Climate change is real, I talk about the fallacy of AOC's vision of the future.
What a bunch of loons the democrats are.

School kids are traumatized by art panels of President George Washington in school.

Be sure to watch this one, its a goody.

The democrats are at it again, you won't believe what they cooked up this time.

Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes public schools by not allowing a 6th grade student write about her personal hero, President Trump.

I talk about the US mail system and the morons they are employing these days.

What do you think of a fast food union?
There are some who want to try it.

The woman's movement is not what its cracked up to be.
And that's according to most women.

I talk about the US. prison system and how it needs to be changed.

California schools are trying to normalize the gay lifestyle.
They may have crossed the line on this one.

It's another air bag issue, this time they don't deploy at all.
I talk about false safety features that are making driving more dangerous
not less.

new documents linking George Soros, Barack Obama and the UN
helping to bring in illegal immigrants on our southern border to
destabilize the country.

Florida is getting ready to arm school teachers, of course, the democrats are against it.
You'll want to watch this one!

I talk about the cost of the mueller report, and who should pay for it.

I talk about activist judges and what can be done about them.

I talk about a militia group on the southern border of New Mexico

I talk about the changing attitude of celebrating Columbus day

I talk about the lefts lunacy and hate of all things good.

Religious freedom is under attack again, even the children are being persecuted.

There's a big fuhrer over the American flag painted on a California city police car.
Patriots unite!

There's a lot of talk about reparations for the slaves of old.
But there may be a problem!

The petty democrats at warner bros couldn't take the chance that a 2 minute video might convert anti Trumpers into Trump loving voters in 2020

I talk about drugs, both legal and illegal.

It's all about illegals crossing our southern border.

Today I talk about robo calls and phone scams.


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