.

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A film about how NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), who was set to investigate the World Trade Center building collapses in 2001, was lying. They pretended to be unaware of all the witnesses who said there was molten, and even burning, iron at the base of the buildings. Even up to eight weeks after the collapse.

Excerpt from a three part interview with Dr Bill Deagle from 2008.
Links to original videos from Project Chamelot:
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htdNzesY0Wg
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAbZUZX-EUw
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtryOXAp8Fw

Dr Deagle says about the Illuminati´s plans: "They´re way behind schedule".
There are things in this interview things that I, Jikonf, don´t agree with, but that´s life! Take what you think are of value from this, as usual. I think he is a phenomenal resource for sensitive and rare information. So, big thanks to him and to Project Chamelot!

Hypercar SSC Tuatara has, accordning to the company itself, set a World Speed Record for standard road cars. Highway 160 in Nevada was used. The "previous" speed record holder, Koenigsegg RS, is here seen to the left and the SSC Tuatara, to the right. Was there something not quite right with the speedometer in the SSC?


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