Misc. 08/21/2021

Today's topics:
The Delta Variant, Election Fraud, Aliens Demons and Nibaru

Today's topics are: Space the farce frontier and for the 2nd segment: Covid Vaccine Dilemma.

Today's topic: Lockdown 2.0 & 2020 Election

From covid to rioting in the streets, will America survive?

I throw my two cents worth regarding the George Floyd murder

Today's podcast: Has the world gone mad.

I explore the insane measures to stem the spread of covid19

Updater on the corona virus.


A pro gun rally Jan. 20 scheduled in Richmond, Virginia
Is this where the next civil war begins?

I talk about Greta Thunberg and her latest demand at a UN meeting, also I have a parody video of her parents.
I also talk about the solar power scam going on all over the country, particularly Florida.
This is a must see video.

Topics of the day.

I talk about what I think an American should be.

I will discuss the changes to the wiseguy videos.

Eric Swallwell is another democrat running for president in 2020. This guy is a total moron!

More on the steele dossier

The democrats are still trying to impeach President Trump and they have the polls to prove it. Lol.

Illegal alien killed 12 women and the media doesn't cover it.

They are at it again,trying to push LGBTQA+ in elementary and middle school.

Tiger woods is getting sued.

Japan just had a mass killing, but the murderer didn't use a gun.

Democrats hate white people and the American flag.

This would be a great idea if we could pull it off.


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