Dr Andreas Noack, a world known expert in graphene, sounded the alarm on what's in the vaccine. Razor blade sharp non biologically degradable super thin structures that damages the body. The Police had harassed and arrested him earlier (as seen in a live video). But now his woman says he was brutally attacked and killed right after he gave out this information. So he gave his own life to give you this message. Share, copy and publish, reupload and spread this, please!

Translated by Stefan Reich.


Jeanette Archer and other victims of satanic ritual abuse held a public meeting near Windsor Castle. In the castle, the Queen of England and others even today torture and rape children. And many are murdered. Time for it to stop!

Spiro interviews Dr Young about the injection ("vaccine") against Covid.
Among other things graphene, nanotech, heavy metals and paparasites are discussed. The injection is a bio weapon. It destroys the person's immune system. It's providing zero protection. It's an experiment to use various oxides to connnect each of us to a super computer that eventually will control every aspect of our lives.

Mirrored from: https://www.bitchute.com/video/75takgR9t2wC/

Here is Bill Stenberg again. Now with English subtitles. I excluded the music in this version. The translation isn't perfect, sorry for that. Many exciting things here. Healings, death threats, angels and the presence of God's love and power.

Excerpts from: "The Hamburg Syndrom" (1979). Original name: "Die Hamburger Krenkheit". Written, directed and produced by Peter Fleischmann.

From Wikipedia:
"A deadly epidemic breaks out in Hamburg.The victims fall dead out of the blue and adopt an embryonic posture. In one scene a doctor who autopsies the dead has his say: "Three days ago it was 12, the day before yesterday 57 and now we don't have any more space." Politicians and the military intervene, set up quarantine stations and develop a vaccine, which, however, carries high risks. Normal public life has come to a complete standstill, people only dare to go out onto the often deserted streets with face masks and, in some cases, self-made protective suits There are rigorous travel restrictions, all those who have stayed in the vicinity of infected people are placed in strictly guarded quarantine and the "patient zero" search is feverishly on for the outbreak of the epidemic. The Hanseatic city is cordoned off, and a small group of people wanders across the Federal Republic on the run. In doing so, they pass Lüneburg. The city is already cordoned off. Fulda becomes a collecting basin for the refugee movement. Germany is in a state of emergency. And with the end of the plague, which died out as suddenly as it appeared, the "Hamburg disease" ends in Southern Germany."

To be honest, I don't know who made the selection of scenes to this 9 minutes clip. But that person did a good job . It feels like our world today.

The full movie can be found here:

This film, which I downloaded from the TV channel "Access" here in Sweden, is mostly about the positive possibilities with the new cyborg technology. Merging a human being with machines and computers. Film subtitled in Swedish, of course. But the audio is in English. Original titel is "Pa troskeln till en ny varld" which translates to: "On the threshold to a new world".
Worth watching!

Do you get enough oxygen to be safe when you are wearing a mask? This man uses his air meter from his professional work, to check it out.

I felt like God wanted me to publish this video. It's in Swedish. And a couple of songs in Norwegian. I think Stenberg was speaking to a Norwegian audience and that's why he tweaks some of the words so they are easier to understand for Norwegian people.
Pastor Bill Stenberg berättar saker som hänt honom.
From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vKInWorCjg

By the way, I'm working on a summary in English for this. Coming in a separate video soon.

Have you seen the newly released photos and videos of UFOs from Pentagon and the Navy? Well, what do you think of these photos and videos? Here are some experts on Visual Efffects discussing this topic.
Credits to Corridor Crew on Youtube:

Mirrored from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEDrMyGg5pw
Original channel: Wall Street Journal

An old film showing persons inplanting Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) into their own bodies. I guess the chips that are inplanted today are smaller than these?

A dream from God...
"The next thing that is going to happen to human beings is they are going to turn human beings into Semi human beings and Semi robots."

Dr Vladimir Zelenko is an Ukrainian-American family physician known for promoting a coctail of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulphate and azithromycin as a very successful treatment for COVID-19. For example Donald Trump has been helped. Here dr Zelenko is discussing Covid and the "vaccine". A lot of reference to the Israeli (both historical and present) situation is also done.

About when Jon was desperate and on the floor saying: "It's soo difficult", he heard a clear and kind voice say: "It's supposed to be difficult".

Don't give up!

Mirrored from Fox News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yobUrsi4Jh8&t=3s

Australia, New South Wales:
Police handcuffing a 12 year old girl for not wearing a mask. Sprayed in the face.
Do these police think this is without punishment for them? Maybe not today , but eventually.
"It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." Luke 17:12 (King James)


To the mindless followers of the world.

"30 questions Vaxxers hope you won't ask".

Mirrored from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi6hJ1lhj0c
Original channel: The Right Brothers (on YouTube)

Documents from CIA, NASA, Russia and US Army: a flat, stationary earth.
If the earth is a round, rotating sphere (ball), why, if you design cannons, missiles or rockets, should you calculate with a stationary, flat earth? Rob Skiba reads from documents written by CIA, Russia, NASA and the US Army.

Mirrored from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI1fn4ETGXY
Original channel: Rob Skiba
Original name of video: "The CIA, Russia, NASA and the U.S. Army - What Do They Really Know?"

Trump: I'm the father of the vaccine. I was the one that pushed it.

Jeranism (Jeran Campanella) has made this video about NASA that is Going Nowhere SInce 1958. All the videos Jeran has produced has been scrubbed from YouTube, many of them with hundreds of thousands of views (if I remember it correctly). Since then he has been allowed to post new ones, it looks like, but with only a fraction of the views the earlier ones had. Here is an interesting one I downloaded before it was taken down.

We can also find it here: https://rokfin.com/post/38196/NASA--Going-Nowhere-Since-1958
"NASA has been little more than a propaganda machine built upon a fantastic PR group whose job is to sell the public on America and all we can accomplish. Shoot for the stars! Aim high! And anything can happen. Anything of course except, going to space."

These are some of the victims of the injections of experimental material.
They were told day and night by the media that the injections were safe and effective. Some of them were forcibly injected against their will.
May the injured be healed and the dead rest in peace!
And may this madness stop!


From the site:
Self assembling Graphene Oxide nanoparticles.

"Rice University ... Carbon nanotubes in a dish assemble themselves into a nanowire in seconds under the influence of a custom-built Tesla coil created by scientists at Rice University. But the scientists don't limit their aspirations for the phenomenon they call Teslaphoresis to simple nanowires. The team led by Rice research scientist Paul Cherukuri sees its invention as setting a path toward the assembly of matter from the bottom up on nano and macro scales. There are even hints of a tractor beam effect in watching an assembled nanowire being pulled toward the coil."


Over 99,5 percent of the "Covid vaccines" consists of Graphene Oxide, according to La Quinta Columna in Spain. The mRna, packaged in Hydrogel, is the rest of it, I suppose. Here we get a presentation of the role of the Graphene Oxide in the pandemic.
Thank you, La Quinta Columna!




I used https://free-translation.imtranslator.net/ for the audio. I am grateful for that help.

"They list out the details how it works... they're okey with the conclusion, I'm not... That Spike protein now becomes a part of your cell's membrane...It turned it to a cell that's not good for your host. Your body says: Wait, that cell doesn't belong there... The mRNA leads to death of normal cells...That's called Inflammation, yea, Death!".

Mirrored from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhM1TJ6AX6U
Original channel: Dr. Patrick Flynn


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