They are at it again,trying to push LGBTQA+ in elementary and middle school.

Tiger woods is getting sued.

Japan just had a mass killing, but the murderer didn't use a gun.

Democrats hate white people and the American flag.

This would be a great idea if we could pull it off.

New york thinks they can ban the second amendmeny.

AOC and Ted Cruz agree on something!

former president Obama trashes America overseas.

another transgender cluster *&$!

do we really need to update the second amendment?

Conversion therapy is illegal in many states, but what if you want the therapy?

The scurge of assisted suicide

more about guns

Federal judges are out of control

A man in new york is arrested for using a gun to kill two home intruders.

Another nut job politician wants to overthrow the government.

A Ford dealership was giving away a shotgun, bible and American flag with the purchase of any vehicle on their lot

You don't really own your land in the USA

A recall vote on a democrat

A congressperson wants to have people like me thrown in jail

Cory Booker aka "Sparticus" has a problem with border security

The democrats are at it again, another woman claims Trump raped her 25 years ago.

Ilhan Omar thinks its okay to not say the pledge of allegiance at county commission meetings.

Dem. pres. candidate Beto O'rourke want to force all school to except transgenders in girls sports.

A catholic priest tells his congregation not to celebrate gay pride month.


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